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davieb 05-25-2001 15:23

Test Card File System???
I just got a new SimCard reader today, unfortunately it won't read/write otehr cards (it's non-standard i think, so other software won't help). The software included with it allows full acces to the GSM card's file system. From what I know, the Test Card is only a normal sim with certain entries in the File System, If this is so I have a spare sim card I could experiment with!
Anyone know what these File system entries are?

davieb 05-26-2001 17:07

Found out how to do this, so if anyone else wants to know.....

[Copied from ]
The test card is not any special by itself. All the functions are carried out by the phone software, but the card act as the key that unlock these functions. The test card is an ordinary SIM with a special entry in the 6FAD file. As soon as the phone discovers that the inserted SIM card has bit seven of the first byte in the 6FAD file set (this means every value from 81-FF), it will allow you to enter test mode by holding down "#" for three seconds. Ordinary SIM cards have the entry "00 FF FF" in this field, but the test SIM has "81 FF FF" - 81 is defined in the GSM TS 11.11 as used for "Type approval".
[End Paste]

keeper7 05-26-2001 22:14

But you cannot edit this entry. You need PIN11 not PIN1. I think it is a factory code to edit sim card.

davieb 05-27-2001 15:21

Yeah, that entry is ADM locked. But with a season interface you can edit what the phone will see to be on the "card".
Since the testcard hex is actually code to emulate the real cards file serving routines I'd be interested to know how this is achieved. I have absolutley no experience in programming hex files so if anyone knows any half decent websites on the topic...
And by the way, contrary to what some believe, the tescard DOES work with new V. series phones (v50 in particular..)

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