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emix 10-20-2001 04:20

8250 lost signal after upgrade with dejan 104
who could help me i upgraded a 8250 with the dejan 1.04 box from ver 3.18 to 3.20 and lost its signal after which i returned to ver 3.18 but now no more signal...............

any suggestions dejan ownwers?

[email protected]

d_bug 10-20-2001 04:51

Gre3tz brother,

Try nokia tool and do a reset, BUT BE XTRA CAREFUL, better if u have the full back-up. i have this problem before with upgraded 6150 with f*ckd security code and real bad DSP and can't even make a call but thanx to this tool, it does the bashing. hehe!<br />regards,<br />d_bug

emix 10-20-2001 05:20

i have tried that solution already. i used nokia tool on smc,ui settings and sms data still no success. signal appears on the screen after which drops after 5 seconds?????????

jonwillow 10-21-2001 12:05

You needed reset phone with wintesla.[100% worked solution.]<br />

emix 10-24-2001 17:15

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emix 10-24-2001 17:17

what kind of wintesla the new one??6.05? have you tried this solution before? i used nokiatool to reset ui settings ang sms data [quote] <hr></blockquote>

X-Shadow 10-24-2001 18:34

Hello Emix,

My guess is that your phone has been "Accidentally<br />Tampered" while the Dejan 1.04 was updating the<br />EEPROM. Does your phone reboot after a while?<br />If so, then I am sure that it is tampered (and you<br />know this right? <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> ) If your phone does not<br />reboot, it could be a hardware problem which <br />coincidentally was only matured after the phone<br />was upgraded to a higher version.

WinTesla versions does not matter at all if you<br />don't possess an activated PKD-1. If your WinTesla<br />is cracked, is will always use same old cracked<br />NSE dlls via tesla.ini trick, this wont really<br />help when you try to tune the RX TX.

NokiaTool Factory defaults cannot help much in<br />this problem too...

Try to downgrade the phone to the lowest version<br />you have and see what happens <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> Good luck!

B.R.<br />X-Shadow

emix 10-25-2001 03:56

i have tried to downgrade the phone still no signal. it could not be a hardwre problem because before it was upgraded it was still working. iv tried the nokiatool and the wintesla method so far no solution yet.......


X-Shadow 10-25-2001 07:19


Like I said, "it could be a hardware failure that<br />was only matured coincidentally after upgrading"..<br />The upgrading may/or may not have caused the <br />failure but it was just very timely and coinciden-<br />tal <img src="smile.gif" border="0">


emix 10-28-2001 06:03

it could not be a coincidence because it happend to two 8250 all working before it was upgraded the other one the language pack was only changed i did not upgrade the software? have anybody encountered this yet?

[ 28 October 2001: Message edited by: emix ]</p>

*ICE* 10-28-2001 06:42

i have encountered your prob before. but in my case is there is no keypad tones when searching for network and there is no network. or only the operator logo without any signal bar. in my case i unlock my phone again. something like calculating the cobba id and flash id. i dunno how u ppl do it but it does work for me.

emix 10-28-2001 17:47

"something like calculating the cobba id and flash id. i dunno how u ppl do it but it does work for me. " <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

how did you do it? did the signal return to normal after unlock?

[ 28 October 2001: Message edited by: emix ]</p>

kingbode 10-28-2001 18:26

I wish that you could help your roblem but easily you can get back to the 8250 v3.18 that you start upgrade from...and you may need to compare the MCU of the newer 8250 with a standard Firmware..<br />I wish I could help ...and by the way I have a 8250 v3.18 in contact sevice can you send me your 8250 v3.18...I will be appreciated to you so much..

bluelights 10-28-2001 22:11


i have wintesla running with pkd dongle

whenever i try to tune rx etc i get error unkown pci ? ? ? ?? ?

do u know what this is ?

thanx<br />nick

emix 10-29-2001 05:43

how true is that that the phone sould not be unlocked to change the language pack or else this might happen??????

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