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MTK Module Supported Function and Models

MTK Module Supported Function and Models :

• > Flashing Scatter and Dump MTK Devices [Flash Mode]
• > Remove FRP [Flash Mode] / [Fastboot Mode] / [Adb Mode]
• > Reset Privacy Lock [Flash Mode]
• > Backup Security [Flash Mode]
• > Restore Security [Flash Mode]
• > Wipe Security [Flash Mode]
• > Auto Detect Loader and Moel
• > Repair IMEI [Flash Mode] / [Meta Mode] / [ATE Mode] / [Adb Mode]
• > Remove Locks Without Data Loss (Encrypted USERDATA) [Flash Mode]
• > List, Read, Erase, Write Partitions [Flash Mode]
• > Read Pattern For UnEncrypt USERDATA [Flash Mode] / [Meta Mode]
• > Reset Factory Clear eMMC [Flash Mode] / [Meta Mode]
• > Xiaomi Authentication Standalone and hydra Server
• > Xiaomi Mi Account Removal at Flash Mode [Flash Mode]
• > Read Info [Flash Mode] / [Meta Mode]
• > Reboot to Any Around (Flash To Meta - Meta To Normal - Flash To Normal)

Xiaomi Mi Play (Lotus)
Xiaomi Redmi 6 (cereus)
Xiaomi Redmi 6A (cactus)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 (Hermes)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (Nikel)
Xiaomi Redmi Pro (omega)

Vivo Y91i (1820)
Vivo V3MA (PD1524B)
Vivo V5 (V5 PD1612F)
Vivo V5 Lite (PD1612BF)
Vivo V5 Max (V5 Lite)
Vivo V5S (V5S PD1612DF)
Vivo V66i(V66i PD1612BF)
Vivo V11
Vivo X3S W (PD1227BW)
Vivo X3T (PD1227T)
Vivo X5 MaxPlus (PD1408BL)
Vivo X5 MaxS (PD1424L)
Vivo X5 ProD (PD1421D)
Vivo X5L (PD1401L)
Vivo X5S L (PD1401BL)
Vivo X6 Plus (PD1501D)
Vivo X6D (PD1415D)
Vivo X6L (PD1415D)
Vivo Y11 (PD1224CW)
Vivo Y11T (PD1224BT)
Vivo Y11iT (PD1224CT)
Vivo Y11iW (PD1224CWO)
Vivo Y13 (PD1304BT)
Vivo Y13T (PD1304CT)
Vivo Y15 (PD1304CW)
Vivo Y15S (PD1304DW)
Vivo Y15T (PD1304T)
Vivo Y15bW (PD1304BW)
Vivo Y15cW (PD1304CW)
Vivo Y17T (PD1222T)
Vivo Y17W (PD1222W)
Vivo Y19T (PD1222T)
Vivo Y20T (PD1311T)
Vivo Y21 (PD1309CW)
Vivo Y22 (PD1309W)
Vivo Y22iL (PD1309BL)
Vivo Y28 (PD1403W)
Vivo Y31 (PD1505W)
Vivo Y31i (PD1505BW)
Vivo Y33 (Y33 PD1422L)
Vivo Y35L (Y35L PD1502L)
Vivo Y52 (PD1510W)
Vivo Y613 (PD1304BW)
Vivo Y622 (PD1309W)
Vivo Y67 (PD1612)
Vivo Y67A (PD1612)
Vivo Y69 (PD1705F)
Vivo Y81 (PD1732F)
Vivo Y81D (PD1732DF)
Vivo Y83 (PD1803BF)
Vivo Y83 Pro (PD1803F)
Vivo Y83A (PD1803MA)
Vivo Y85 (PD1803F)
Vivo Y69
Vivo Y91C (PD1818HF)
Vivo Y91C (PD1818HF)
Vivo Y93 (PD1818CF)
Vivo Y91 (1816)
Vivo Y93 (1815)

Artel U2
Artel U3
Artel Z5

Itel A44
Itel A44 Pro
Itel A45
Itel A62
Itel IT1518 (IT1518 SelfiePro)
Itel A15
Itel P32
Itel S41
Itel S32
Itel S21
Itel IT1511 (IT1511 SelfiePro)
Itel IT1512 (IT1512 Wish)
Itel IT1520 (IT1520 SelfiePro)
Itel IT1655
Itel S32 LTE
Itel A31
Itel A31 Plus
Itel A32F
Itel I801 S11 Plus
Itel I802 P51
Itel I805 S32
Itel IT1460 Pro
Itel IT1553
Itel P31
Itel P51
Itel S11
Itel S11 Pro
Itel S11X
Itel S12
Itel S13
Itel S13
Itel S31
Itel S33
Itel A52
Itel P13

General Mobile Discovery 2
General Mobile GM 6D
General Mobile GM 8 GO

Acer B1-720 (Iconia)
Acer B3-A30 (Iconia One 10)
Acer B3-A40 (Iconia One 10)
Acer Iconia B1-720
Acer Z3 (Liquid)
Acer One 7
Acer One 7 4G
Acer Z520 (Liquid)
Acer Z630 (Liquid)
Acer T06 (Liquid Zest)

Casper Via A1
Casper Via A1 Plus
Casper Via A1S
Casper Via E1
Casper Via E2
Casper Via F1
Casper Via F1
Casper Via M1
Casper Via M3
Casper Via V3
Casper Via V4
Casper Via V5
Casper Via V8
Casper Via V8C
Casper Via V9
Casper Via G3
Casper Via P2
Casper Via L8

Blu A000L (Advance 4.0L)
Blu A010L (Advance 4.0)
Blu A010U (Advance 4.0)
Blu A030L (Advance 4.0 L2)
Blu A030U (Advance 4.0 L2)
Blu A050U (Advance 5.0 HD)
Blu A070U (Advance 5.5 HD)
Blu A150Q (Advance A5)
Blu A230Q (Advance 5.2)
Blu A270a (Advance 4.0)
Blu C0010LL (C5X)
Blu C0010UU (C5)
Blu C010Q (C5)
Blu D010L (Dash X)
Blu D010U (Dash X)
Blu D030UX (Advance 5.0)
Blu D050 (Dash L)
Blu D090L (Dash M2)
Blu D090U (Dash M2)
Blu D110L (Dash X2)
Blu D110U (Dash X2)
Blu D210L (Diamond M)
Blu D251L (Dash L2)
Blu D310A (Dash 4.5)
Blu D310i (Dash 4.5)
Blu D343L (Dash 3.5)
Blu D410A (Dash 5.0)
Blu D410Ai (Dash 5.0)
Blu D470U (Dash 5.5)
Blu D522U (Studio 5.0 II)
Blu D530E (Studio 5.0 E)
Blu D532L (Studio 5.0 II)
Blu D532U (Studio 5.0 II)
Blu D534L (Studio 5.0 C HD)
Blu D534U (Studio 5.0 C HD)
Blu D535U (Studio 5.0 C HD)
Blu D536L (Studio 5.0 C)
Blu D536U (Studio 5.0 C)
Blu D572A (Studio 5.0 S II)
Blu D572i (Studio 5.0 S II)
Blu D600
Blu D650Ai (Studio 6.0)
Blu D651 (Studio 6.0)
Blu D670L (Studio 5.0 C Mini)
Blu D670U (Studio 5.0 C Mini)
Blu D690U (Studio 5.5 C)
Blu D710 (Dash XL)
Blu D830L (Studio C)
Blu D830U (Studio C)
Blu D890L (Studio C5+5)
Blu D890U (Studio C5+5)
Blu D931 (Dash L3)
Blu D970L (Vivo IV)
Blu D980L (Vivo Air)
Blu E0010UU (Energy X)
Blu E0030UU (Energy XL)
Blu E010Q (Energy X)
Blu E030L (Energy X Plus)
Blu E030U (Energy X Plus)
Blu E050L (Energy X2)
Blu E050U (Energy X2)
Blu E090 (Energy Diamond Mini)
Blu E110 (Energy M)
Blu E130 (Energy Diamond)
Blu E150Q (Energy X Plus)
Blu G0010JJ (Grand X)
Blu G0010WW (Grand X)
Blu G0030 (Grand XL)
Blu G010 (Grand HD)
Blu G030L (Grand 5.5)
Blu G030U (Grand 5.5 HD)
Blu G070 (Grand M)
Blu G090 (Grand X)
Blu G110 (Grand Max)
Blu G130 (Grand Energy)
Blu G150 (Grand XL)
Blu G170Q (Grand Mini)
Blu G190 (Grand M2)
Blu J6010 (Studio X Plus)
Blu L0030EE (Life Mark)
Blu L0070UU (Life One X)
Blu L0110EE (Life Max)
Blu L0110UU (Life Max)
Blu L0150WW (Life One X3)
Blu L050L (Life XL)
Blu L050U (Life XL)
Blu L120 (Life One)
Blu L170i (Life Play 2)
Blu L180 (Life Play Mini)
Blu L190 (Life Play Mini)
Blu L280 (Life 8)
Blu L290L (Life 8 XL)
Blu M12
Blu N0010UU (Neo X)
Blu N00110UU (Neo X)
Blu N070 (Neo X)
Blu N090L (Neo X Plus)
Blu N090U (Neo X Plus)
Blu N110L (Neo XL)
Blu N110U (Neo XL)
Blu N130L (Neo Energy Mini)
Blu N130U (Neo Energy Mini)
Blu N150 (Neo X Mini)
Blu P0010UU (Life Pure XL)
Blu P0030UU (Life Pure XR)
Blu R0010UU (R1 HD)
Blu R0011UU (R1 HD)
Blu R0030UU (R1 HD)
Blu R0031UU (R1 HD)
Blu R0050UU (R1 Plus)
Blu R0051UU (R1 Plus)
Blu R010P (R2)
Blu R0110 (J2)
Blu R0150EE (R2)
Blu R0170WW (R2)
Blu R0190WW (R2 Plus)
Blu S0090UU (Studio Energy 2)
Blu S010Q (Studio G2)
Blu S0110EE (Studio One)
Blu S0110UU (Studio One)
Blu S0130UU (Studio One Plus)
Blu S0150UU (Studio X Mini)
Blu S0151UU (Studio X Mini)
Blu S0170UU (Studio C8+8)
Blu S0210UU (Studio Touch)
Blu S0230EE (Studio M)
Blu S0230UU (Studio M)
Blu S0250UU (Studio G HD)
Blu S0270UU (Studio XL2)
Blu S0290UU (Studio J5)
Blu S030Q (Studio G Plus)
Blu S0310UU (Studio Max)
Blu S0350WW (Studio J8)
Blu S0351WW (Studio J8)
Blu S0390WW (Studio M5 Plus)
Blu S0410UU (Studio M6)
Blu S0450WW (Studio J8M)
Blu S050Q (Studio J1)
Blu S051Q (Studio J1)
Blu S070Q (Studio Selfie)
Blu S090Q (Studio C HD)
Blu S110L (Studio M HD)
Blu S170Q (Studio G HD)
Blu S210Q (Studio G Mini)
Blu S230Q (Studio Selfie 2)
Blu S270Q (Studio C8+8)
Blu S390U (Studio X5)
Blu S4033 (Vivo 5 Mini)
Blu S410A (Star 4.0)
Blu S410L (Star 4.0)
Blu S450L (Star 4.5)
Blu S450U (Star 4.5)
Blu S451L (Star 4.5)
Blu S470i (Selfie)
Blu S500Q (Studio G Plus)
Blu S510 (Studio G Plus)
Blu S530 (Studio X8 HD)
Blu S550Q (Studio G2 HD)
Blu S590Q (Studio J2)
Blu S610P (Studio Mega)
Blu S710U (Studio M5 Plus)
Blu S730P (Studio M6 Plus)
Blu S750P (Studio Pro)
Blu S790Q (Studio View XL)
Blu S810 (Studio View)
Blu T0010UU (Tank Extreme Pro)
Blu V0030UU (Vivo XL)
Blu V0050UU (Vivo 5)
Blu V0070EE (Vivo XL2)
Blu V0070UU (Vivo XL2)
Blu V0090EE (Vivo 5R)
Blu V0090LL (Vivo 5R)
Blu V0090UU (Vivo 5R)
Blu V0110EE (Vivo 6)
Blu V0110UU (Vivo 6)
Blu V0160WW (Vivo S)
Blu V0190UU (Vivo 8L)
Blu V0250WW (Vivo XL3)
Blu V030L (Vivo Selfie)
Blu V030U (Vivo Selfie)
Blu V050 (Vivo 5 Mini)
Blu V051 (Vivo 5 Mini)
Blu D0030UU (Dash X Plus)
Blu V0290WW (Vivo One Plus)
Blu S010Q (Studio G2)

