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Jefferson 05-17-1999 17:54

New Nokia Software!!!!!!!

New Service SW version 2.41 has been released for NSE-1/3, NSK-1/3, NSB-1/3, NSM-1, NSE-6 products.

Note 1: You cannot use DLL version 2.41 before WT version 6.03 or later is installed.

This release of the WinTesla DLL is Y2K compliant

Changes made from version 2.05 to version 2.41:

- NT flashing support added.
- LCD contrast tuning support added for Philips LCD.
- Latest driver versions included.
- Help updated.
- Power level check in TX Power level tuning dialog fixed.
- POS Flash support with FLS-1 dongle.
- Flash menu item moved to Dealer menu.
- Added MCU SW version information into sefl-test dialog.
- Added Self-test check after flashing. Following tests are checked;
MCU ROM Checksum, PPM Checksum, PPM Validity and MCU SW Version.
- When flashing dialogs are closed phone is scanned for possible menu change.
- Warranty Date can be also changed with PKD-1 dongle.
- Product codes are updated in TESLA.INI.
- Band change problem is fixed.
- RF Information dialog shows now frequency of the band.
- Tuning problems fixed when it is started from normal mode.
- If TX Power tuning fails to start with EEPROM values, user may continue with factory values.
- Dealer dongle (PKD-1D) specific menu added.
- Call simulation improved.
- Self test result reading improved.
- Installing software improved.
- IWR Swap menu item added to Dealer menu.
- Added Check button to Flash dialog. Used when several phones are flashed without closing dialog.
- Fixed shortcut in Production Data edit.
- Phone Identity Information dialog (if open) is now updated also in Production Data Edit, Phone Identity and dialogs.
- WT Informs user now betters, if (s)he has changed phone without rescan (when change is not allowed).
- Support for saving/loading more VAS settings
- NSE-6 label printing corrected.

Senior 05-17-1999 22:45

Is this software somewhere available
to download?

Jefferson 05-18-1999 15:59

Yes on
but you need a login and pass

if i get it i send a new posting!!!


Mr T 05-22-1999 02:21

Hey, that's not fair!

There are many people that just use Wintesla for playing a little around with the phone, but there are still people like Jefferson, who know what to do with it! And there will always be hackers, who are able to crack the soft! You should not cuss on those people but be thankfull if they help you with a poblem.
Everyone who plays with his/her phone will get a problem, too!


LaurentF 05-22-1999 07:12

Great !

But ... what i will be able to do with it ? see the RX and TX levels ??? great !!! This phones are more and more protected against (poor ?) hackers. We aren't able to reset locks on 5110 and 6110 at the current versions with WT5.3X
I simply imagine the softs on phone more protected and soft to repare them more non-hackable.
Only labs will be soon able to hack them ( and sell the solution).

Ian 05-23-1999 01:13

Yes , I agree with you. We need to support Jefferson.

Jefferson 05-23-1999 17:23

Hi Mr ******tF

Well i see you know something about AFC Tuneing and RSSI reading's and all that funny games you can play with this nice pc-game called Wintesla ;-)

So, i think you can belive me if i told you, you can get more than (how you called it: RX/TX levels)becouse i use this funny game every day to repair the mobiles.

so on belive your self and best regards

LaurentF 05-25-1999 23:13

Hi all,
May be something like a mistake ?
My english writting is not the better,
please consider this aspect, I'm French.
So , I have , like other Guys in my country a big problem with Nokia 5110 level 1 and 2 locked.
I Read tons of Forums, post messages ( Jefferson inclued) without any practical response on how to resolve this PB.
My conclusion is in two points:

* There is a market concerning Gsm hacking, where guys make money .
Perhaps we can find tools but whe have to pay for them !

* Software downloaded from freegsm sites are unable to resolve our current problem, often contain viruses or are simply jokes !

In this situation I'm not sure that WT 6.xx
can solve anymore....

There was a good idea to make an HOWTO about this soft but unusable...

So that's all, I 'm sure Jeff and other are good guys but I have still my problem like some others and I'm not sure the next version of any soft will be the solution.


Jefferson 06-01-1999 20:07

well well

wintesla is not for opening (closing)Locks!!!

for the lock prob you have to use WINLOCK!!!
this is the stuff what the providers use to
make this locks.

for opening lock 1 and 4 you just have to
read and know somthing of dumps.

but the gid prob goes a bit deeper on the
cobba ( it's not only a audio chip )
it's also a flash and asic.

i just know the metode of using the right counting dongle and the security box from nokia to do this job.

best regards

LaurentF 06-03-1999 23:04

You win !
But I was looking for WT expecting find a solution for flashing a correct ( unlocked) code.
BTW I'm also a developper and working on cracking WT and loader, for free !


reemas 04-30-2010 21:23

pls guide me where do i find all latest flash files

calhinha 05-22-2010 15:46

LAST FLASHFILES all models version and operateurs

Originally Posted by reemas (Post 5783111)
pls guide me where do i find all latest flash files

Last flashfiles hear all models ,versions and operateurs in all world

The download of all flashfiles are free

calhinha 05-22-2010 15:47

sorry spam
Nokia Legacy Phones ( DCT-1 , DCT-2 , DCT-3 , DCT-L ) Nokia Legacy Models Like 1011, 1610, 211x, 2x20, 6050, 3110, 8110, NKxxx , 2100, 3210, 3310, 3330, 3410, 5110, 5210, 5510, 6110, 6150, 6210, 6250, 7110, 8210, 8250, 8850 also 9110 & 9210

Sorry the spam i dont see that you talking about

Nokia Legacy Phones ( DCT-1 , DCT-2 , DCT-3 , DCT-L ) Nokia Legacy Models Like 1011, 1610, 211x, 2x20, 6050, 3110, 8110, NKxxx , 2100, 3210, 3310, 3330, 3410, 5110, 5210, 5510, 6110, 6150, 6210, 6250, 7110, 8210, 8250, 8850 also 9110 & 9210

calhinha 05-22-2010 15:51

Download Nokia DCT-4, DCT-3, WD2 Flash files
Download Nokia DCT-4, DCT-3, WD2 Flash files
download here :

wahab4it 05-29-2010 06:41

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Appreciated for this opinion.

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