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mbaye44 08-07-2018 15:12

Mtunlocker refund my monney
Hello guys

Help me about this guy
Phone Number: +880 1819-862558
Name: Mehedihassan
I send him $2340 for icloud 48h service and 10 days now just 1 imei done and like customers paid for fast service they request cancel and refund
I need my 2040$ to be refunded

mickrg123 08-07-2018 15:44

Hey Mod help get our money back. This cheater >>>mehedihassan Has not unlocked or refunded 10 unlocks. He refused to refund after 10 days now!
You still let him post on your website as legit unlocker.

mbaye44 08-11-2018 15:21

Still waiting reply from mtunlocker

~Leo~ 08-12-2018 17:07

please confirm refund and update this thread

mickrg123 08-13-2018 00:19

Still owes $1600 over 20 days not one dollar refunded

mbaye44 08-13-2018 15:01

Still not get refund,he would send $1k advance and accept but he want sent via paypal,I sent him 2 payments via netteller and skrill so i need refund via netteller or skrill

mickrg123 08-14-2018 11:44

I recieved $300 refund today.

mbaye44 08-15-2018 17:51

why mtunlocker not reply on this thread and refund my monney

OfficialEU 08-16-2018 16:28

I think you should post more proofs, like photos of chatting, payment documents and etc. TO show how much he owns and how much he paid already.

mbaye44 08-16-2018 16:54


Originally Posted by OfficialEU (Post 13271838)
I think you should post more proofs, like photos of chatting, payment documents and etc. TO show how much he owns and how much he paid already.

Ok i post all chats and payments
Till now i get nothing of refund or advance like he promised

::. zine .:: 08-17-2018 09:35

hi,i think he used your money for other thing be patient i see that he pay you by part

mickrg123 08-17-2018 12:21

This guy is pure scammer, He sent me small refund (after asking for 20 days) if I would post here about refund.

Said he would send rest of funds soon

Now he is saying he will not refund because the person he used to take Skrill payments had his account suspended

MTUnlocker is telling ME to fix the Skrill problem before he will refund rest of my funds

He thinks anyone can call Skrill andf have a Skrill account suspended. Which everyone knows is impossible.

MT Unlocker does not have a Skrill or PayPal account of his own

Admin help me and others get our funds back!

mickrg123 08-17-2018 12:22


Originally Posted by ::. Zine .:: (Post 13272849)
hi,i think he used your money for other thing be patient i see that he pay you by part

that is scamming when not refunding

mbaye44 08-17-2018 20:05

Proof of chats here
I dont know how to uplaod picture of payments and chats here
[04/08/2018 11:13:29] Ibra Niass: Bro how long you telling to wait more ?
[04/08/2018 11:13:33] Ibra Niass: Really I am now in bad situation
[04/08/2018 11:13:50] Ibra Niass: I know you are very trusted persons
[04/08/2018 11:40:23] Mehedihassan: Yes you are right
[04/08/2018 11:42:01] Ibra Niass: Forever relation insha allah, I am always with you
[04/08/2018 11:54:49] Ibra Niass: I refund crazy customer
[04/08/2018 11:56:03] Ibra Niass: him he tired me All time he call me 1-2 minute
[04/08/2018 14:24:42] Mehedihassan: Why
[04/08/2018 14:24:56] Mehedihassan: I told I will arrange money then sent u
[04/08/2018 14:25:00] Mehedihassan: Now can’t sent
[04/08/2018 14:25:03] Mehedihassan: Pls wait
[04/08/2018 14:26:13] Ibra Niass: I am very patient today it is 7 days
[04/08/2018 14:26:22] Mehedihassan: I understand
[04/08/2018 14:27:59] Ibra Niass: the money is not me I for the client if it was me I waited until Done no problem but it had to understand that
[04/08/2018 14:29:03] Ibra Niass: I have to pay off today i've can more wait sorry
[04/08/2018 14:31:03] Ibra Niass: you you not understand what situation I think you'll with the client
[04/08/2018 14:34:20] Ibra Niass: I know you well your service always works if you want to pay me back not even 10 minutes you do it
[04/08/2018 16:40:03] Mehedihassan: When arranged will sent u
[05/08/2018 08:26:16] Mehedihassan: You posting in group
[05/08/2018 08:26:26] Mehedihassan: What you think by group post you get refund
[05/08/2018 08:26:30] Mehedihassan: ?
[05/08/2018 08:26:45] Mehedihassan: You just losing my reputation
[05/08/2018 08:27:15] Mehedihassan: Just delit your post from group and wait for refund
[05/08/2018 08:27:26] Ibra Niass: Refund my money
[05/08/2018 08:27:27] Mehedihassan: If you again do I m helpless
[05/08/2018 08:29:37] Ibra Niass: why do you refuse to refund my money
[05/08/2018 08:29:57] Mehedihassan: Not have money told u
[05/08/2018 08:30:04] Mehedihassan: All money locked with my source
[05/08/2018 08:30:25] Mehedihassan: Just delit post from group and wait for refund
[05/08/2018 08:30:34] Mehedihassan: Don’t loss my reputation

GSMman187 08-19-2018 09:39

Ive known this guy for a long time. Hes not a noob here as some guys are thinking. Hes been around long time and he is trusted 100% -
However hes having some difficulty now as some "source" cheated with him and hes exhausted all his funds..

Be patient as i belive he will pay everyone back as soon as he gets money .

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