Hisense C30 Lite (Rock C30 Lite)
Hisense E7 (Infinity E7 3G)
Hisense E7 Pro (Infinity E7 Pro)
Hisense F10
Hisense F102
Hisense F15
Hisense F17 (Infinity F17)
Hisense F17 HD Plus (Infinity F17 HD Plus)
Hisense F17 Plus (Infinity F17 Plus)
Hisense F17 Pro (Infinity F17 Pro)
Hisense F18
Hisense F22
Hisense F23
Hisense F23 Plus (Infinity F23 Plus)
Hisense F24 (Infinity F24)
Hisense F27
Hisense F30 (PureShot Lite)
Hisense L675
Hisense T5
Hisense T5 Plus
Hisense T5s
Hisense U602 (U602 3G)
Hisense U608 (Starshine 4 3G)
Hisense U939 (Glory U939 3G)
Hisense U965 (Hi 1 Pro U965 3G)
Hisense U965 4G
Hisense U989 (U989 3G)
Hisense U989 Pro (U989 Pro 3G)

Kult Ambition
Kult Gladiator
Kult Beyond
Kult KT05 (Impulse)

Meizu M2 Mini
Meizu M5c

Motorola XT1662 (Moto M Kungfu)
Motorola XT1663 (Moto M Kungfu)
Motorola XT1700 (Moto E3)
Motorola XT1706 (Moto E3 Power)
Motorola XT1721 (Moto C Plus)
Motorola XT1723 (Moto C Plus)
Motorola XT1724 (Moto C Plus)
Motorola XT1725 (Moto C Plus)
Motorola XT1726 (Moto C Plus)
Motorola XT1750 (Moto C Watson)
Motorola XT1754 (Moto C Namath)
Motorola XT1755 (Moto C Namath)
Motorola XT1756 (Moto C Namath)
Motorola XT1757 (Moto C Namath)
Motorola XT1758 (Moto C Namath)
Motorola XT1760 (Moto E4 Woods)
Motorola XT1761 (Moto E4 Woods)
Motorola XT1762 (Moto E4 Woods)
Motorola XT1763 (Moto E4 Woods)
Motorola XT1764 (Moto E4 Woods)
Motorola XT1766 (Moto E4 Woods)
Motorola XT1769 (Moto E4 Woods)
Motorola XT1770 (Moto E4 Plus Nicklaus)
Motorola XT1771 (Moto E4 Plus Nicklaus)
Motorola XT1772 (Moto E4 Plus Nicklaus)
Motorola XT1773 (Moto E4 Plus Nicklaus)
Motorola XT1902-1 (Lenovo K8 Brady)
Motorola XT1902-2 (Lenovo K8 Plus Marino)
Motorola XT1902-3 (Lenovo K8 Note Manning)

Huawei DRA-LX2 (Y5 Prime 2018)
Huawei CAG-L02 (Y3 2018 CairoGo)
Huawei CAG-L03 (Y3 2018 CairoGo)
Huawei CAG-L22 (Y3 2018 CairoGo)
Huawei CAG-L23 (Y3 2018 CairoGo)
Huawei CRO-L02 (Y3 2017 Cairo)
Huawei CRO-L03 (Y5 2017 Cairo)
Huawei CRO-L22 (Y3 2017 Cairo)
Huawei CRO-L23 (Y5 2017 Cairo)
Huawei CRO-U00 (Y3 2017 Cairo)
Huawei MYA-L02 (Y5 2017 Maya)
Huawei MYA-L03 (Y5 II Maya)
Huawei MYA-L23 (Y5 II Maya)
Huawei G610-T00 (Ascend G610)
Huawei G610-U00 (Ascend G610)
Huawei G610S-U00 (Ascend G610)
Huawei G700-T00 (Ascend G700)
Huawei G628-TL00 (Ascend G628)
Huawei G629-UL00 (Ascend G629)
Huawei Y220-U10 (Ascend Y220)
Huawei Y221-U03 (Ascend Y221)
Huawei Y221-U12 (Ascend Y221)
Huawei Y221-U22 (Ascend Y221)
Huawei Y221-U33 (Ascend Y221)
Huawei Y221-U53 (Ascend Y221)
Huawei Y320-U01 ( Y320)
Huawei Y320-U10 ( Y320)
Huawei Y320-U30 ( Y320)
Huawei Y320-U151 ( Y320)
Huawei Y321-U051 ( Y321)
Huawei H30-T10 (Honor 3C)
Huawei Y600-U20 (Ascend Y600)
Huawei Y600-U40 (Ascend Y600)
Huawei Y600-U151 (Ascend Y600)
Huawei Y600-U351 (Ascend Y600)
Huawei Y360-U103 ( Y360)
Huawei Y360-U82 (Y3 Lite)
Huawei Y511-T00 (Ascend Y511)
Huawei Y511-U00 (Ascend Y511)
Huawei Y511-U10 (Ascend Y511)
Huawei Y511-U30 (Ascend Y511)
Huawei Y511-U251 (Ascend Y511)
Huawei Y520-U03 (Ascend Y520)
Huawei Y520-U12 (Ascend Y520)
Huawei Y520-U22 (Ascend Y520)
Huawei Y520-U33 (Ascend Y520)
Huawei SCL-U31 3G (Y6 Scale)
Huawei G6-T00 (Ascend G6)
Huawei G610-T11 (Ascend G610)
Huawei Y360-U03 ( Y360)
Huawei Y360-U23 ( Y360)
Huawei Y360-U31 ( Y360)
Huawei Y360-U61 ( Y360)
Huawei Y516-T00 (Ascend Y516)
Huawei Y518-T00 (Ascend Y518)
Huawei Y618-T00 ( Y618)
Huawei H30-U10 (Honor 3C)
Huawei HOL-T00 (Honor Holly)
Huawei HOL-U10 (Honor Holly)
Huawei HOL-U19 (Honor Holly)
Huawei G520-5000
Huawei G520-T10
Huawei CAG-L22 (Y5 Lite)
Huawei CUN-L01 (Y5 II)
Huawei CUN-L02 (Y5 II)
Huawei CUN-L03 (Y5 II)
Huawei CUN-L21 (Y5 II)
Huawei CUN-L22 (Y5 II)
Huawei CUN-L23 (Y5 II)
Huawei CUN-L33 (Y5 II)
Huawei CUN-U29 (Y5 II)
Huawei G520 (Ascend)
Huawei G610-U15 (Ascend)
Huawei G610-U20 (Ascend)
Huawei G610-U251 (Ascend)
Huawei G700-U00 (Ascend)
Huawei G700-U10 (Ascend)
Huawei G700-U20 (Ascend)
Huawei G715-U10(Ascend)
Huawei G730-U00(Ascend)
Huawei G730-U10(Ascend)
Huawei G730-U251(Ascend)
Huawei G730-U27(Ascend)
Huawei H30-U10 (Ascend)
Huawei H30-U10 (Honor)
Huawei LUA-L01 (Y3 II)
Huawei LUA-L02 (Y3 II)
Huawei LUA-L03 (Eco Y3)
Huawei LUA-L03 (Y3 II)
Huawei LUA-L13 (ECO Y3)
Huawei LUA-L13 (Y3 II)
Huawei LUA-L21 (Y3 II)
Huawei LUA-L21 (Y3 II)
Huawei LUA-L22 (Y3 II)
Huawei LUA-L23 (ECO Y3)
Huawei LUA-L23 (Y3 II)
Huawei LUA-U02 (Y3 II)
Huawei LUA-U02 NEW (Y3 II)
Huawei LUA-U22 (Y3 II)
Huawei LUA-U23 (Y3 II)
Huawei LUA-U23 NEW (Y3 II)
Huawei LUA-U29 (Y3 II)
Huawei LUA-UO3 (Y3 II)
Huawei LUA-UO3 NEW (Y3 II)
Huawei LYO-L01 (Y6 Elite)
Huawei LYO-L01 (Y6 II Compact)
Huawei LYO-L02 (Y6 Elite)
Huawei LYO-L02 (Y6 II Compact)
Huawei LYO-L03 (Y6II Compact)
Huawei MYA-L02 (Y5 2017)
Huawei MYA-L03 (Y6 Pro)
Huawei MYA-L11 (Nova Young)
Huawei MYA-L11 (Y6 2017)
Huawei MYA-L13 (Y5 Pro)
Huawei MYA-L22 (Y5 2017)
Huawei MYA-L23 (Y5 2017)
Huawei MYA-L41 (Y6 2017)
Huawei MYA-U29 (Y5 2017)
Huawei TAG-AL00 NEW (Enjoy 5S)
Huawei TAG-AL00 OLD (Enjoy 5S)
Huawei TAG-CL00 NEW (Enjoy 5S)
Huawei TAG-CL00 OLD (Enjoy 5S)
Huawei TAG-L01 NEW (GR3)
Huawei TAG-L01 OLD (GR3)
Huawei TAG-L03 NEW (GR3)
Huawei TAG-L03 OLD (GR3)
Huawei TAG-L13 NEW (GR3)
Huawei TAG-L13 OLD (GR3)
Huawei TAG-L21 NEW (GR3)
Huawei TAG-L21 NEW (GR3)
Huawei TAG-L21 OLD (GR3)
Huawei TAG-L21 OLD (GR3)
Huawei TAG-L22 NEW (GR3)
Huawei TAG-L22 OLD (GR3)
Huawei TAG-L23 NEW (GR3)
Huawei TAG-L23 OLD (GR3)
Huawei TAG-TL00 NEW (GR3)
Huawei TAG-TL00 OLD (GR3)
Huawei TIT-AL00 (Holly 2 Plus)
Huawei TIT-AL00 (Y6 Pro)
Huawei TIT-AL00(Y6 Pro)
Huawei Y310 (Ascend)
Huawei TAG-L22
Huawei Y511

[+] OPPO

A11w (Joy 3)
A3 (PADM00)
A33w (Neo 7)
A37m (Neo 9)
A37t (Neo 9)
A39 (CPH1605)
A71 (CPH1717)
A73 (CPH1725)
A77 (CPH1609)
F1 Plus
F1s Plus
F5 (CPH1723)
F5 Pro (CPH1727)
F5 Youth (CPH1725)
F6 (CPH1727)
F7 (CPH1819)
F7 Youth (CPH1859)
F9 (CPH1823)
Realme 1 (CPH1859)
R1001 (Joy)
R1011 (Joy Plus)
R1201 (Neo 5)
R15 (CPH1859)
R15 (PACM00)
R15 Dual (CPH1835)
R2001 (Yoyo)
R7 Plus
R7 Plust
R820 (Real)
R821 (Find Muse)
R821T (Find Muse)
R827 (Find 5 Mini)
R827 8G (Find 5 Mini)
R827T (Find 5 Mini)
R829 (R1)
R829T (R1)
R831 (Neo)
R831K (Neo 3)
R831T (Neo 3)
R833T (R833T)
X9009 (F1 Plus)
1201 (Neo 5)
6607 (U3)

[+] Infinix

X604 (Note 5 H633)
X605 (Note 5 Stylus H632)
X606 (Hot 6 H8023)
X5514 (Smart 2 Pro)
X5514D (Smart 2 Pro H395)
X5515 (Smart 2 H398D)
X5515F (Smart 2 H398F)
X5515I (Smart 2 H398I)
X5010 (Smart AW878)
X503 (Surf Bravo L3378)
X506 (Zero J608)
X506 (Zero J609)
X507 (Hot D5120)
X509 (Zero 2 J5800)
X509 (Zero 2 J5808)
X510 (Hot 2 D5110)
X510 (Hot 2 D5116)
X521 (Hot S Pro J5086-H1)
X521 (Hot S J5088-A1)
X521 (Hot S J5088-C1)
X521 (Hot S J5088-E1)
X521 (Hot S J5088-G1)
X521 (Hot S J5088-I1)
X522 (S2 H539-A)
X551 (Hot Note G808-A1)
X551 (Hot Note G808-B1)
X551 (Hot Note G808-BC)
X551 (Hot Note G808-D1)
X5511 (Hot 4 Pro H3716-B1)
X552 (Zero 3 H952-A1)
X552 (Zero 3 H952-B1)
X552 (Zero 3 H952-C1)
X554 (Hot 3 T90918-A1)
X554 (Hot 3 T90918-A2)
X555 (Zero 4 H538-A1)
X555 (Zero 4 H538-B1)
X556 (Hot 4 Pro H371-A1)
X557 (Hot 4 H807-A1)
X557 (Hot 4 H807-B1)
X557 (Hot 4 H807-D1)
X557 (Hot 4 H807-F1)
X557 (Hot 4 H807-G1)
X559 (Hot 5 H8015-A1)
X559 (Hot 5 H8015-B1)
X559 (Hot 5 H8015-C1)
X570 (Alfa S9301)
X571 (Note 4 Pro H5311-A1)
X572 (Note 4 H5312-A1)
X572 (Note 4 H5312-C1)
X600 (Note 2 H532-A1)
X600 (Note 2 H533-A1)
X600 (Note 2 H533-B1)
X601 (Note 3 H536-A1)
X601 (Note 3 Pro H537-A1)
X601 (Note 3 Pro H537-B1)
X601 (Note 3 Pro H537-C1)
X602 (Zero 4 Plus H972-A1)
X602 (Zero 4 Plus H972-C1)
X603 (Zero 5 H575-A)
X603 (Zero 5 Pro H575-B)
X606B (Hot 6 H8023B)
X606D (Hot 6 H8023D)
X609 (Smart 2 HD H8025)
X801 (JoyPad 8S 3G)
X1000 (JoyPad 10 3G)

