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moiseszagala 02-17-2018 01:13

IMEI Cleaner
Wonder if anybody have had experience with this app that is useful to homologate IMEI:

moiseszagala 02-18-2018 00:58

they released demo!IF4yARAD!ds4zZ0...846eOI-t1LzSbc

moiseszagala 02-21-2018 22:59

Demo version 1.2c. New phone models. Now over 400+. Functionality improvements.!cUhRhDwJ!moKbYB...kHBxLB0DYe6FfA

moiseszagala 02-24-2018 03:45

Cert Maker & IMEI Cleaner v. 2.0 Demo. Includes Cert Maker demo for one model.!RVRz2BJQ!jXvbr2...qwwdUJIzom7dPg

moiseszagala 02-28-2018 04:50

New version 3.0. Includes Cert Server activation and more phones for IMEI cleaner.;d=1519712079

usage video demo:


moiseszagala 03-03-2018 23:15

Version 4.0 More phones added. Cert Service now includes QCN and EFS.!dMollALR!cFbxCw...sl9MQmtvs8IN44

moiseszagala 03-10-2018 20:38


Automatic internet updates.
More models.
Bug fixes.

moiseszagala 03-20-2018 01:55


Added more phones
Bug corrections
Added KeyID Check utility

lalparia2 03-22-2018 12:12

can you share some more details about software and link is not working

moiseszagala 03-22-2018 15:35


Originally Posted by lalparia2 (Post 13035769)
can you share some more details about software and link is not working

Sure, Cert Service & IMEI Cleaner is a double purpose tool. IMEI cleaner serves to homologate (validate) Own's phone IMEI or create a new one matching perfectly by brand/model. Some countries require IMEI to be homologated (such as Ecuador, Peru, Colombia) and in such locations IMEI should correspond completely. Not only be valid and clean but also be consistent with the geographical region and brand/model of your phone. Even if homologated IMEI is not a requirement, its always a good idea to have your IMEI match with your phone, specially if the phone is going to be taken abroad. The demo only allows to generate valid random IMEI (not branded).
Second tool is an independent license which permits you to get Samsung security certificates for different models, as well as EFS and QCN files. It also include databases with KeyID matching information to increase flexibility when looking for a difficult certificate.
Both tools regularly update automatically via internet.Latest demo is this:!5d4xTASa!IuA-aeOuN...NOZ1Cyj1sxLdUY

The tool includes website support and several tutoring videos.


moiseszagala 03-22-2018 16:15

In case of any issues (like app not opening, missing dll messages and such) you must install .NET FRAMEWORK v.4.5 from microsoft website:

moiseszagala 03-23-2018 02:26

Version Demo:!JMpjxLYK!G5Yd9h...DehEcK5K4_50mI

moiseszagala 03-25-2018 04:43


Updater experience improved.
Now updater comes in several languages.
Better response in cases of no connection with update server.

moiseszagala 03-25-2018 17:21

Version Demo

J500 open.
Soon N900.
New KeyID DataBase (now 3 in total).
Internal improvements.!ZMw2kL4L!Y5JHXD...egGiFm1gVFCEng

aliackbarr 03-25-2018 23:45

thsi is free to use? aLLAH

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