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Ju& 02-25-2002 12:40

Nk Calc NOT work on NSM-3D with wrong IMEI

I tried this sw:

-Only works with old mbus cable.<br />-Run WIN in Safe Mode.

I tested on N8250 NSM-3D v3.08 lp:J in C.S. with IMEI(0000../6565..)

F2--&gt; read IMEI(0000../6565..), and product code(000000)and ask for new IMEI.<br />I put original IMEI, and it says "Updating phone Imei. Done"

But still in C.S. <img src="frown.gif" border="0"> <br />Any idea what happens with this phone??<br />Product Code=000000 is the reason? how to change?

Also I try to upgrade mcu+ppm and all goes good, but still bad IMEI..

Any help aprecciated,

Regards,<br />Ju&

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AboAli 02-25-2002 12:55

check ur cobba IC, ?!

BR<br />AboAli

Ju& 02-25-2002 13:05

@AboAli: Cobba IC is fine.

This phone worked fine first. <br />IMEI was wrong after flashing with NSM-3 mcu+ppm(N8210).

No HW change. IC is good.

Regards,<br />Ju&

P.S.: I'm still thinking in Product Code (000000). Any way to change it??

AboAli 02-25-2002 13:24

try to flash ur Nk Phone with any Full flash - <img src="wink.gif" border="0"> - 20000-40000 of 8250 Set. then Post the Results.

BR<br />AboAli

vato 02-25-2002 13:45

Get any other nsm3d, working unit,, read all eprom from:003D0000-00400000, then save and upload with dejan to your other nsm3d imei 65656565....<br />then upgrade mcu-ppm,,,,run it on Nk-calc.and change original IMEI or whatever,, phone working fine ah?????

Ju& 02-25-2002 13:54

@AboAli: I flash the phone with Dejan (MCU: v3.08 PPM: J).

1st step(erasing+flashing)--&gt;good.<br />2nd step(upgrading e2p)--&gt;read wrong IMEI(00../65..) and says E2p updated.(Done!)

But phone still in C.S. and readed with "Nt034" says:

Bad 2 IMEI's + 4 locks closed(EE../FF..)

@Vato: Havent other NSM-3D phone. Anyone have E2p dump of one working piece?

Regards,<br />Ju&

P.S.: No ones knows nothing about modifying Product Code (000000)?

AboAli 02-25-2002 13:58

will send u full flash of 8250<br />check ur mail.<br />upload this using flasher cables by dejan 1.0b or rolis<br />then Post the results

<br />first give me ur email

BR<br />AboAli

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Ju& 02-25-2002 15:15

@AboAli: Finally success!! Results:

Recieved full flash of NSM-3D phone(IMEI ended in ..2065, original target IMEI ended in ..3664) from 200k to 400k:

200k-3D0k: MCU+PPM (v3.20, lp:J)<br />3D0k-400k: Emulated E2p (only lock1 closed, IMEI ended in ..2065)

After flashing target NSM-3D phone with this full flash(200k-400k) with Dejan v1.0:

-W/O SIM: Swichs on ("Insert SIM Card") <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> <br />-W SIM: Lock1 closed--&gt;(unlocking as usual)--&gt; No network.

I used Nk_Calc to update Cobba ID CHK but NO success, still no network.

So, I use Dejan v.105 to flash mcu+ppm(200k-3D0k)from a v3.08 file. 2nd step(Updating E2p success).<br />But still NO network.

At this point:<br />-Original IMEI: ..3664<br />-IMEI: ..2065

I used Nk_Calc to change IMEI to ..2065(F2) and Calc Flash data(F1).

After this, phone GETS network.

Tx for help,

Regards,<br />Ju&

Ju& 02-25-2002 15:35


Just one question more..

This model NSM-3D is for Asian Market, so none European language is included.

Is there any posibility to edit flash data(MCU and try to translate it and recalculate all CHK like in Alcatel..), or just to made an own made PPM with the same info like Asian PPM's but in different language.

Aprecciated any info about PPM checksums and fields sizes, just to try to make my own PPM pack.

Regards,<br />Ju&

AboAli 02-25-2002 16:56


Uve to read carefully the Nk_calculator , <br />and check the uses of functions F1,2 and F3

<br />BR<br />aboAli.

ilfornokillah 02-26-2002 11:05

@AboAli<br />Please can you sent me the Full Flash of the Nokia8250?<br />Mail to:[email protected]

realcool 02-28-2002 07:48

Please send me the Full Flash of the Nokia8250


cab 02-28-2002 08:48

hi AboAli,

Please send me the full flash of 8250.


ilfornokillah 02-28-2002 17:32

Can somebody upload Full 8250 Flash??
Can anybody do this ???

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