Lava Iris 65
Lava Z60S
Lava Z61
Lava Iris 88S
Lava Iris 88
Lava Iris 88 Go
Lava Iris 88 Lite
Lava Z61 2GB
Lava R3
Lava Z91
Lava Z91 3GB
Lava Z91W
Lava Z1
Lava Z92
Lava A1
Lava Z80
Lava Z80E
Lava Z90
Lava Z90E
Lava A3 Mini
Lava Z50
Lava Z60
Lava Iris 80
Lava Z5
Lava Z60E
Lava Z60G
Lava R1 Lite
Lava Z60T
Lava A2
Lava R1
Lava R1S
Lava X65
Lava Y10
Lava Y30
Lava Z10
Lava Z70
Lava A3
Lava A44
Lava Iris 60
Lava Iris 880
Lava Iris 41
Lava A52
Lava Flair P3
Lava Flair S1
Lava Iris 30
Lava Iris 40
Lava Iris 505
Lava Iris 510
Lava Iris 512
Lava Iris 515
Lava Ivory V5.0
Lava Iris 600
Lava Iris 605
Lava Iris Fuel 25
Lava Iris 750
Lava Iris 755
Lava Iris 758
Lava Grand 2C
Lava Iris 860
Lava Iris 870
Lava Iris 550
Lava Iris 565
Lava Iris X5 4G
Lava Pixel V2
Lava Pixel V2 Plus
Lava V2
Lava V2s
Lava V2s Plus
Lava V5
Lava X10
Lava X12
Lava X38
Lava X81
Lava Iris 800
Lava Iris Alfa L
Lava Iris Fuel 10
Lava Iris Fuel 50
Lava Iris Fuel 60
Lava Iris 504Q Plus
Lava Iris Icon
Lava Iris X1 Grand
Lava Iris X1 Plus
Lava Iris X5
Lava Iris X5 M10
Lava Iris X8 Q
Lava Iris X8 S
Lava Iris X9
Lava Ivory Plus
Lava Ivory S
Lava Pixel V1
Lava Pro 5.0 Star
Lava Iris 810
Lava Iris 820
Lava Iris 820 MX
Lava Iris 821
Lava Elite E8
Lava Iris 50
Lava Iris 702
Lava Iris 705
Lava Iris Fuel F1
Lava Iris X1 Selfie
Lava Iris X8 Pro
Lava P7
Lava P7 Plus
Lava X3
Lava Iris X8
Lava Iris X8 L
Lava Z25
Lava A3 Egy

CoolPad 1841-C0
CoolPad 1851
CoolPad 1861 (Note 8 TS)
CoolPad 3503I (Mega 3 TS)
CoolPad 3505I (Note 5 Lite)
CoolPad 3505I-S00 (Fancy 3)
CoolPad 3506G (Roar A110)
CoolPad 5367
CoolPad 5367C
CoolPad 7230S
CoolPad 7231
CoolPad 7232
CoolPad 7270
CoolPad 7270-W00
CoolPad 7270I (Idea Ultra Pro)
CoolPad 7295C
CoolPad 7296 (Max II)
CoolPad 7296S
CoolPad 7298A
CoolPad 7320
CoolPad 7605
CoolPad 7722
CoolPad 8017-T00
CoolPad 8122
CoolPad 8295M
CoolPad 8297 (Dazen F1)
CoolPad 8297D (Dazen F1)
CoolPad 8298-A01 (Note 3 Lite)
CoolPad 8298-I00 (Note 3 Lite)
CoolPad 8670
CoolPad 8675 (Dazen F2)
CoolPad 8675-HD (Dazen F2)
CoolPad 8675-T01 (Dazen F2)
CoolPad 8676-A01 (Note 3)
CoolPad 8676-I02 (Note 3)
CoolPad 8676-I03 (Note 3 Plus)
CoolPad 8717
CoolPad 8718
CoolPad 8722-S00 (Roar Plus E570)
CoolPad 8722-U00 (Porto S E570)
CoolPad 9150W (Air 9150W)
CoolPad 9976A
CoolPad 9976D
CoolPad 9976T
CoolPad C588S
CoolPad CK3-01 (Ivvi)
CoolPad D5066 (A116)
CoolPad K2L-S00 (E580)
CoolPad N3C
CoolPad Y60-W
CoolPad Y71-511 (Air)
CoolPad Y83-I00 (Mega 2.5D)
CoolPad Y83-S00 (Sky 3 E502)
CoolPad Y83-U00 (Modena 2 E502)
Coolpad E503
Coolpad N3 mini
Coolpad E580

Tecno LA6 (Pouvoir 1)
Tecno P702 (DroiPad 7D Pro)
Tecno P904 (DroiPad 10D)
Tecno PP7E (PhonePad 7E)
Tecno PP7F Pro (PhonePad 3)
Tecno DP8D (DroiPad 8D)
Tecno DP10A (DroiPad 10A)
Tecno C5 (Camon C5)
Tecno C7 (Camon C7)
Tecno C8 (Camon C8)
Tecno C9 (Camon C9)
Tecno C9 Plus (Camon C9 Plus)
Tecno C9 Pro (Camon C9 Pro)
Tecno C9S (Camon C9S)
Tecno F5
Tecno F6
Tecno H6
Tecno H7
Tecno H7 Plus
Tecno H7S
Tecno J5 (Boom J5)
Tecno J7 (Boom J7)
Tecno K7 (Spark 9 K7)
Tecno K9 (Spark Plus K9)
Tecno L5
Tecno L6
Tecno L7
Tecno L8 Plus (Power Max L8 Plus)
Tecno L9 (Power Max L9)
Tecno L9 Plus (Power Max L9 Plus)
Tecno M6
Tecno M6S
Tecno N2
Tecno N2S
Tecno N6
Tecno N8
Tecno N8S
Tecno N9
Tecno P5
Tecno P5 Plus
Tecno P5S
Tecno P6
Tecno PTM-Z Mini (Phantom Z Mini)
Tecno R5
Tecno R6
Tecno R7
Tecno S1
Tecno S1E (S1E Pro)
Tecno S1M
Tecno S1S (S1S Lite)
Tecno S6S
Tecno S7
Tecno S9
Tecno S9S
Tecno W1
Tecno W2
Tecno W3
Tecno W3 LTE
Tecno W3 Pro
Tecno W4
Tecno W4S
Tecno W5 Lite
Tecno WX3
Tecno WX3P
Tecno WX4
Tecno Y2
Tecno Y3
Tecno Y3S
Tecno Y4
Tecno Y5
Tecno Y5S
Tecno Y6
Tecno AL58 (Festa 5 CM)
Tecno AL59 (Festa 5 CU)
Tecno A7 (Phantom Z)
Tecno A7S (Phantom Z)
Tecno Phantom5 (Phantom 5)
Tecno Phantom5S (Phantom 5S)
Tecno WX3 LTE
Tecno WX3F LTE
Tecno WX4 Pro
Tecno WX4 ProS (WX4 Pro S)
Tecno R6S
Tecno A9 (Phantom 6 Plus)
Tecno AX8 (Phantom 8)
Tecno AX8S (Phantom 8S)
Tecno B1P (Pop 2 Power)
Tecno KA6 (Spark Youth)
Tecno KA7 (Spark 2)
Tecno KA7O (Spark 2 Go)
Tecno SA1
Tecno A6 (Phantom 6)
Tecno A6S (Phantom 6S)
Tecno I7
Tecno CX-H501D1 (Camon CX)
Tecno CX-H501DE (Camon CX)
Tecno CXS (Camon CXS)
Tecno K8 (Spark Pro K8)
Tecno CA6 (Camon CM)
Tecno CA6S (Camon CM)
Tecno IN3 (Camon iAir)
Tecno IN5 (Camon I)
Tecno KA9 (Spark CM)
Tecno CF7 (Camon 11)
Tecno CF8 (Camon 11 Pro)
Tecno ID5B (Camon i 2X)
Tecno ID6 (Camon iClick 2)
Tecno F4 (Pop 1S)
Tecno F4 Pro (Pop 1S Pro)
Tecno CX Air (Camon CX Air)
Tecno I3
Tecno I5
Tecno I3 Pro (i3 Pro)
Tecno I5 Pro (i5 Pro)
Tecno W5
Tecno J8
Tecno N9S
Tecno R8O
Tecno R8S
Tecno RA6
Tecno RA6S
Tecno CA7 (Camon X)
Tecno CA8 (Camon X Pro)
Tecno F2 LTE
Tecno IN1 (Camon iAce)
Tecno IN1 Pro (Camon iSky 2)
Tecno IN2 (Camon iSky)
Tecno IN6 (Camon iClick)
Tecno LA7 (Pouvoir 2)
Tecno LA7 Pro (Pouvoir 2 Pro)
Tecno F1
Tecno F2
Tecno L8 (Power Max L8)
Tecno L8 Lite (Power Max L8 Lite)
Tecno F3 (Pop 1)
Tecno SA6S
Tecno CA8 (Camon X Pro)
Tecno J8 (Boom J8)
Tecno IN2 (Camon iSky)
Tecno IN1 (Camon Ace)

Verykool S354
Verykool S4009
Verykool S4010
Verykool S450
Verykool S4510U
Verykool S5001
Verykool S5002
Verykool S5003
Verykool S5011
Verykool S5012
Verykool S5013
Verykool S5014 (Atlas S5014)
Verykool S5015
Verykool S5016 (Sol Quatro S5016)
Verykool S5020 (Giant S5020)
Verykool S5035
Verykool S5036
Verykool S5037
Verykool S505
Verykool S5525
Verykool S5528
Verykool S6001 (Cyprus S6001)
Verykool SL4502
Verykool SL5011 (Spark SL5011)
Verykool SL5050
Verykool SL5560
Verykool SL5565
Verykool SL6010 (Cyprus SL6010)

Doogee X11
Doogee X7 Pro
Doogee X7S
Doogee X9 Pro
Doogee X9S
Doogee Y600
Doogee Y600 Pro
Doogee Y6C
Doogee Y6C R2
Doogee S30
Doogee X20L
Doogee X5 Max Pro
Doogee X5 Max S
Doogee X50L
Doogee Shoot1
Doogee Mix Lite
Doogee X60L
Doogee BL12000
Doogee BL12000 Pro
Doogee BL9000
Doogee S50
Doogee S80
Doogee S70
Doogee BL5000
Doogee BL5500 Lite
Doogee BL7000
Doogee F1
Doogee F2
Doogee F3
Doogee F3 Pro
Doogee F5
Doogee F7
Doogee F7 Pro
Doogee Mix 4+64
Doogee Mix 6+64
Doogee Mix Silver
Doogee Shoot Mix
Doogee S55 Lite
Doogee S60
Doogee Mix2
Doogee S70 Lite
Doogee S55
Doogee X10
Doogee Shoot Power
Doogee S60 Lite
Doogee T3
Doogee T5
Doogee T6 Pro
Doogee T5 Lite
Doogee T5S
Doogee T6
Doogee X20
Doogee X30
Doogee X3
Doogee X5
Doogee X5b
Doogee X5 Max
Doogee Shoot2
Doogee X50
Doogee X53
Doogee X55
Doogee X6
Doogee X7
Doogee X70
Doogee X9
Doogee X9 Mini
Doogee X5 Pro
Doogee X5S
Doogee X6 Pro
Doogee X6S
Doogee Y100 Plus (Valencia 2)
Doogee Y100 Pro (Valencia 2)
Doogee Y200
Doogee Y300
Doogee Y100 (Valencia 2)
Doogee Y100X (Nova)
Doogee Y6
Doogee Y6 Max
Doogee Y6 Max3D
Doogee Y6 Piano

