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Jilani001 02-15-2010 09:15

Which the best tool of samsung z3x or nspro
which the best tool of samsung z3x or nspro

z3x support model :


-only our device allows to flash russian, polish, bulgarian in the next models: Z100, z105, z107, z110, z130, z140, z150, z170, z230, z240, z300, z310, z320, z330, z350, z360, z370, z400, z500, z510, z520, z540, z550, z560, z600, z620, z630, z650, z700, z710, z720, zv10, zv30, zv40, zv50, zm60, zx10, zx20 (a list is constantly filled up)

-supported models:705sc, 706sc, 707sc, 708sc, 709sc, 805sc, 821sc, a411, a551,a701, a707,a711, a717, a727, a737,a801, f330, f400, f480, f490, f700, g800, g800l,g808, j200, j630, l170, l400, l760, l760g, l768, p910, p920, p940, t639, u700, u700b, u708, u900, z100, z105, z107, z110, z130, z140, z150, z170, z230, z240, z240e, z248, z300, z360, z370, z400, z500, z540, z548, z560, z620, z630, z650, z710, z720, z720m, z728, zv10, zv30, zv40, zv50, zv60

2g models: a117 a127 a137 a226 a227 a237 a401 b100 b100i b110 b130 b130s b200 b208 b2100 b220 b228 b270 b2700 b300 b308 b310 b318 b320 b320r b328 b460 b500 b508 b510 b518 b520 b520b b520v b528 b528b b5702_m b5702_s b5712_m b5712_s c120 c128 c130 c130b c140 c158 c160 c160b c168 c170 c178 c180 c200 c208 c210 c218 c230 c238 c240 c240l c250 c258 c260 c260b c268 c270 c300 c300b c3010 c3050 c308 c3110 c3510 c400 c450 c458 c520 c5212_m c5212_s c5220 c528 d410 d500 d500e d508 d510 d520 d528 d600 d600e d608 d610 d618 d780_m d780_s d800 d800n d808 d820 d828 d830 d838 d840 d848 d880_m d880_s d900 d900i d908 d908i d980_m d980_s e100 e1070 e1070m e1070t e108 e1100 e1100t e1110 e1117 e1120 e1125 e116 e1210b e1210m e1210s e1310b e1310m e1310s e1360b e1360m e1360s e1410 e200 e208 e210 e2100 e215 e218 e2210 e250 e250d e250i e251 e2510 e258 e258d e330 e330n e335 e338 e340 e348 e350 e358 e360 e368 e370 e370l e378 e380 e388 e390 e398 e420 e428 e480 e488 e490 e498 e500 e508 e530 e570 e578 e590 e598 e630 e638 e640 e648 e690 e698 e720 e728 e730 e738 e740 e748 e750 e758 e760 e768 e770 e778 e780 e788 e790 e800 e820 e830 e838 e840 e840b e848 e890 e898 e900 e908 e950 e958 f110 f118 f150 f158 f200 f208 f210 f218 f250 f258 f270 f300 f300b g600 g608 i710 i718 i740 j150 j158 j160 j165l j210 j218 j400 j408 j600 j600e j600g j608 j610 j618 j700 j700i j706 j708 j750 j758 j770 j778 j800 l250 l258 l310 l318 l320 l328 l600 l608 l700 l750 l758 l770 m110 m120 m130 m140 m150 m158 m200 m208 m2510 m2710 m300 m308 m310 m318 m3200 m3510 m600 m608 m610 m618 m620 m628 p180 p200 p220 p240 p270 p300 p310 p318 p520 p528 p850 s3030 s3110 s3310 s3500 s3600 s401i s501i s5050 s5200 s720i s730i s9402_m s9402_s t219 t329 t409 t419 t439 t459 t509 t519 t539 t609 t619 t629 t639 t649 t719 t729 t739 t809 u100 u108 u300 u308 u600 u600b u600g u608 u608b u608g x100 x140 x150 x160 x160b x168 x168b x200 x208 x210 x218 x300 x308 x460 x461 x480 x481 x490 x500 x508 x510 x518 x520 x520b x528 x530 x540 x550 x600 x620 x630 x638 x640 x650 x660 x668 x670 x678 x680 x680n x688 x690 x700 x708 x800 x808 x810 x818 x820 x828 x830 x830n x838

3g models:705sc 706sc 707sc/707sc2 708sc 709sc 730sc 731sc 805sc 820sc 821sc 920sc 930sc 931sc a411 a412 a501 a551 a561 a637 a701 a706 a707 a711 a717 a727 a736 a737 a747 a747n a767 a777 a801 a811 a821 a837 f330 f400 f480 f490 f700 g400/g400f g800/g800l g808 j200 j630 l170 l400 l760/l760g l768 l770v l810 l811 m7500 m7600 m8800 p910 p920 p930 p940 p960 s5600 s5603 s7220 s7330 s7350 s8300 t639 t819 t919 t929 u700/u708 u700b u800/u800f u900/u900u z100 z105 z107 z110 z130 z140 z150 z170 z230 z240 z240e z248 z300 z310 z360 z370 z400 z500 z510 z540 z548 z560 z620 z630 z650 z710 z720/z720m z728 z810 zv10 zv30 zv40 zv50 zv60

package content:
- z3x usb box
- free software update, free acces to support download (fast server, total about 100gbt -> every day upload new files )
- samsung cable sets 22pcs: D800, z500, e810, e860, z320i, e530, e700, d720, d500, z105, s100 v804, x540, e210, lg 7050, c140, c160, c180, c260, c450, j750

nspro support model :


