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stigor 10-05-2003 18:25

Can GTCL1 unlock M55 v10?
Anybody unlock M55 V10, with GTCL1?

Raskal 10-05-2003 18:33

yes it works 100%

you may have to put it manually in test mode but works 100%, if you have no sucess with it, mail me and i will explain you step by step

stigor 10-05-2003 18:35

No problem, i just prepare for new package for decoding :)
BTW Any info, from Andro, about MC60, CL50 support?

Raskal 10-05-2003 19:11

Well ok, btw, yes Andro tested allready C60 and MC60 and GTCL-001 works without problems.

stigor 10-05-2003 19:21

So, very soon to expect new upgrade?

Akoska 10-06-2003 00:44

stigor, stigor...

How about reading forum, not just writing always? :)

(M)C60 is supported ALREADY...

stigor 10-06-2003 07:37


Give me a link(hint) where is writen about that supported

misel 10-06-2003 09:56

stigor is like Alan Ford ,,many jokes he read from this best book in the world ,,he he he he;)

stigor 10-06-2003 14:14


Yes all like a joke, but, i dont se anywhere that
Griffin officially announced that GTCL support
C60 and MC60? Anybody see that info, on any
official page?

Akoska 10-06-2003 23:44


Of course you are allowed to read in other sections TOO :))

For example how about this one:

stigor 10-07-2003 07:26

OK, that is user write (KOKSA), but where is official announce
about that? That's mean in future, maybe griffin unlock and
Motorola phones, but we must to try like experiment ;)

Akoska 10-07-2003 14:35


You don't have to make experiments.
You only have to read this forum and you get important infos and don't need to wait always for official announcements.

This is the main point of a forum :)

stigor 10-07-2003 18:14

Did you try that C60 and MC60 by yourself? If you not,
your answers is not reliable at all. So, if you beleive in
all postings, try, but for results you are take all responsibility :)

zfrank 10-07-2003 18:38

why offical announcement?
you can read here in forum or in offical support-forum of griffin...
Most of companys with supportsection in our forum(prodigy/griffin/se-fighter/ust) have also own support-forums. It is an addon in our forum for better support...
and if an member post an announcement for a new soft itīs ok... no need for multiple postings ....

stigor 10-07-2003 18:46


What is meaning of official conference, if in it not write
official owner? When Andro, Narry, or other real owner
of Griffin Team write message here, that is real communication
between users and Griffin makers. That is real info. Tommorow
anybody can write here, that GTCL can unlock A60, and someone followed by that info can try and kill phone :), and what then?

All info written here is not automatically 100% OK, you agree with

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