Dexp P170 (Ursus P170)
Dexp P180 (Ursus P180)
Dexp AS160
Dexp AS260
Dexp B145
Dexp B155
Dexp B160
Dexp B255
Dexp B350
Dexp B450
Dexp BL250
Dexp BS150
Dexp BS450
Dexp BS550
Dexp E145 (Ixion E145)
Dexp E240 (Ixion E240 Strike2)
Dexp E245 (Ixion E245)
Dexp EL150 (Ixion EL150 Charger)
Dexp EL250 (Ixion EL250 AmperE)
Dexp EL450 (Ixion EL450 Force)
Dexp ES1050 (Ixion ES1050)
Dexp ES160 (Ixion ES160)
Dexp ES250 (Ixion ES250 Rage)
Dexp ES255 (Ixion ES255 Fire)
Dexp ES350 (Ixion ES350 Rage Plus)
Dexp ES650 (Ixion ES650 Omega)
Dexp ES850 (Ixion ES850 Iron)
Dexp G150
Dexp G155
Dexp G250
Dexp GL255 (Ixion GL255)
Dexp M140 (Ixion M140 Inspire)
Dexp M145 (Ixion M145 Link)
Dexp M150 (Ixion M150 Storm)
Dexp M155 (Ixion M155)
Dexp M250 (Ixion M250 Ferrum)
Dexp M255 (Ixion M255)
Dexp M340 (Ixion M340)
Dexp M345 (Ixion M345)
Dexp M350 (Ixion M350 Rock)
Dexp M355 (Ixion M355 Mercury)
Dexp M450 (Ixion M450 Neon)
Dexp M750 (Ixion M750 Surf)
Dexp M850 (Ixion M850)
Dexp ML150 (Ixion ML150 AmperM)
Dexp ML245 (Ixion ML245 Electron)
Dexp ML250 (Ixion ML250 AmperM)
Dexp ML350 (Ixion ML350 Force Pro)
Dexp ML450 (Ixion ML450)
Dexp MS150 (Ixion MS150 Glider)
Dexp MS155 (Ixion MS155 Coil)
Dexp MS255 (Ixion MS255)
Dexp MS350 (Ixion MS350 Rock)
Dexp MS550 (Ixion MS550)
Dexp P135 (Ixion P135)
Dexp P145 (Ixion P145 Dominator)
Dexp P350 (Ixion P350 Tundra)
Dexp T155
Dexp X140 (Ixion X140)
Dexp X145 (Ixion X145 Nova)
Dexp X147 (Ixion X147 Puzzle)
Dexp X150 (Ixion X150)
Dexp X155 (Ixion X155)
Dexp X245 (Ixion X245 Rock)
Dexp X250 (Ixion X250 OctaVa)
Dexp XL140 (Ixion XL140 Flash)
Dexp XL145 (Ixion XL145 Snatch)
Dexp XL150 (Ixion XL150)
Dexp XL155 (Ixion XL155)
Dexp XL240 (Ixion XL240 Triforce)
Dexp Z150 (Ixion Z150)
Dexp Z155 (Ixion Z155)
Dexp Z250
Dexp Z255 (Ixion Z255)

Panasonic Eluga A2
Panasonic Eluga A3
Panasonic Eluga A3 Pro
Panasonic Eluga A4
Panasonic Eluga Arc 2
Panasonic Eluga C
Panasonic Eluga I
Panasonic Eluga I2
Panasonic Eluga I2 Activ
Panasonic Eluga I3
Panasonic Eluga I3 Mega
Panasonic Eluga I4
Panasonic Eluga I5
Panasonic Eluga I7
Panasonic Eluga I9
Panasonic Eluga Icon
Panasonic Eluga Mark2
Panasonic Eluga Note
Panasonic Eluga Prim
Panasonic Eluga Pulse
Panasonic Eluga Pulse X
Panasonic Eluga Ray
Panasonic Eluga Ray 500
Panasonic Eluga Ray 530
Panasonic Eluga Ray 550
Panasonic Eluga Ray 600
Panasonic Eluga Ray 700
Panasonic Eluga Ray X
Panasonic Eluga S
Panasonic Eluga S Mini
Panasonic Eluga Tapp
Panasonic Eluga Turbo
Panasonic Eluga WE
Panasonic Eluga Z
Panasonic Eluga Z1 Pro
Panasonic P100
Panasonic P31
Panasonic P41
Panasonic P41 HD
Panasonic P55
Panasonic P55 Max
Panasonic P55 Novo
Panasonic P55 Novo 4G
Panasonic P61
Panasonic P65
Panasonic P71
Panasonic P75
Panasonic P77
Panasonic P80
Panasonic P81
Panasonic P85
Panasonic P88
Panasonic P9
Panasonic P90
Panasonic P91
Panasonic P99
Panasonic T40
Panasonic T41
Panasonic T44
Panasonic T44 Lite
Panasonic T45
Panasonic T50
Panasonic P101

QMobile A110 (Noir A110)
QMobile A115 (Noir A115)
QMobile A120 (Noir A120)
QMobile A290 (Noir A290)
QMobile A3 SE (Noir A3 SE)
QMobile A30 (Noir A30)
QMobile A300 (Noir A300)
QMobile A1 (Noir A1)
QMobile A1 2017 (Noir A1)
QMobile A1 2017 Lite (Noir A1 lite)
QMobile A3 2016 (Noir A3)
QMobile A34 (Noir A34)
QMobile A500 (Noir A500)
QMobile A51 (Noir A51)
QMobile A55 (Noir A55)
QMobile A550 (Noir A550)
QMobile A6 2016 (Noir A6)
QMobile A600 (Noir A600)
QMobile A63 (Noir A63)
QMobile A65 (Noir A65)
QMobile A650 (Noir A650)
QMobile A700 (Noir A700)
QMobile A75 (Noir A75)
QMobile A8i (Noir A8i)
QMobile A900i (Noir A900i)
QMobile A910 (Noir A910)
QMobile A950 (Noir A950)
QMobile Blue5 (Blue 5)
QMobile CS1 (CS1)
QMobile CS1 Plus (CS1 Plus)
QMobile Dual One (Dual One)
QMobile Dual6 Selfie (Dual 6 Selfie)
QMobile E1 (E1)
QMobile E2 (Noir E2)
QMobile E3 Dual (E3 Dual)
QMobile E4002 (E4002)
QMobile Energy X1 (Energy X1)
QMobile Energy X2 (Energy X2)
QMobile Evok Power (Evok Power)
QMobile Evok PowerLite (Evok Power Lite)
QMobile J1 (J1)
QMobile J2 (J2)
QMobile J5 (Noir J5)
QMobile J7 (Noir J7)
QMobile J7 Pro (J7 Pro)
QMobile JS1 (JazzX JS1)
QMobile JS7 (JazzX JS7)
QMobile JS7 Pro (JazzX JS7 Pro)
QMobile KKM (KingKong Max)
QMobile L15 (Linq L15)
QMobile L20 (Linq L20)
QMobile LT150 (LT150)
QMobile LT500 (Noir LT500)
QMobile LT500 Pro (LT500 Pro)
QMobile LT600 Pro (LT600 Pro)
QMobile LT600 Pro (LT600 Pro)
QMobile LT650 (Noir LT650)
QMobile LT680 (Noir LT680)
QMobile LT700 (Noir LT700)
QMobile LT700 Pro (Noir LT700 Pro)
QMobile LT750 (Noir LT750)
QMobile Luna Pro (Luna Pro)
QMobile M300 (Noir M300)
QMobile M350 (Noir M350)
QMobile M350 Pro (Noir M350 Pro)
QMobile M6 Lite (M6 Lite)
QMobile M82 (Noir M82)
QMobile M90 (Noir M90)
QMobile M99 (Noir M99)
QMobile M9T (Noir M9T)
QMobile Q811 (Q811)
QMobile Q858 (Q858)
QMobile QInfinityE (Q Infinity E)
QMobile S1 (Noir S1)
QMobile S1 Pro (Noir S1 Pro)
QMobile S15 (Noir S15)
QMobile S16 (Qsmart S16)
QMobile S19 (Qsmart S19
QMobile S2 (Noir S2)
QMobile S2 Plus (Noir S2 Plus)
QMobile S29 (Qsmart S29)
QMobile S3 (Noir S3)
QMobile S4 (Noir S4)
QMobile S5 (Noir S5)
QMobile S5 Lite (Noir S5 Lite)
QMobile S6 (Noir S6)
QMobile S6 Plus (S6 Plus)
QMobile S6S (S6S)
QMobile S8 (S8)
QMobile S9 (S9)
QMobile W20 (Noir W20)
QMobile W70 (Noir W70)
QMobile W80 (Noir W80)
QMobile X10 V2 (Noir X10 V2)
QMobile X100 (Linq X100)
QMobile X11 (Noir X11)
QMobile X14 (Noir X14)
QMobile X150 (Noir X150)
QMobile X1S (Noir X1S
QMobile X20 (Noir X20)
QMobile X200 (Noir X200)
QMobile X25 (Noir X25)
QMobile X250 (Noir X250)
QMobile X30 (Noir X30)
QMobile X300 (Linq X300)
QMobile X30i (Noir X30i)
QMobile X32 (Noir X32)
QMobile X34 (Noir X34)
QMobile X35 (Noir X35)
QMobile X37 (Noir X37)
QMobile X40 (Noir X40)
QMobile X400 (Noir X400)
QMobile X450 (Noir X450)
QMobile X500 (Noir X500)
QMobile X550 (Noir X550)
QMobile X60 (Noir X60)
QMobile X600 (Noir X600)
QMobile X70 (Linq X70)
QMobile X700 Pro (X700 Pro)
QMobile X700 ProLite (X700 Pro Lite)
QMobile X700i (Linq X700i)
QMobile X75 (Noir X75)
QMobile X80 (Noir X80)
QMobile X800 (Noir X800)
QMobile X90 (Noir X90)
QMobile X900 (Noir X900)
QMobile X95 (Noir X95)
QMobile X950 (Noir X950)
QMobile Z10 (Noir Z10)
QMobile Z12 (Noir Z12)
QMobile Z12 Pro (Noir Z12 Pro)
QMobile Z14 (Noir Z14)
QMobile Z4 (Noir Z4)
QMobile Z4 Mini (Noir Z4 Mini)
QMobile Z6 (Noir Z6 3G)
QMobile Z7 (Noir Z7 3G)
QMobile Z9 Plus (Noir Z9 Plus)
QMobile i10 (Noir i10)
QMobile i12 (Noir i12)
QMobile i3 (Noir i3)
QMobile i5i (Noir i5i)
QMobile i5i Classic (Noir i5i Classic)
QMobile i6 (Noir i6)
QMobile i6 Metal 2017 (i6 Metal 2017)
QMobile i6 Metal HD (i6 Metal HD)
QMobile i6 Metal One (i6 Metal One)
QMobile i6i (Noir i6i)
QMobile i7 (Noir i7)
QMobile i8 (Noir i8)
QMobile i9 (Noir i9)
QMobile i9i (i9i)
QMobile X700 Pro II
QMobile Noir X1s