a117, a127, a137, a177, a237, a256, a257, a401, a411, a412, a436, a437, a501, a516, a517, a637, a657, a701, a706, a707, a707c, a711, a717, a727, a736, a737, a747, a766, a767, a777, a800, a837, a867, a877, a887, a897, b100, b100i, b110, b110l, b130, b130s, b200, b210, b220, b270, b270i, b300, b310, b320, b460, b500, b510, b520, b2100, b2700, b3210, b3310, b3410, b5702, b7300, b7320, b7610, b7620, c100, c108, c110, c120, c130, c140, c160, c160l, c160m, c161, c166, c170, c180, c188, c200, c210, c216, c225, c230, c240, c250, c260, c260b, c266, c270, c275, c280, c300, c400, c417, c420l, c426, c450, c500, c506, c520, c3010, c3110, c3050, c3060, c3212, c5212, c5220, c5510, c6620, c6625, d100, d307, d347, d357, d407, d410, d415, d428, d488, d500, d500e, d508, d510, d520, d550, d600, d606, d610, d710, d720, d730, d780, d800, d807, d820, d830, d840, d880, d900, d900e, d900i, d980, e100, e105, e116, e200, e200e, e210, e215, e217, e230l, e236, e250, e250d, e250i, e250v, e251, e300, e310, e315, e316, e317, e318, e320, e330, e335, e340, e350, e356, e360, e370, e380, e390, e400, e418, e420, e480, e490, e500, e530, e560, e570, e590, e600, e610, e620, e630, e635, e640, e650, e690, e700, e710, e715, e720, e730, e740, e746, e750, e760, e770, e780, e790, e800, e810, e820, e830, e840, e850, e860, e870, e880, e890, e900, e910, e950, e1070, e1075, e1080, e1080t, e1085, e1100, e1100t, e1105t, e1110, e1117, e1120, e1125, e1130, e1150, e1160, e1210s, e1310, e1310m, e1360b, e1410, e2100b, e2120, e2130, e2210b, e2510, f110, f200, f210, f250, f265l, f266, f275, f300, f330, f400, f480, f480i, f480l, f490, f700, g400, g600, g800, g810, i200, i300, i300x, i310, i320, i450, i505, i550, i560, i600, i607, i617, i627, i637, i700, i750, i780, i900, i907, i6220, i6410, i7500, i8000, i8320, i8510, i8910, j150, j165l, j200, j210, j400, j600, j610, j630, j700, j700i, j750, j770, j800, l170, l310, l400, l600, l700, l760, l770, l770v, l810, m110, m130l, m140, m150, m200, m300, m310, m600, m610, m620, m2310, m2510, m2513, m2710, m3200, m3510, m7500, m7600, m8800, n700, n710, p100, p180, p200, p207, p220, p250, p260, p300, p310, p400, p510, p518, p520, p705, p710, p720, p730, p735, p738, p777, p850, p900, p906, p910, p920, p960, s100, s105, s200, s300, s300m, s341i, s342i, s400i, s401i, s410i, s500, s500i, s501i, s720i, s730i, s3030, s3100, s3110, s3310, s3500, s3500i, s3600, s3650, s5050, s5200, s5230, s5230w, s5233, s5233a, s5233s, s5510, s5600, s5600t, s5600v, s6700, s6700t, s7220, s7330, s7350, s8300, t100, t108, t109, t119, t209, t219, t219s, t229, t239, t309, t319, t329, t339, t349, t429, t459, t469, t509, t609, t619, t629, t519, t539, t559, t639, t649, t659, t719, t729, t749, t809, t819, t919, t929, u100, u300, u600, u600b, u600g, u700, u700b, u800, u900, u900l, v100, v200, v820l, x100, x105, x120, x138, x140, x150, x156, x160, x160b, x200, x210, x300, x400, x426, x427, x430, x450, x460, x461, x466, x475, x478, x480, x481, x486, x490, x495, x497, x500, x507, x510, x520, x530, x540, x550, x566, x576, x600, x610, x620, x630, x636, x640, x650, x660, x670, x680, x680n, x700, x770, x800, x810, x820, x830, x830n, x836, x900, z100, z105, z107, z110, z130, z140, z150, z170, z230, z240, z240e, z300, z310, z320, z330, z350, z360, z370, z400, z500, z510, z520, z540, z550, z560, z600, z620, z630, z650i, z700, z710, z720, z720m, zv10, zv30, zv40, zv50, zv60, zm60, zx10, zx20,

DARIFBS 02-15-2010 09:27

here the answer

Poll: Best Box for Samsung year 2009

Poll: The BesTe Samsung boX ???

now z3x the best samsung tool

marvin03 02-15-2010 09:32

no need now to compare this two box this two pools above confirm the best samsung box....

ernz 02-15-2010 23:39

z3x is the beSt SamsUng box...........

Quect 02-19-2010 11:51

At present the best z3x!

gsmalaa 02-19-2010 12:04

z3x the best samsung tool 2009 /2010

...:::::NP™:::::... 02-19-2010 12:22

I Think Nspro Best Tools For Samsung

powerplay83 02-19-2010 12:48

z3x is the best tool for samsung...

ranagaurav 02-21-2010 11:14

forget nspro use and enjoy with z3x box

tahir-khan 02-21-2010 12:43

z3x no doubt.....


GSMman187 02-22-2010 03:19

both !!!

but if u choose only one id have to run with z3x at this moment

sharif28 02-22-2010 09:13

nspro+ z3x both need for smsung

saipuddin 02-22-2010 09:15

z3x box is the best box for samsung because of fast update and free:D

Bernie 02-22-2010 19:15

And why do you need NSPRO ?



Originally Posted by sharif28 (Post 5464575)
nspro+ z3x both need for smsung

KG-GSM 02-23-2010 17:01

Z3X Box no doubt, best support, great updates , always in time.


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