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Old 09-17-2008, 09:41   #1 (permalink)
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All LG manual in torrent file

Al lg diagram in torrent format here

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B1200_Assembly+instructions.pdf.torrent torrent 710.0 B 2008-Sep-17
B1200_Block+diagram.pdf.torrent torrent 451.0 B 2008-Sep-17
B1200_Diagram.pdf.torrent torrent 440.0 B 2008-Sep-17 torrent 751.0 B 2008-Sep-17
B1200_TechBrief.pdf.torrent torrent 444.0 B 2008-Sep-17
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C1300i%28MG130%29_SVC_English_050511.pdf.torrent torrent 844.0 B 2008-Sep-17
C1400_Russian_Service+Manual_040714.pdf.torrent torrent 987.0 B 2008-Sep-17
C2100_SM_English_050413.pdf.torrent torrent 622.0 B 2008-Sep-17
C2100_SM_Russian_050418.pdf.torrent torrent 642.0 B 2008-Sep-17
C2200_English_SM_1008.pdf.torrent torrent 1.3 KB 2008-Sep-17
C2500_SVC_English_060215.pdf.torrent torrent 564.0 B 2008-Sep-17
C3100_SM_English_040602.pdf.torrent torrent 642.0 B 2008-Sep-17
C3300_TMD_1.1_0302.pdf.torrent torrent 692.0 B 2008-Sep-17
C3320_L342i_C2100_C3400_Reset_Problem_RUS.ppt.torr ent torrent 495.0 B 2008-Sep-17
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C3380_AINDBK.xls.torrent torrent 437.0 B 2008-Sep-17
C3380_ppt.ppt.torrent torrent 432.0 B 2008-Sep-17
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C3400_SM_English_050311.pdf.torrent torrent 742.0 B 2008-Sep-17
C3400_SM_Russia_050414.pdf.torrent torrent 740.0 B 2008-Sep-17
C3400_USB_SIB_RUS.ppt.torrent torrent 469.0 B 2008-Sep-17
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CG225_LG225+SVC_English_060307.pdf.torrent torrent 535.0 B 2008-Sep-17
Codes.txt.torrent torrent 420.0 B 2008-Sep-17
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Engineering_Mode.ppt.torrent torrent 445.0 B 2008-Sep-17
F1200_SM_Russian_050324.pdf.torrent torrent 662.0 B 2008-Sep-17
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F2200_SM_Russian_050725.pdf.torrent torrent 722.0 B 2008-Sep-17
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F7100-_Service_manual.pdf.torrent torrent 778.0 B 2008-Sep-17
F7100_sm_english_040722.pdf.torrent torrent 782.0 B 2008-Sep-17
Fluid_manual__%287000_for_65k_color%29.ppt.torrent torrent 485.0 B 2008-Sep-17
G1400_Seiko_LCD_RUS.ppt.torrent torrent 451.0 B 2008-Sep-17
G1500_English_1%5B1%5D.0_SM_031211.pdf.torrent torrent 680.0 B 2008-Sep-17
G1600_SM_Russia_040607.pdf.torrent torrent 640.0 B 2008-Sep-17
G1610_charge_problem_SIB_RUS.ppt.torrent torrent 469.0 B 2008-Sep-17
G1610_Russian_1%5B1%5D.0_SM_050105.pdf.torrent torrent 800.0 B 2008-Sep-17
G1610_SM_English_050228.pdf.torrent torrent 622.0 B 2008-Sep-17
G1800+modem+user+manual+RUS.pdf.torrent torrent 550.0 B 2008-Sep-17
G1800_Diagram.pdf.torrent torrent 460.0 B 2008-Sep-17
G1800_Service+manual_112604.pdf.torrent torrent 509.0 B 2008-Sep-17
G1800_SM_English_0503.pdf.torrent torrent 477.0 B 2008-Sep-17
G3100_English_1.0_SM_031113.pdf.torrent torrent 650.0 B 2008-Sep-17
G3100_english_10_sm_031113.pdf.torrent torrent 648.0 B 2008-Sep-17
g3100_fpcb_connection.ppt.torrent torrent 456.0 B 2008-Sep-17
G4015_SM_English_040603.pdf.torrent torrent 562.0 B 2008-Sep-17
G5200_English_SM_1.0_020627.pdf.torrent torrent 1,011.0 B 2008-Sep-17
G5220C_RUS.pdf.torrent torrent 656.0 B 2008-Sep-17