Wiko K200 (Sunny 3 Plus)
Wiko K300 (Jerry 3)
Wiko K400 (Lenny 5)
Wiko V3720 (Lenny 4)
Wiko V3740 (Lenny 4 Plus)
Wiko V2600 (Sunny 2 Plus)
Wiko V2610 (Jerry 2)
Wiko V2800 (K-Kool)
Wiko V3913 (Kenny)
Wiko V3953 (Harry)
Wiko V3961 (Upulse)
Wiko V3971 (Upulse Lite)
Wiko C200 (Tommy 3)
Wiko C201 (Tommy 3)
Wiko P130 (View Go)
Wiko P200 (View Max)
Wiko K600 (Tommy 3)
Wiko C300 (View Lite)
Wiko S3511 (Goa)
Wiko S4011 (Sunset)
Wiko S4013 (Fizz)
Wiko S4050 (Sunset 2)
Wiko S6031 (Ozzy)
Wiko S7521 (Iggy)
Wiko S7811 (Barry)
Wiko S8074 (Cink Slim 2)
Wiko S4300 (Jimmy)
Wiko S4700 (Bloom)
Wiko S5222 (Rainbow)
Wiko S5400 (Rainbow Up)
Wiko S5501 (Rainbow)
Wiko S5513 (Ridge)
Wiko S8513 (Darkmoon)
Wiko L4550 (Birdy)
Wiko S8812 (Getaway)
Wiko L4801 (Selfy)
Wiko L5401 (Rainbow Up)
Wiko P4601 (U Feel Lite)
Wiko P6601 (U Feel)
Wiko P6609 (U Feel)
Wiko S5260 (Slise 2)
Wiko S9320 (Highway)
Wiko S5420 (Pulp)
Wiko S4750 (Highway Signs)
Wiko S9096 (Cink Peax 2)
Wiko S9111 (Stairway)
Wiko S9201 (Cink Five)
Wiko S9203 (Darknight)
Wiko S9301 (Darkside)
Wiko S9311 (Darkfull)
Wiko S5254 (Rainbow Jam)
Wiko S5030 (Lenny 2)
Wiko S5250 (Rainbow Jam)
Wiko V2502 (Sunny)
Wiko V2504 (Sunny)
Wiko V2505 (Sunny)
Wiko V2802 (Jerry)
Wiko V3610 (Jerry Max)
Wiko V3702 (Lenny 3)
Wiko V3750 (Robby)
Wiko V3802 (Lenny 3 Max)
Wiko L5460 (Fever)
Wiko L5463 (Fever SE)
Wiko L5560 (Highway Star)
Wiko P4661 (U Feel Go)
Wiko Sunset 2

Symphony G100
Symphony G20
Symphony H150 (Xplorer H150)
Symphony H175
Symphony H200
Symphony H250
Symphony H300
Symphony H400
Symphony H55
Symphony H58
Symphony H60
Symphony Helio S1
Symphony Helio S10
Symphony Helio S2
Symphony Helio S20
Symphony Helio S25
Symphony INOVA
Symphony M1
Symphony P10
Symphony P11
Symphony P6
Symphony P6 Pro
Symphony P7
Symphony P7 Pro
Symphony P8
Symphony P8 Pro
Symphony P9
Symphony P9 Plus
Symphony R100
Symphony R20
Symphony V120
Symphony V140
Symphony V20 (Roar V20)
Symphony V32
Symphony V44
Symphony V46
Symphony V47
Symphony V55
Symphony V60
Symphony V70
Symphony V75
Symphony V75M
Symphony V80
Symphony V90
Symphony V92
Symphony V95 (Roar)
Symphony V96
Symphony Z9
Symphony ZV Pro
Symphony ZVI
Symphony ZVII
Symphony i10
Symphony i10 Plus
Symphony i100
Symphony i120
Symphony i20
Symphony i25
Symphony i50
Symphony i60
Symphony i70
Symphony i75
Symphony i90
Symphony i95
Symphony Symtab 20
Symphony V155
Symphony V97
Symphony V142
Symphony Symtab50

Vestel Venus V7
Vestel Venus Z30
Vestel Venus V3 5020
Vestel Venus V4
Vestel Venus V3 5580
Vestel Venus E3
Vestel Venus E3 Plus

Avenzo AV116 (MOB 4 PRO)
Avenzo AV115 (MOB 4)
Avenzo MOB3
Avenzo Xirius 5
Avenzo Xirius 5.5

Alps Aquila
Alps 9X
Alps AMA A703
Alps InFocus M460
Alps MD706
Alps i7s Plus
Alps R5
Alps T702
Alps K7206
Alps S8
Alps Regal R2
Alps S10
Alps A800
Alps C5C
Alps F3S
Alps A96
Alps S31
Alps MyPhone Agua Rio
Alps X20 Pro
Alps A9 Lite
Alps GM 6 d
Alps myA11
Alps R10
Alps Heart
Alps AX1035
Alps J7+
Alps Qxq6580_we_m
Alps zh960

MobiiStar C1
MobiiStar C1 Lite
MobiiStar C2
MobiiStar E Selfie
MobiiStar E1 Selfie
Mobiistar LaiYuna C
Mobiistar LaiYuna S
Mobiistar LaiZumbo J
Mobiistar Lai Z1
Mobiistar LaiZumbo S
Mobiistar Prime X 2017
Mobiistar Prime X Max
Mobiistar Prime X1
Mobiistar X1 Dual
Mobiistar X1 Selfie
Mobiistar Zumbo S2
Mobiistar LaiYuna X
MobiiStar Lai Zoro 3

Mobicel Echo
Mobicel 4U
Mobicel Pure Mini
Mobicel Pure Plus
Mobicel R1
Mobicel R2
Mobicel R4
Mobicel R6
Mobicel Shift
Mobicel Switch
Mobicel Zen
Mobicel Berry
Mobicel Dandy
Mobicel Vivo
Mobicel Vivo DS
Mobicel Candy
Mobicel Fever
Mobicel Frio
Mobicel Pure
Mobicel Trendy
Mobicel Trip
Mobicel Rush
Mobicel Air
Mobicel Arc
Mobicel Gem
Mobicel Ice
Mobicel Matrix
Mobicel Onyx
Mobicel P9120 Cherry SS
Mobicel P9120 Cherry DS
Mobicel P9120 Solo DS
Mobicel P9122 Hero X
Mobicel Play
Mobicel Rebel
Mobicel Sonic
Mobicel Vega
Mobicel Retro
Mobicel ZAW1008
Mobicel Samba
Mobicel Venus
Mobicel Cosmo
Mobicel Fever Plus
Mobicel Trendy Plus

FLY FS455 (Nimbus 11)
FLY FS511 (Cirrus 7)
FLY FS523 (Cirrus 16)
FLY FS526 (Power Plus 2)
FLY FS530 (Power Plus XXL)
FLY FS553 (Cirrus 9)
FLY FS554 (Power Plus FHD)
FLY Life Mega
FLY Power Plus 3
FLY FS527 (Nimbus 17)
FLY FS454 (Nimbus 8)
FLY FS504 (Cirrus 2)
FLY FS505 (Nimbus 7)
FLY FS506 (Cirrus 3S)
FLY FS507 (Cirrus 4)
FLY FS508 (Cirrus 6)
FLY FS509 (Nimbus 9)
FLY FS510 (NimSymphony Symtab20 (SymTab 20) bus 12)
FLY FS514 (Cirrus 8)
FLY IQ4520 Pro
FLY IQ4520 Plus
FLY IQ4520 Quad
FLY IQ5058
FLY IQ5917
FLY Life Go
FLY IQ4401 (Era Energy)
FLY IQ4402 (Era Style 1)
FLY IQ4403 (Energy 3)
FLY IQ4404 (Spark)
FLY FS402 (Stratus 2)
FLY FS404 (Stratus 3)
FLY FS405 (Stratus 4)
FLY IQ4406 (Era Nano 6)
FLY IQ4407 (Era Nano 7)
FLY IQ4416 (Era Life 5)
FLY IQ4418 (Era Style 4)
FLY IQ454 (Evo Tech 1)
FLY IQ456 (Era Life 2)
FLY IQ4601 (Era Style 2)
FLY FS408 (Stratus 8)
FLY FS458 (Stratus 7)
FLY FS512 (Nimbus 10)
FLY IQ4405 (Quad Evo Chic 1)
FLY IQ4409 (Quad Era Life 4)
FLY IQ4410I (Phoenix 2)
FLY IQ4413 (Quad Evo Chic 3)
FLY IQ4414 (Quad Evo Tech 3)
FLY IQ4415 (Quad Era Style 3)
FLY IQ4417 (Quad Era Energy 3)
FLY IQ4501 (Quad Evo Energy 4)
FLY IQ4502 (Quad Era Energy 1)
FLY IQ4504 (Quad Evo Energy 5)
FLY IQ4514 (Quad Evo Tech 3)
FLY IQ458 (Quad Evo Tech 2)
FLY IQ459 (Quad Evo Chic 2)
FLY IQ4410 (Quad Phoenix)
FLY IQ4412 (Quad Canal)
FLY IQ452 (Quad Ego Vision 1)
FLY IQ453 (Quad Luminor FHD)
FLY IQ457 (Quad Universe)
FLY IQ4516 (Quad Evo Energy 1)
FLY IQ4516 (Tornado Slim)
FLY IQ4602 (Quad Epic)
FLY Photo Pro
FLY View

Cloudfone Excite 504d
Cloudfone Thrill Access
CloudFone Thrill HD
CloudFone Boost
CloudFone Thrill Boost 2
CloudFone Go SP
CloudFone Excite 504d
CloudFone Excite C
CloudFone Ice Plus 2
CloudFone Thrill Power N
CloudFone Thrill Lite
CloudFone Thrill Plus

Intex Aqua Power IV
Intex Aqua Supreme+
Intex Aqua Lions N1
Intex Aqua Lions X1
Intex IV0318ND
Intex Aqua Power IV V11
Intex Aqua Lions 3
Intex Aqua Y3

Lenovo PB2-650M (Phab 2)
Lenovo PB2-650Y (Phab 2)
Lenovo PB2-670M (Phab 2 Plus)
Lenovo PB2-670Y (Phab 2 Plus)
Lenovo S1La40 (Vibe S1)
Lenovo A6600a40 (A6600 Plus)
Lenovo A6600d40 (A6600 Plus)
Lenovo K10a40 (Lenovo C2)
Lenovo TB3-730F (Tab 3 A7-30 WiFi)
Lenovo PB2-350M (Phab 2)
Lenovo TB3-730X (Tab 3 A7-30)
Lenovo TB3-850F (Tab 3 A8 WiFi)
Lenovo TB3-850M (Tab 3 A8 LTE)
Lenovo TB3-X70F (Tab 3 A10 Business WiFi)
Lenovo TB3-X70L (Tab 3 A10 Business LTE)
Lenovo TB-7304F (Tab 4 A7 Essential WiFi)
Lenovo TB-7304I (Tab 4 A7 Essential 3G)
Lenovo TB-7304X (Tab 4 A7 Essential LTE)
Lenovo TB-7504F (Tab 4 7 WiFi)
Lenovo TB-7504X (Tab 4 7 LTE)
Lenovo A1010a20 (Vibe A Plus)
Lenovo A2016a40 (Lenovo B)
Lenovo A2016b30 (Lenovo B)
Lenovo A2016b31 (Lenovo B)
Lenovo A8-50F (Tab 2 A8-50F)
Lenovo A8-50L (Tab 2 A8-50L)
Lenovo A8-50LC (Tab 2 A8-50LC)
Lenovo X2-AP (Vibe X2)
Lenovo X2-CU (Vibe X2)
Lenovo X2-EU (Vibe X2)
Lenovo X2-TC (Vibe X2)
Lenovo X2-TO (Vibe X2)
Lenovo A7020a48 (K5 Note)
Lenovo K52a48 (Vibe K5 Note)
Lenovo K52e78 (Vibe K5 Note)
Lenovo K52t38 (Vibe K5 Note)
Lenovo A7020a40 (Vibe K5 Note)
Lenovo A7020a48 (Vibe K5 Note)
Lenovo K51c78 (Vibe X3 Lite)
Lenovo P1ma40 (Vibe P1M)
Lenovo TB3-710L (Tab 3 Essential)
Lenovo S5000-F (IdeaTab S5000F WiFi)
Lenovo S6000-F (IdeaTab S6000F WiFi)
Lenovo B6000-F (Yoga Tab 8 WiFi)
Lenovo A3000-F (IdeaTab A3000F WiFi)
Lenovo B8000-F (Yoga Tab 10 WiFi)
Lenovo S5000-H (IdeaTab S5000H 3G)
Lenovo S6000-H (IdeaTab S6000H 3G)
Lenovo A3000 (IdeaTab A3000 3G)
Lenovo A3000-H (IdeaTab A3000H 3G Call)
Lenovo A7-30D (Tab 2)
Lenovo A7-30DC (Tab 2)
Lenovo A7-30GC (Tab 2)
Lenovo A7-30H (Tab 2)
Lenovo A7-30HC (Tab 2)
Lenovo A7-60HC (Tab 2)
Lenovo A10-80HC (Tab)
Lenovo A5500-H (Tab A8-50)
Lenovo A5500-HV (Tab A8-50)
Lenovo A3300-GV (Tab A7-30)
Lenovo A3300-H (Tab A7-30)
Lenovo A3300-HV (Tab A7-30)
Lenovo A3300-T (Tab A7-30)
Lenovo A3500-F (Tab A7-50)
Lenovo A3500-FL (Tab A7-50)
Lenovo A3500-H (Tab A7-50)
Lenovo A3500-HV (Tab A7-50)
Lenovo A7600-H (Tab A10-70)
Lenovo B6000-H (Yoga Tab 8)
Lenovo B6000-HV (Yoga Tab 8)
Lenovo B8000-H (Yoga Tab 10)
Lenovo B8000-HV (Yoga Tab 10)
Lenovo A7-30F (Tab 2)
Lenovo L18011 (A5)
Lenovo L18021 (A5)
Lenovo L38031 (K5s)
Lenovo L38043 (K9)
Lenovo A2010
Lenovo A2010l36
Lenovo A616
Lenovo A7000-A
Lenovo A7000 Plus
Lenovo A5800-D
Lenovo A858
Lenovo A858t
Lenovo A936 (Note 8)
Lenovo A7600
Lenovo A7600-M
Lenovo P70-A
Lenovo P70-T
Lenovo K50a40 (K3 Note)
Lenovo K50-T3s (K3 Note)
Lenovo K50-T5 (K3 Note)
Lenovo S1a40 (Vibe S1)
Lenovo A3580
Lenovo A3690
Lenovo A3860
Lenovo A3890
Lenovo A5600
Lenovo A5890
Lenovo A889
Lenovo P380
Lenovo A269
Lenovo A269i
Lenovo A308T
Lenovo A316
Lenovo A316i
Lenovo A318T
Lenovo A319
Lenovo A327i
Lenovo A369i
Lenovo A516
Lenovo A529
Lenovo A399
Lenovo A526
Lenovo A628T
Lenovo A680
Lenovo A536
Lenovo A606
Lenovo A708T
Lenovo A850
Lenovo A859
Lenovo A880
Lenovo S650
Lenovo S660
Lenovo S668T
Lenovo S860
Lenovo A320T
Lenovo A3600-D
Lenovo A3800-D
Lenovo A5000
Lenovo S858T
Lenovo S898T Plus
Lenovo S938T
Lenovo A850 Plus
Lenovo A806
Lenovo A916
Lenovo S939
Lenovo S750
Lenovo S820
Lenovo P780
Lenovo S898T
Lenovo S920
Lenovo S960 (Vibe X)
Lenovo A766
Lenovo A820
Lenovo A830
Lenovo K8 Note
Lenovo A7000-a
Lenovo A7010a48 (K4 Note)
Lenovo TB3-710I (Tab3 7)
Lenovo K50a40 (K3 Note)
Lenovo A328
Lenovo A369i
Lenovo A55

