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luuk 03-21-2000 17:32

My 5110 v5.11 have a strange error.., it resets it self every 60second
can anyone help me please?..i've only removed lock1 and activated the net monitor.., but now i've disabled the netmonitor..and it's still the same..!

KingOfKingston 03-21-2000 20:09

Try running nokall.exe on it.

R U sure you didn't try changing the imei or flashing the phone in any way? because doing that without a tdf-4 results in the symptoms you are describing.

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speed 03-22-2000 03:36

What soft do you have to change IMEI?

luuk 03-22-2000 17:07

No i don't think so.. (i think..) can i fix this..?, must i reprogram the eeprom?..can u please tell me?
In that case.., where can i find 5110 eeprom v5.11?

X-Shadow 03-22-2000 18:21

Hello guys,

Don't try to reprogram EEPROM, it will not
fix problem because EEPROM is protected by
many checksums. An EEPROM from a different
unit will also not work even if EEPROM is
also 5.11

I think you can try using your phone with
WinTesla and Try restoring all to factory
defaults. If this still not fix your problem
then maybe you should go to service center.

IMEI cannot be changed easily by an ordinary
cable and software. However, I know that a
software exists by cable that can load PPM
to Nokia phones without Nokia Boxes. But
I do not have it. I still cant change
IMEI via cable, so you guys are not alone...
I've been searching for this software for
years now, still nothing

Best Regards,

KingOfKingston 03-22-2000 20:01


Trying to reset everything to factory defaults using wintesla is a good suggestion.

It's true u cannot change imei by cable alone, and doing that or reflashing your phone probably won't fix this problem.

Senior Members have you got any ideas???

K of K

luuk 03-22-2000 22:23

i've found a eeprom file on the net.. and i've done a IMEI change successful with the USPU4.0!, but when i wrote it back to the phone...all locks are closed and i can't open these!.. (probably becaue of the demo version?).., well..i've found a crack for this program but when i tried to run it (My OS=Win98SE).., runtime error or something like that..!.., does anyone has a keyfile for this program?!, please help me!

is it possible that i can program my 5110 v5.11 with a v5.24 eeprom-file or newer??

hastalavista!, and thanx for the previus answer!

KingOfKingston 03-23-2000 00:41

Hey luuk,

Have got your phone working again? can you make calls? Let us know.

I have seen two keygens for USPU4.0 but niether of them work. The prog still has demo version at the top of the screen, even though the Help|About displays a registered version.

P.S. did you use an eeprom programmer (hardware) with USPU?


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luuk 03-23-2000 01:16 seems that my eeprom-file is useless.., it refuse to find any (whats that word in english..?) operators..?.. after i changed IMEI..

The hex-file that i found on the net is protected with all four locks!, and no one is able to open..!, the other eeprom files i have is too small..!? only 2KB.. usually it's 6KB..

i can't get my phone working until i get a correct hex-file!

u have ICQ KOK?

mine is 1057686.., kinda slow to chat in this place

koloksky 03-23-2000 16:02

hi luuk,

have u tried winlock1.1? my first phone 5110 ver 5.11 was unlocked using this soft (lock 1:????? and lock 4:????????)and works fine.

why change IMEI? Maybe you should restore your original IMEI. I encountered corrupted 5110 IMEI (doesn't detect any network) and fixed it using Nokia IMEI changer (eeprom). You could also use Wintesla6.03 to check IMEI if ok. (phone is from custormer, my suspicion is that he f***ed up his phone experiments. His phone IMEI contains some ASCII crap!).


Bph&co 03-23-2000 19:28

Hi luuk,
Looking for other hex file for the serial
is useless. Everybody in this forum using
the word 'check sum' protected.
Thats not correct and that make us so many
problems. Some parts of the program are 'CRC'
protected. CRC means - Cyclic Redundancy Check. Thats the think that you cant change
with simple calculations.
If you ever cheked what IMEI5161 or other
programs are trying to do is to - change the
IMEI and keep the same or acceptable checksum
value. That is the way they never work.
If you change IMEI like this you can see that the phone is seems to be workin' but can't
log to the network. Run the WinTesla and test
transmiter and receiver. You can't get RSSI value out(Receive Strenght Signal Indicator).
CPU in the phone reads the checksum - OK, but
the CRC value is different and barr the receiver.
Luuk if you can make HEX calculations and if you have good EEPROM programer you
can restore your phone manualy.

luuk 03-23-2000 20:09

Thanx for the answer..!

nope i can't manually do a working checksum.. (don't know how to do that..), can i copy another working imei-hex-file from a phone with the same version and copy into my phone? without getting problems when connecting to the net? (duplicate IMEI)

I have a eeprom pack with many eeprom from different version.. , but they are only 2KB..? u know how to use these?

Where can i learn how to do a valid checksum? ..please tell me!

my hope stands on ur shoulders

KingOfKingston 03-23-2000 21:01

Is there any way for luuk to reset his imei atc. to default factory settings through Wintesla, I know someone who does this, using a clip i thnk?, but he won't tell me how it is done. If we can do that it will solve the problem.

p.s. i dont have icq, yet.

K Of K

Bph&co 03-24-2000 00:00

Hi luuk,
I don't know which program you used, but
you can try this. Get another Nokia with the
same SW. Read the eeprom and make a back-up.
After that run the same program on the phone.
Read the eeprom again and compare the both
files. You'll find which fields are changed
in your first phone.
So read you 'bad' phone and try to change them to get your phone log to the network
But I think you have to use Wintesla and
try restore 'defaults ' if you get 'Contact
Service' message.
Hard job, no doubt.

Wish you luck


jonas18z 03-24-2000 08:55

What's is a good eeprom-programmer?

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