G5220C_SM_030630_english.pdf.torrent torrent 724.0 B 2008-Sep-17
G5300_SM_021226.pdf.torrent torrent 867.0 B 2008-Sep-17
G5300_W5300_SM_021226.pdf.torrent torrent 879.0 B 2008-Sep-17
G5400_sm_ver1_030507.pdf.torrent torrent 897.0 B 2008-Sep-17
G5500_G7050_English_1%5B1%5D.0_SM_031106.pdf.torre nt torrent 692.0 B 2008-Sep-17
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G5600_SVC_English_040903.pdf.torrent torrent 1.8 KB 2008-Sep-17
G7000A_W7000_SWESV_2.pdf.torrent torrent 1.2 KB 2008-Sep-17
G7020_Block+Diagram.pdf.torrent torrent 452.0 B 2008-Sep-17
G7020_Circuit+Diagram.pdf.torrent torrent 456.0 B 2008-Sep-17
G7020_Disassembly+Instruction.pdf.torrent torrent 472.0 B 2008-Sep-17
G7020_Download.pdf.torrent torrent 704.0 B 2008-Sep-17
G7020_Exploded+View.pdf.torrent torrent 452.0 B 2008-Sep-17
G7020_Introduction.pdf.torrent torrent 449.0 B 2008-Sep-17
G7020_Performance.pdf.torrent torrent 447.0 B 2008-Sep-17
G7020_Service+Software.pdf.torrent torrent 560.0 B 2008-Sep-17
G7020_Stand+Alone+Test.pdf.torrent torrent 600.0 B 2008-Sep-17
G7020_Technical+Brief.pdf.torrent torrent 678.0 B 2008-Sep-17
G7020_Trouble+Shooting.pdf.torrent torrent 478.0 B 2008-Sep-17
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KX156_service_manual+061214.pdf.torrent torrent 750.0 B 2008-Sep-17
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LG-512W_SVC_withoutPL_.pdf.torrent torrent 700.0 B 2008-Sep-17
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U250-KU250_SVC_ENG_0627%5B1.0%5D.pdf.torrent torrent 676.0 B 2008-Sep-17
U250_KU250+SVC+ENG.pdf.torrent torrent 652.0 B 2008-Sep-17
U300_SVC_English_060619.pdf.torrent torrent 662.0 B 2008-Sep-17
U310+SVC+ENG_061018%5B1.0%5D.pdf.torrent torrent 608.0 B 2008-Sep-17
U400C+SVC+ENG_0713%5B1%5B1%5D.0%5D.pdf.torrent torrent 676.0 B 2008-Sep-17
U830%28KU830%29+SVC+ENG_1129%5B1.0%5D.pdf.torrent torrent 642.0 B 2008-Sep-17
U830+SVC+ENG_1129%5B1.0%5D.pdf.torrent torrent 624.0 B 2008-Sep-17
U880_schematics.pdf.torrent torrent 464.0 B 2008-Sep-17
U880_U880C_SM_English_051117.pdf.torrent torrent 752.0 B 2008-Sep-17
U890_U890C_SVC_English_060410.pdf.torrent torrent 634.0 B 2008-Sep-17
U900_SM_English_060516.pdf.torrent torrent 680.0 B 2008-Sep-17
U970_KU970+SVC+ENG_0419%5B1.0%5D.pdf.torrent torrent 656.0 B 2008-Sep-17
U990_KU990+SVC+ENG_1105.pdf.torrent torrent 863.0 B 2008-Sep-17
U8100_schematics.pdf.torrent torrent 466.0 B 2008-Sep-17
U8100_SVC_English_1129.pdf.torrent torrent 1.6 KB 2008-Sep-17
U8110_SM_English_040503.pdf.torrent torrent 1.2 KB 2008-Sep-17
U8120_SM_English_040717.pdf.torrent torrent 1.5 KB 2008-Sep-17
U8130_English_SVC_041021.pdf.torrent torrent 1.7 KB 2008-Sep-17
U8138+SVC+English+1129.pdf.torrent torrent 1.6 KB 2008-Sep-17
U8138_SVC_English_1129.pdf.torrent torrent 1.6 KB 2008-Sep-17
U8150_English_SM_040920.pdf.torrent torrent 1.6 KB 2008-Sep-17
U8180_SM_English_0325.pdf.torrent torrent 1.2 KB 2008-Sep-17
U8210_SM_English_050718.pdf.torrent torrent 863.0 B 2008-Sep-17
U8290_schematics.pdf.torrent torrent 466.0 B 2008-Sep-17
U8290_SM_English_050810.pdf.torrent torrent 782.0 B 2008-Sep-17
U8330_SM_English_050427.pdf.torrent torrent 1.1 KB 2008-Sep-17
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U8380_SVC_ENG_0712%5B1%5B1%5D.1%5D.pdf.torrent torrent 1.1 KB 2008-Sep-17
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U8550_SM_English_051103.pdf.torrent torrent 722.0 B 2008-Sep-17