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ZTE Z820 (Z820 Obsidian)
ZTE BA611C (Voyage 4S)
ZTE BA611T (Voyage 4S)
ZTE Blade A110
ZTE Blade A2 Plus
ZTE Blade A210
ZTE Blade A315
ZTE Blade A410
ZTE Blade A430
ZTE Blade A450
ZTE Blade A452
ZTE Blade A465
ZTE Blade A475 (Blade L4 Pro)
ZTE Blade A476
ZTE Blade A510
ZTE Blade A511
ZTE Blade A515
ZTE Blade A520
ZTE Blade A601
ZTE Blade A610
ZTE Blade A610 Plus
ZTE Blade A610C
ZTE Blade A910
ZTE Blade Buzz
ZTE Blade C2
ZTE Blade C2 Plus
ZTE Blade D2
ZTE Blade G Lux
ZTE Blade L2
ZTE Blade L2 Plus
ZTE Blade L3
ZTE Blade L3 Lite
ZTE Blade L3 Plus
ZTE Blade L370
ZTE Blade L4 Pro
ZTE Blade L5
ZTE Blade L5 Plus
ZTE Blade L6
ZTE Blade Q Lux 3G
ZTE Blade Q Lux 4G
ZTE Blade Q Lux 4G SS
ZTE Blade V0721 (Blade A2S)
ZTE Blade V0730 (Blade A610 Plus)
ZTE Blade V580 (Blade V Plus)
ZTE Blade V6
ZTE Blade V7
ZTE Blade V7 Lite
ZTE Blade V7 Max
ZTE Blade V7 Plus
ZTE Blade V8 Lite
ZTE Blade V809
ZTE Blade Vec
ZTE Blade Vec Pro
ZTE Fit 4G Smart
ZTE NX535J (Nubia Z11 Max)
ZTE NX541J (Nubia N1)
ZTE NX573J (Nubia M2 Lite)
ZTE NX575J (Nubia N2)
ZTE NX597J (Nubia N1 Lite)
ZTE P172R10 (T815 Telstra Tempo 3G)
ZTE S158
ZTE T520
ZTE T620 (Blade x3)
ZTE T630 (Blade X5)
ZTE T660 (Blade X7)
ZTE T815 (Telstra Tempo)
ZTE V815W (Blade Buzz)
ZTE V816W (Blade Buzz)
ZTE V829 (Blade G Plus)
ZTE V830W (Blade G Lux)
ZTE V880H (Blade G2)
ZTE V967S (Skate 2)
ZTE V972M (Leo S1)
ZTE V993W (Blade V5)
ZTE Türk Telekom TT175
ZTE Blade V6 Max
ZTE Blade L0510
ZTE Amazing X3s

Asus X008 ZC520TL (ZenFone 3 Max)
Asus P00A (Z380M ZenPad 8.0)
Asus P00C (Z300M ZenPad 10)
Asus P028 (Z301M ZenPad 10)
Asus P028 (Z301MF ZenPad 10)
Asus X002 (T500TLT Pegasus)
Asus X005 (T551TLC Pegasus 5000)
Asus X008 (ZC520TL Pegasus 3)
Asus X008 (ZC520TL ZenFone 3 Max)
Asus X008D (ZC520TL ZenFone 3 Max)
Asus X00GD (ZC521TL ZenFone 3S Max)
Asus X008DA (ZC520TL ZenFone 3 Max)
Asus X008DC (ZC520TL ZenFone 3 Max)
Asus X00K (ZB500TL ZenFone 4 Max)
Asus X015D (ZC550TL ZenFone 4 Max Plus)
Asus X018D (ZB570TL ZenFone Max Plus M1)
Asus Z00SD (ZC451TG ZenFone Go Mini)
Asus Z00VD (ZC500TG ZenFone Go)
Asus Z00YD (G500TG Live)

Nokia TA-1020 (Nokia 3 LTE NE1)
Nokia TA-1028 (Nokia 3 LTE LA NE1)
Nokia TA-1032 (Nokia 3 LTE DS NE1)
Nokia TA-1038 (Nokia 3 LTE DS LA NE1)
Nokia TA-1047 (Nokia 1 LTE DS FRT)
Nokia TA-1056 (Nokia 1 LTE FRT)
Nokia TA-1060 (Nokia 1 LTE DS FRT)
Nokia TA-1066 (Nokia 1 LTE DS FRT)
Nokia TA-1079 (Nokia 1 LTE DS FRT)
Nokia TA-1061 (Nokia 5.1 LTE DS CO2)
Nokia TA-1075 (Nokia 5.1 LTE DS CO2)
Nokia TA-1076 (Nokia 5.1 LTE DS CO2)
Nokia TA-1081 (Nokia 5.1 LTE DS CO2)
Nokia TA-1088 (Nokia 5.1 LTE DS CO2)
Nokia TA-1104 (Nokia 3.1 Plus LTE DS ROO)
Nokia TA-1113 (Nokia 3.1 Plus LTE DS ROO)
Nokia TA-1115 (Nokia 3.1 Plus LTE DS ROO)
Nokia TA-1118 (Nokia 3.1 Plus LTE DS ROO)
Nokia TA-1125 (Nokia 3.1 Plus LTE DS ROO)
Nokia TA-1102 (Nokia 5.1 Plus LTE DS PDA)
Nokia TA-1105 (Nokia 5.1 Plus LTE DS PDA)
Nokia TA-1108 (Nokia 5.1 Plus LTE PDA)
Nokia TA-1112 (Nokia 5.1 Plus LTE DS PDA)
Nokia TA-1120 (Nokia 5.1 Plus LTE PDA)
Nokia TA-1109 (Nokia X5 LTE DS PDA)
Nokia TA-1049 (Nokia 3.1 LTE DS ES2)
Nokia TA-1057 (Nokia 3.1 LTE DS ES2)
Nokia TA-1063 (Nokia 3.1 LTE DS ES2)
Nokia TA-1070 (Nokia 3.1 LTE DS ES2)
Nokia TA-1074 (Nokia 3.1 LTE DS ES2)

MicroMax P701 (Canvas Tab P701)
MicroMax P701+ (Canvas Tab P701 Plus)
MicroMax P702 (Canvas Tab P702)
MicroMax P802 (Canvas Tab P802)
MicroMax A068 (Bolt A068)
MicroMax A069 (Bolt A069)
MicroMax A082 (Bolt A082)
MicroMax A089 (Bolt A089)
MicroMax A093 (Canvas Fire)
MicroMax A096 (Canvas Fire 3)
MicroMax A102 (Canvas Doodle 3)
MicroMax A104 (Canvas Fire 2)
MicroMax A106 (Unite 2)
MicroMax A107 (Canvas Fire 4)
MicroMax A108 (Canvas L)
MicroMax A109 (Canvas XL 2)
MicroMax A110Q (Canvas 2 Plus)
MicroMax A114 (Canvas 2.2)
MicroMax A116 (Canvas HD)
MicroMax A116i (Canvas HD)
MicroMax A117 (Canvas Magnus)
MicroMax A119 (Canvas XL)
MicroMax A120 (Canvas 2)
MicroMax A177 (Canvas Juice)
MicroMax A190 (Canvas HD Plus)
MicroMax A200 (Canvas Turbo Mini)
MicroMax A210 (Canvas 4)
MicroMax A210 (Canvas 4)
MicroMax A240 (Canvas Doodle 2)
MicroMax A250 (Canvas Turbo)
MicroMax A255 (Canvas Selfie)
MicroMax A290 (Canvas Knight Cameo)
MicroMax A300 (Canvas Gold)
MicroMax A310 (Canvas Nitro)
MicroMax A311 (Canvas Nitro)
MicroMax A315 (Canvas 4 Plus)
MicroMax A316 (Canvas Hue 2)
MicroMax A350 (Canvas Knight)
MicroMax A37 (Bolt A37)
MicroMax A46 (Bolt A46)
MicroMax A47 (Bolt A47)
MicroMax A58 (Bolt A58)
MicroMax A63 (Canvas Fun)
MicroMax A74 (Canvas Fun)
MicroMax A76 (Canvas Fun)
MicroMax A77 (Canvas Juice)
MicroMax A79 (Bolt A79)
MicroMax A82 (Bolt A82)
MicroMax A93 (Canvas Elanza)
MicroMax A96 (Canvas Power)
MicroMax A99 (Canvas Xpress)
MicroMax AQ4501 (Canvas A1)
MicroMax AQ4502 (Canvas A1)
MicroMax AQ4750 (AQ4750)
MicroMax AQ5000 (Canvas Hue)
MicroMax AQ5001 (Canvas Juice 2)
MicroMax B4A (Bharat 4A)
MicroMax B5 (Bharat 5)
MicroMax B5 Plus (Bharat 5 Plus)
MicroMax B5 Pro (Bharat 5 Pro)
MicroMax C1 (Canvas 1)
MicroMax C1A (Canvas 1 2018)
MicroMax C2A Plus (Canvas 2 Plus 2018)
MicroMax D303 (Bolt D303)
MicroMax D304 (Bolt D304)
MicroMax D305 (Bolt D305)
MicroMax D306 (Bolt D306)
MicroMax D320 (Bolt D320)
MicroMax D321 (Bolt D321)
MicroMax D340 (Bolt D340)
MicroMax E311 (Canvas Nitro 2)
MicroMax E313 (Canvas Xpress 2S)
MicroMax E352 (Canvas Nitro 3)
MicroMax E353 (Canvas Mega)
MicroMax E451 (Canvas Pulse)
MicroMax E453 (Canvas Evok Note)
MicroMax E481 (Canvas 5)
MicroMax E4815 (Evok Dual Note)
MicroMax E4817 (Evok Dual Note)
MicroMax E484 (Canvas 6 Pro)
MicroMax E485 (Canvas 6)
MicroMax E491 (Canvas Fabes)
MicroMax HS1 (Canvas Infinity Life)
MicroMax Q303 (Bolt Q303)
MicroMax Q332 (Bolt Q332)
MicroMax Q334 (Canvas Spark 2)
MicroMax Q338 (Canvas Magnus 2)
MicroMax Q340 (Canvas Selfie 2)
MicroMax Q345 (Canvas Selfie Lens)
MicroMax Q348 (Canvas Selfie 3)
MicroMax Q349 (Canvas Selfie 4)
MicroMax Q350 (Canvas Spark 2 Plus)
MicroMax Q350R (Canvas Spark 2 Plus)
MicroMax Q352 (Bolt Supreme 4)
MicroMax Q352+ (Bolt Supreme 4 Plus)
MicroMax Q354 (Bolt Q354)
MicroMax Q355 (Canvas Play)
MicroMax Q371 (Canvas Pep)
MicroMax Q372 (Unite 3)
MicroMax Q375 (Canvas Fire 3)
MicroMax Q380 (Canvas Spark)
MicroMax Q386 (Canvas Fire 5)
MicroMax Q391 (Canvas Doodle 4)
MicroMax Q392 (Canvas Juice 3)
MicroMax Q394 (Canvas Juice 3 Plus)
MicroMax Q395 (Canvas Amaze)
MicroMax Q398 (Canvas Power 2)
MicroMax Q404 (Canvas Q404)
MicroMax Q409 (Bolt Supreme 6)
MicroMax Q411 (Canvas Fire 4G Plus)
MicroMax Q412 (Canvas Fire 4G Plus
MicroMax Q413 (Canvas Express 4G)
MicroMax Q413+ (Canvas XP 4G)
MicroMax Q414 (Canvas Blaze 4G Plus)
MicroMax Q417 (Canvas Mega 4G)
MicroMax Q4204 (Q4204)
MicroMax Q421 (Canvas Magnus HD)
MicroMax Q424 (Bolt Selfie Q424)
MicroMax Q4260 (Evok Power)
MicroMax Q4261 (Fire Q4261)
MicroMax Q427 (Canvas Unite 4)
MicroMax Q427+ (Canvas Unite 4 Plus)
MicroMax Q428 (Canvas Fire 6)
MicroMax Q4310 (Canvas 2)
MicroMax Q4311 (Selfie 2)
MicroMax Q437 (Bharat Go)
MicroMax Q438 (Q438)
MicroMax Q440 (Q440)
MicroMax Q441 (Q441)
MicroMax Q452 (Spark 4G Prime)
MicroMax Q453 (Q453)
MicroMax Q4601 (Selfie 2 Note)
MicroMax Q461 (Canvas Juice 4G)
MicroMax Q462 (Canvas 5 Lite)
MicroMax Q463 (Canvas 5 Lite SE)
MicroMax Q480 (Canvas Pace 2)
MicroMax V51 (MMX V51)
MicroMax YU5011 (Yunique 2)
MicroMax YU5012 (Yunique 2)
MicroMax YU5014 (Ace)
MicroMax YU5530 (Yunicorn)
MicroMax YU6000 (Yureka Note)
MicroMax P70221 (Canvas Tab P70221)

