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SHAHID99 09-11-2008 08:45

6500 classsic not charging
I have 6500 clasic working all o.k. Except charging i replaced the charging connector strip(usb type )but same problem i dont have schematic and dont know where charging circuit and i.c. Is pls anyone help in this regard thanx

robinsjohn 09-11-2008 09:07

u change charging iic

ucokmonalisa 09-11-2008 10:14

try change
-conector charger

or try here

Nokia 8600 Luna USB charging
OK guys here is some more technical details on USB charging issues for Nokia 8600 Luna:

- after USB charging specification device is not allowed to draw power from the USB bus if PC suspends the bus. So when you connect USB, there is a little communication going on between PC and Nokia 8600 Luna. That's why you see the initiating of charging. But then the charging stops -> this is because there was no data exchanged between the device and PC and PC decided to suspend device to save power.

- USB charging in Nokia 8600 Luna (charging from the PC's USB port) was not designed as a full charging solution. It is done in order to support the battery power when phone is in data mode (transferring data), so that the battery does not discharge too quickly. The charge load you will get is less then 100mA.

- If the battery is completely depleted or if the phone is power off state, you won't be able to charge with USB data cable. Nokia 8600 Luna will power up, detect that this is not the AC charger and power down again. This behavior might be changed in the future SW release by allowing a limited 100mA charge load in power down state.

Please use always AC charger to charge your Nokia 8600 Luna, because the USB charging from the PC is just to support the battery when the phone is transferring data.


SHAHID99 09-11-2008 10:53


Originally Posted by robinsjohn (Post 3646996)
u change charging iic

mr .i dont have diagram dont know circuit where charging i.c. Is

Stoyan 02-24-2009 22:36

well, i have one 8600 , when i plug charger , on display start blinking always "Charging".

what this could be, any ideas?

asghar_khan870 03-23-2009 19:55

you people need to open the phone and just fix the charging ribbon properly with connectors, and then the problem will be solved. 03-23-2009 20:24

u change charging iic

hamada-almasry 03-23-2009 22:08

hamada-almasry 03-23-2009 22:11

Stoyan 03-25-2009 11:31


Originally Posted by Stoyan (Post 4188447)
well, i have one 8600 , when i plug charger , on display start blinking always "Charging".

what this could be, any ideas?

always use charger that can handle 500mA consumption.
some chinese "original" chargers can handle just 300mA.

mask22 01-26-2010 18:28

what is with this offtopic? :| i thought this is a thread for 6500 classic not slide:| so stop it!

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