V9000_SVC_ENG_0814%5B1.0%5D.pdf.torrent torrent 666.0 B 2008-Sep-17
VX8500_ServiceManual_04.12.pdf.torrent torrent 849.0 B 2008-Sep-17
VX8700_ServiceManual_070225.pdf.torrent torrent 590.0 B 2008-Sep-17
W3000_Block_Diagram_%26_Circuit_Diagram.pdf.torren t torrent 490.0 B 2008-Sep-17
W3000_Download_%26_Calibration.pdf.torrent torrent 472.0 B 2008-Sep-17
W3000_Engineering_Mode.pdf.torrent torrent 457.0 B 2008-Sep-17
W3000_Technical_Brief.pdf.torrent torrent 558.0 B 2008-Sep-17
W5200techBrief.pdf.torrent torrent 503.0 B 2008-Sep-17
W5200_blockDiagram.pdf.torrent torrent 449.0 B 2008-Sep-17
W5200_G5200_sm_ver1_020627.pdf.torrent torrent 1,009.0 B 2008-Sep-17
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W5300_Block_Diagram_%26_Circuit_Diagram.pdf.torren t torrent 510.0 B 2008-Sep-17
W5300_Download_and_Calibration.pdf.torrent torrent 576.0 B 2008-Sep-17
W5300_Russia_Issue_1.0.pdf.torrent torrent 519.0 B 2008-Sep-17
W5300_Technical_Brief.pdf.torrent torrent 538.0 B 2008-Sep-17
W7000_Block_Diagram_%26_Circuit_Diagram.pdf.torren t torrent 490.0 B 2008-Sep-17
W7000_Download.pdf.torrent torrent 704.0 B 2008-Sep-17
W7000_Service_SW_%26_Calibration.pdf.torrent torrent 578.0 B 2008-Sep-17
W7000_Technical_Brief.pdf.torrent torrent 678.0 B 2008-Sep-17
W7020Service_Software_%26_Calibration.pdf.torrent torrent 588.0 B 2008-Sep-17
W7020_Block_Diagram.pdf.torrent torrent 452.0 B 2008-Sep-17
W7020_Circuit_Diagram_%26_PCB_Layout.pdf.torrent torrent 484.0 B 2008-Sep-17
W7020_Download.pdf.torrent torrent 704.0 B 2008-Sep-17
W7020_Technical_Brief.pdf.torrent torrent 678.0 B 2008-Sep-17

Regards from
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good work .............
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Big thanks!!! Great job
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good work .............Big thanks!!!
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I think this is our hwk Collaction
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great help its really usefull
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Big thanks!!! Great job
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./LG_Manual_Torrent/KS20+SVC+ENG_1123[1.0].pdf.torrent was not found on this server.
./LG_Manual_Torrent/KU950_SVC_ENG_061205[1.0].pdf.torrent was not found on this server.
./LG_Manual_Torrent/L343i_SVC_ENG_060809[1.0].pdf.torrent was not found on this server.
./LG_Manual_Torrent/KG225+SVC+ENG_0403[1.0].pdf.torrent was not found on this server.
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ku 950
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Hey can anyone upload ks360 manual please. the above link doesnt work.. Very urgent.. Thanx

Last edited by roshaneperera; 09-22-2008 at 12:11.
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Originally Posted by roshaneperera View Post
Hey can anyone upload ks360 manual please. the above link doesnt work.. Very urgent.. Thanx
here sory for delay hope still need

Regards from Gsmhelp Team
Attached Files
File Type: rar KS360+SVC+ENG_0814.pdf.rar (903 Bytes, 95 views)
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can anyone make a single torrent file for all the lg manuals ?

that will be very useful .
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