Cherry Mobile Omega HD 3S
Cherry Mobile Flare J6
Cherry Mobile Flare Y6
Cherry Mobile FB100
Cherry Mobile Flare S6 Deluxe
Cherry Mobile A161
Cherry Mobile Astro 2S
Cherry Mobile CUBIX CUBE 3
Cherry Mobile Cheer
Cherry Mobile Flare J7
Cherry Mobile Flare J7 LITE
Cherry Mobile Flare P1 Lite
Cherry Mobile Flare S Play V05
Cherry Mobile Flare S Play V06
Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Octa
Cherry Mobile Flare S4 Lite
Cherry Mobile Flare S4 MAX
Cherry Mobile Flare S4 Plus
Cherry Mobile Flare S6
Cherry Mobile Flare S7
Cherry Mobile Flare S7 Lite
Cherry Mobile Flare S7 PRIME
Cherry Mobile Flare X
Cherry Mobile Flare XL Plus
Cherry Mobile Fuze
Cherry Mobile Fuze S
Cherry Mobile Garnet
Cherry Mobile Spin Max
Cherry Mobile Touch 2
Cherry Mobile Touch XL2
Cherry Mobile Flare P3
Cherry Mobile H540
Cherry Mobile Desire R7 Lite
Cherry Mobile Flare J3 Lite
Cherry Mobile Flare P1 Mini
Cherry Mobile Flare J2S
Cherry Mobile J2 2018
Cherry Mobile Omega Icon Lite 2
Cherry Mobile Flare S5 Plus
Cherry Mobile Flare J3
Cherry Mobile S710
Cherry Mobile Flare J5
Cherry Mobile Flare S5 Lite DTV
Cherry Mobile Omega Icon 2
Cherry Mobile Flare P1
Cherry Mobile Flare S6 Lite
Cherry Mobile Cosmos 1
Cherry Mobile Cubix Cube 2
Cherry Mobile Flare XL
Cherry Mobile Infinix Pure
Cherry Mobile Omega 3
Cherry Mobile Excalibur
Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Plus
Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Power
Cherry Mobile Cosmos 3
Cherry Mobile Flare S6 Premium
Cherry Mobile Cubix Cube 3
Cherry Mobile Flare 4
Cherry Mobile Flare 5
Cherry Mobile Flare A5
Cherry Mobile Flare Infinity Lite
Cherry Mobile Flare S4
Cherry Mobile Flare S5
Cherry Mobile Flare S5 Power
Cherry Mobile Flare Selfie
Cherry Mobile Flare X Lite
Cherry Mobile Desire R7 Mini
Cherry Mobile Flare J1 Lite
Cherry Mobile Flare J1 Plus
Cherry Mobile Flare J3 Plus
Cherry Mobile Flare J5S
Cherry Mobile Flare HD Max
Cherry Mobile Flare HD2
Cherry Mobile Flare A2 Lite
Cherry Mobile Flare P3 Lite
Cherry Mobile Flare P3 Plus
Cherry Mobile Flare S6 Max
Cherry Mobile H7
Cherry Mobile Omega Lite 4
Cherry Mobile Desire R7 Plus
Cherry Mobile Flare P1 Plus
Cherry Mobile Emerald
Cherry Mobile Flare Lite
Cherry Mobile Ruby
Cherry Mobile Equinox Night
Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0
Cherry Mobile Flare 3
Cherry Mobile Flare S
Cherry Mobile Flare S2
Cherry Mobile Omega XL
Cherry Mobile Flare A1
Cherry Mobile Flare A3
Cherry Mobile Omega 4G
Cherry Mobile Flare Infinity
Cherry Mobile Flare S6 Plus
Cherry Mobile Flare S7 Deluxe
Cherry Mobile Flare HD 3
Cherry Mobile Flare S5 Max
Cherry Mobile A660B
Cherry Mobile Desire R6 Lite
Cherry Mobile Flare Y3
Cherry Mobile Spin Max 2
Cherry Mobile Flare J8 LTE
Cherry Mobile Flare J6 Mini

MyPhone Rio 2
MyPhone myX5
MyPhone myA9 DTV
MyPhone myA13 DTV
MyPhone my32
MyPhone my32L
MyPhone my33
MyPhone MyX8
MyPhone myX9
MyPhone my85 DTV
MyPhone MyX2
MyPhone MyA1
MyPhone myA2
MyPhone myA10
MyPhone myA11
MyPhone myA11i
MyPhone myA16
MyPhone myA8 DTV
MyPhone myX3
MyPhone my96 DTV
MyPhone my93 DTV
MyPhone my95 DTV
MyPhone Brown 1
MyPhone my36
MyPhone my87 DTV
MyPhone my35
MyPhone SuperD D1
MyPhone myT5 DTV
MyPhone MYA13
MyPhone My801
MyPhone myA12

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Alcatel OT-5116J (Pop 3-5)
Alcatel OT-5022D (Pop Star)
Alcatel OT-5022E (Pop Star)
Alcatel OT-5022F (Pop Star)
Alcatel OT-5022N (Pop Star)
Alcatel OT-5022X (Pop Star)
Alcatel OT-5023E (Pixi 4 Plus Power)
Alcatel OT-5023F (Pixi 4 Plus Power)
Alcatel OT-5025D (Pop 3-5.5)
Alcatel OT-5025E (Pop 3-5.5)
Alcatel OT-5025G (Pop 3-5.5)
Alcatel OT-5025N (Pop 3-5.5)
Alcatel OT-5025X (Pop 3-5.5)
Alcatel OT-4047A (U5)
Alcatel OT-4047D (U5)
Alcatel OT-4047F (U5)
Alcatel OT-4047G (U5)
Alcatel OT-4047N (U5)
Alcatel OT-4047X (U5)
Alcatel OT-5010D (Pixi 4-5)
Alcatel OT-5010E (Pixi 4-5)
Alcatel OT-5010G (Pixi 4-5)
Alcatel OT-5010S (Pixi 4-5)
Alcatel OT-5010U (Pixi 4-5)
Alcatel OT-5010X (Pixi 4-5)
Alcatel OT-5011A (A3 Plus)
Alcatel OT-5012F (Pixi 4-5.5)
Alcatel OT-5012G (Pixi 4-5.5)
Alcatel OT-5015A (Pop 3-5)
Alcatel OT-5015D (Pop 3-5)
Alcatel OT-5015E (Pop 3-5)
Alcatel OT-5015X (Pop 3-5)
Alcatel OT-5016A (Pop 3-5)
Alcatel OT-5016J (Pop 3-5)
Alcatel OT-4034A (Pixi 4-4)
Alcatel OT-4034D (Pixi 4-4)
Alcatel OT-4034E (Pixi 4-4)
Alcatel OT-4034F (Pixi 4-4)
Alcatel OT-4034G (Pixi 4-4)
Alcatel OT-4034M (Pixi 4-4)
Alcatel OT-4034N (Pixi 4-4)
Alcatel OT-4034X (Pixi 4-4)
Alcatel OT-4009A (Pixi 3-3.5)
Alcatel OT-4009D (Pixi 3-3.5)
Alcatel OT-4009E (Pixi 3-3.5)
Alcatel OT-4009F (Pixi 3-3.5)
Alcatel OT-4009I (Pixi 3-3.5)
Alcatel OT-4009K (Pixi 3-3.5)
Alcatel OT-4009M (Pixi 3-3.5)
Alcatel OT-4009S (Pixi 3-3.5)
Alcatel OT-4009X (Pixi 3-3.5)
Alcatel OT-4013D (Pixi 3-4)
Alcatel OT-4013E (Pixi 3-4)
Alcatel OT-4013J (Pixi 3-4)
Alcatel OT-4013K (Pixi 3-4)
Alcatel OT-4013M (Pixi 3-4)
Alcatel OT-4013T (Pixi 3-4)
Alcatel OT-4013X (Pixi 3-4)
Alcatel OT-4014A (Pixi 2)
Alcatel OT-4014D (Pixi 2)
Alcatel OT-4014E (Pixi 2)
Alcatel OT-4014K (Pixi 2)
Alcatel OT-4014M (Pixi 2)
Alcatel OT-4014X (Pixi 2)
Alcatel OT-4015A (Pop C1)
Alcatel OT-4015D (Pop C1)
Alcatel OT-4015N (Pop C1)
Alcatel OT-4015T (Pop C1)
Alcatel OT-4015X (Pop C1)
Alcatel OT-4016A (Pop C1)
Alcatel OT-4016D (Pop C1)
Alcatel OT-4016X (Pop C1)
Alcatel OT-4017A (Pixi 4-3.5)
Alcatel OT-4017D (Pixi 4-3.5)
Alcatel OT-4017E (Pixi 4-3.5)
Alcatel OT-4017F (Pixi 4-3.5)
Alcatel OT-4017S (Pixi 4-3.5)
Alcatel OT-4017X (Pixi 4-3.5)
Alcatel OT-4018A (Pod D1)
Alcatel OT-4018D (Pod D1)
Alcatel OT-4018E (Pod D1)
Alcatel OT-4018F (Pod D1)
Alcatel OT-4018M (Pod D1)
Alcatel OT-4018X (Pod D1)
Alcatel OT-4022D (Pixi 3-3.5 Firefox)
Alcatel OT-4022X (Pixi 3-3.5 Firefox)
Alcatel OT-4027A (Pixi 3-4.5)
Alcatel OT-4027D (Pixi 3-4.5)
Alcatel OT-4027N (Pixi 3-4.5)
Alcatel OT-4027X (Pixi 3-4.5)
Alcatel OT-4028A (Pixi 3-4.5)
Alcatel OT-4028E (Pixi 3-4.5)
Alcatel OT-4028J (Pixi 3-4.5)
Alcatel OT-4028S (Pixi 3-4.5)
Alcatel OT-4031D (Flash Mini)
Alcatel OT-4031X (Flash Mini)
Alcatel OT-4032A (Pop C2)
Alcatel OT-4032D (Pop C2)
Alcatel OT-4032E (Pop C2)
Alcatel OT-4032X (Pop C2)
Alcatel OT-4033A (Pop C3)
Alcatel OT-4033D (Pop C3)
Alcatel OT-4033E (Pop C3)
Alcatel OT-4033X (Pop C3)
Alcatel OT-4035A (Pop D3)
Alcatel OT-4035D (Pop D3)
Alcatel OT-4035X (Pop D3)
Alcatel OT-4035Y (Pop D3)
Alcatel OT-4036E (Pop D3)
Alcatel OT-4037A (Pop D3)
Alcatel OT-4037X (Pop D3)
Alcatel OT-5017A (Pixi 3-4.5)
Alcatel OT-5017B (Pixi 3-4.5)
Alcatel OT-5017D (Pixi 3-4.5)
Alcatel OT-5017E (Pixi 3-4.5)
Alcatel OT-5017G (Pixi 3-4.5)
Alcatel OT-5017O (Pixi 3-4.5)
Alcatel OT-5017W (Pixi 3-4.5)
Alcatel OT-5017X (Pixi 3-4.5)
Alcatel OT-5019D (Pixi 3-4.5)
Alcatel OT-5041D (Pixi 4-5 4G)
Alcatel OT-5045A (Pixi 4-5 4G)
Alcatel OT-5045D (Pixi 4-5 4G)
Alcatel OT-5045F (Pixi 4-5 4G)
Alcatel OT-5045G (Pixi 4-5 4G)
Alcatel OT-5045I (Pixi 4-5 4G)
Alcatel OT-5045J (Pixi 4-5 4G)
Alcatel OT-5045T (Pixi 4-5 4G)
Alcatel OT-5045X (Pixi 4-5 4G)
Alcatel OT-5045Y (Pixi 4-5 4G)
Alcatel OT-5070D (Pop Star)
Alcatel OT-5070S (Pop Star)
Alcatel OT-5070T (Pop Star)
Alcatel OT-5070X (Pop Star)
Alcatel OT-5044A (U5)
Alcatel OT-5044D (U5)
Alcatel OT-5044I (U5)
Alcatel OT-5044K (U5)
Alcatel OT-5044O (U5)
Alcatel OT-5044T (U5)
Alcatel OT-5044Y (U5)
Alcatel OT-5036A (Pop C5)
Alcatel OT-5036D (Pop C5)
Alcatel OT-5036F (Pop C5)
Alcatel OT-5036X (Pop C5)
Alcatel OT-5037A (Pop C5 TV)
Alcatel OT-5037E (Pop C5 TV)
Alcatel OT-5037X (Pop C5 TV)
Alcatel OT-6012A (Idol Mini)
Alcatel OT-6012D (Idol Mini)
Alcatel OT-6012E (Idol Mini)
Alcatel OT-6012X (Idol Mini)
Alcatel OT-7040A (Pop C7)
Alcatel OT-7040D (Pop C7)
Alcatel OT-7040E (Pop C7)
Alcatel OT-7040F (Pop C7)
Alcatel OT-7040K (Pop C7)
Alcatel OT-7041D (Pop C7)
Alcatel OT-7041X (Pop C7)
Alcatel OT-7042A (Pop C7+)
Alcatel OT-7042D (Pop C7+)
Alcatel OT-7042E (Pop C7+)
Alcatel OT-7045A (Pop S7)
Alcatel OT-7045Y (Pop S7)
Alcatel OT-7047A (Pop C9)
Alcatel OT-7047D (Pop C9)
Alcatel OT-7047E (Pop C9)
Alcatel OT-5038A (Pop D5)
Alcatel OT-5038D (Pop D5)
Alcatel OT-5038E (Pop D5)
Alcatel OT-5038X (Pop D5)
Alcatel OT-5138E (Pop D5)
Alcatel OT-6037B (Idol 2)
Alcatel OT-6037K (Idol 2)
Alcatel OT-6037Y (Idol 2)
Alcatel OT-6032A (Idol Alpha)
Alcatel OT-6032X (Idol Alpha)
Alcatel OT-6040A (Idol X)
Alcatel OT-6040D (Idol X)
Alcatel OT-6040E (Idol X)
Alcatel OT-6040X (Idol X)
Alcatel OT-8008D (Scribe HD)
Alcatel OT-8008X (Scribe HD)
Alcatel OT-8020D (Hero)
Alcatel OT-8020X (Hero)
Alcatel OT-6042D (Flash)
Alcatel OT-6043A (Idol X Plus)
Alcatel OT-6043D (Idol X Plus)
Alcatel OT-8030B (Hero 2)
Alcatel OT-8030Y (Hero 2)
Alcatel OT-7049D (Flash 2)
Alcatel OT-7054T (Flash+)
Alcatel OT-J320 (J320)
Alcatel OT-5059R (IdealXTRA)
Alcatel OT-9002A (Pixi 3-7)
Alcatel OT-9002W (Pixi 3-7)
Alcatel OT-9002X (Pixi 3-7)
Alcatel OT-9005G (Pixi 3-8)
Alcatel OT-9005X (Pixi 3-8)
Alcatel OT-I215X (Pixi 7)
Alcatel OT-I216A (Pixi 7)
Alcatel OT-I216X (Pixi 7)

Evercoss A10D
Evercoss A22
Evercoss A54
Evercoss A65A
Evercoss A66A
Evercoss A66S
Evercoss A66V
Evercoss A7A
Evercoss A7G
Evercoss A7T
Evercoss A7V+
Evercoss AT1A
Evercoss AT1D
Evercoss AT8A
Evercoss AT8D
Evercoss Elevate Y3+
Evercoss J40A
Evercoss S55
Evercoss U45
Evercoss V55
Evercoss Winner T3

Xolo 8X-1000
Xolo 8X-1000i
Xolo 8X-1010
Xolo A1000s
Xolo A1000s Lite
Xolo A1010
Xolo A500 Club
Xolo A500L
Xolo A500s
Xolo A500s IPS
Xolo A500s Lite
Xolo A510s
Xolo A550s
Xolo A600
Xolo A700s
Xolo Black 1X
Xolo Cube 5.0
Xolo Era 2V
Xolo Era 2X
Xolo Era 3
Xolo Era 3X
Xolo Era 4.5
Xolo Era 4K
Xolo Era Note
Xolo Omega 5.0
Xolo Omega 5.5
Xolo One
Xolo One HD
Xolo Opus 3
Xolo Play 6X-1000
Xolo Play 8X-1100
Xolo Play 8X-1200
Xolo Prime
Xolo Q1000
Xolo Q1000s
Xolo Q1000s Plus
Xolo Q1001
Xolo Q1010
Xolo Q1010i
Xolo Q1011
Xolo Q1020
Xolo Q1200
Xolo Q2000
Xolo Q2100
Xolo Q2500
Xolo Q3000
Xolo Q500s ISP
Xolo Q510s
Xolo Q520s
Xolo Q600
Xolo Q600 Club
Xolo Q610s
Xolo Q700
Xolo Q700 Club
Xolo Q700i
Xolo Q700s
Xolo Q700s Plus
Xolo Q710s
Xolo Q800
Xolo Q800x
Xolo Q900
Xolo Q900t

Zopo 8510
Zopo 9515
Zopo 9530
Zopo Color C2
Zopo Color C3
Zopo Color E1
Zopo Color F1
Zopo Color F2
Zopo Color F3
Zopo Color F5
Zopo Flash X3
Zopo Hero2
Zopo P5000
Zopo Y23 (Flash X2i)
Zopo Z5000
Zopo ZP1000
Zopo ZP1000S
Zopo ZP17100 (Flash X1i)
Zopo ZP17105 (Flash X1)
Zopo ZP1790 (Flah X2)
Zopo ZP1795 (Flah X2)
Zopo ZP320 (ZP320)
Zopo ZP330 (color e)
Zopo ZP330 (Color C)
Zopo ZP351 (Color S5)
Zopo ZP353 (Color E1)
Zopo ZP370 (Color S5.5)
Zopo ZP520
Zopo ZP530
Zopo ZP530+ (Flash C)
Zopo ZP550 Hero1
Zopo ZP550 Speed7C
Zopo ZP567 (Color C5i)
Zopo ZP580
Zopo ZP586 (Color X5.5)
Zopo ZP587 (Color C5)
Zopo ZP590
Zopo ZP600 Plus
Zopo ZP700
Zopo ZP720
Zopo ZP720+ (Flash E)
Zopo ZP780
Zopo ZP781 (Flash G5 Plus)
Zopo ZP785 (Flash X Plus)
Zopo ZP810
Zopo ZP820
Zopo ZP910
Zopo ZP920
Zopo ZP920+ (Flash S)
Zopo ZP950 Plus
Zopo ZP951 (Speed 7)
Zopo ZP952 Speed7 Plus
Zopo ZP952 Speed7GP (Speed 7GP)
Zopo ZP955 (Speed 8)
Zopo ZP980 Plus
Zopo ZP983
Zopo ZP990 Plus
Zopo ZP998
Zopo ZP999
Zopo 6560

FireFly Intense Xt
FireFly Aurii Dream Mini
FireFly Intense Razor
FireFly Secret X


Reeder M8

Neffos C9A

Maximus D7

Navon Spirit Plus

Leagoo Z5

iVOOMi Me 4
iVOOMi Innelo 1

Archos 101c Copper
Archos 101 Platinum 3G

Walton Primo GM3
Walton Primo NF2
Walton Primo F7s
Walton Primo GM2 Plus

Stylo Destiny
Stylo VS571

BlackView A20
BlackView A60
BlackView A7

Vision V12

TP-Link Neffos X1 Max

Multilaser MS60Z

Quantum Muv

Polaroid PSPCL30A0

Spice Xplor Proton5

Leimin F3 Plus
Leimin A3s Mini
Leimin A9s Pro
Leimin F9
Leimin V9

Ipro Kylin 40

Vertex Impress Click
Vertex Impress Eagle
Vertex Impress Style
Vertex Impress U Too

Nomi i4500
Nomi i5001
Nomi i5014


Cagabi One

Roverphone Evo 5.0

Glori Alien 1

Prestigio PMT3137
Prestigio PSP7501DUO
Prestigio PSP3512DUO

Bmobile AX1035
Bmobile AX823
Bmobile AX685

Atilla X
Atilla Mate Pro

Advan i5C
Advan S7D

Brightstar Avvio L660

Qnet Macro M6

Sugar C7

Sico Plus 2

Digiland DL1016

Zenek Pinguino Z5519

Masstel Juno Q5 Plus

Gionee GN5001S
Gionee A1 Lite
Gionee M5 Lite
Gionee F103
Gionee P2S
Gionee P3S (Pioneer)
Gionee P5 Mini
Gionee P5L
Gionee P5W
Gionee P7 Max
Gionee S6s
Gionee X1
Gionee X1s

Sunny SS4G1 Luna

Amgoo AM530

Evertek V6

Evercross A75L


Cubot R9
Cubot Note Plus
Cubot J3
Cubot Magic
Cubot Rainbow

Vodafone VFD 320
Vodafone VF-795

Allview X3 Soul Lite
Allview P5 Lite
Allview A5 Easy
Allview A10 Plus
Allview A5 Ready
Allview A9 Lite
Allview C6 Duo
Allview P41 eMagic
Allview P6 Lite
Allview P9 Energy S

Philips V377
Philips S309

Sansui Switch

Huangmi M5

CZelectronic Mint Orion

Ergo A502 Aurum
Ergo B506 Intro

Teksun AllCall S1 X

Beeline A451


Azumi IRO A5 Q
Azumi Kirei A5Q plus

Seatel V8A

Homtom C2
Homtom HT30

Ekophone Sage4

Starlight Star Plus

Karbonn Aura Note 4G
Karbonn K9 Smart 4G
Karbonn K9 VIRAAT 4G

MobiWire Halona

Orange Dive 30

Bravis A512 Harmony Pro

Tambo TA-1

StarMobile UP Sense
StarMobile Play Lite

Mobistel Cynus E8

Accent Speed X2

O+ 360
O+ 8.91

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