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gsmanam 10-17-2017 14:19

Vivo X9 Hard Reset
Vivo X9 hard reset recovery menu

Unable to access your Vivo X9 device? Forgot your lock pattern or password?
Try to enter the Android Recovery menu on your device, but please note that not all firmware supports it, and if there is no option to enter this recovery mode to "wipe data" or "Factory reset" your device, you won't be able to enter this menu. If these options will be available in a future ROM / Firmware release than you should try the following method to enter / get in the menu.
  1. Fully charge the battery.
  2. Turn ON the device by pressing and holding the VOLUME DOWN key and the Power key together.
  3. Fastboot Mode - select Recovery mode - use Volume key to highlight and Power to confirm.
  4. The phone will reboot.
  5. In the next menu select wipe data and confirm on the next screen also. (or select Yes -- delete user data)
  6. When Wipe OK & wipe data successful or wipe complete message shows up you are done.
  7. After hard reset is done, highlight reboot system now and confirm your selection. If the touch screen is not active use power key.
Note! All data will be deleted! Be sure to backup your user data before doing a hard reset.
Resetting Your Vivo X9 Android tablet from the menu option factory reset
With Clean Boot, you can reset your tablet to its factory defaults. When you reset your phone, the data stored in your tablet may be erased.
1. Tap Application > Settings > Backup & reset.
2. Tap Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything to reset the phone

gsmanam 10-17-2017 16:27

1. Power Off Phone , Remove battery , Insert back
3. Insert USB cable. In some cases require use EDL cable or TP to force EDL mode!

Wait for phone...
Device Found!
Initialize ...
Handshake passed!
BB_IDC_CPU : SnapDragon 652 [MSM8952]
ID_BLOCK_I : 009900E1
ID_BLOCK_L : CD0833D25DC0114DC92349AD4974C89B
ID_BLOCK_L : 276CE615EB175EE7EE6799AA058FA2F8
Use CM2 Internal Loader
Loader Sent! Initializing ...
Running FireHose on BBID : MSM8976 , FLASH : eMMC , mVER : 1
MemInfo : 0x0003 / 0x0200 / 0x0000000E8F800000 [ eMMC 64 GiB ]
ExtInfo : 0x0001C000/00100000/00001000/00001000/00000200
Boot Ok!

Format USER ...
Format CACHE ...
Format Ok!
Remove FRP
Reset Ok!

Elapsed: 00:00:16

Reconnect Power/Cable!

liya2901 11-12-2017 09:30

need vivo x9 edl point to reset password

gsmanam 11-12-2017 12:21


Originally Posted by liya2901 (Post 12779487)
need vivo x9 edl point to reset password

vol up vol down usb cable computer | Thasks

muhammadsaif 11-21-2019 13:18

i have a problum plz friends help me
i have a fone vivo x9 when i open in recover mood then the language is chinies and also when i press data formate obtion then also a passward how can i reset this fone any one friend plz help me

muhammadsaif 11-21-2019 13:51

vivo x9 no hard reset because in recovery mod language is chines and also vipe data obtion also aske passward so what is the solution to hard reset?

shahinbangla 11-21-2019 15:24

i have tested file 1000000% fix file

shahinbangla 11-21-2019 15:39

vivo_X9X9iX9L_PD1616_D_1.27.1 bug fix file

Wait device ready ...
Connect to Sahara (COM3) ...
Sending Loader ...
Writing data ...
Writing non-hlos.bin -> modem
Writing sbl1.mbn -> sbl1
Writing sbl1.mbn -> sbl1bak
Writing rpm.mbn -> rpm
Writing rpm.mbn -> rpmbak
Writing tz.mbn -> tz
Writing tz.mbn -> tzbak
Writing devcfg.mbn -> devcfg
Writing devcfg.mbn -> devcfgbak
Writing adspso.bin -> dsp
Writing sec.dat -> sec
Writing emmc_appsboot.mbn -> aboot
Writing emmc_appsboot.mbn -> abootbak
Writing boot.img -> boot
Writing recovery.img -> recovery
Writing cache_1.img -> cache
Writing cache_2.img -> cache
Writing cache_3.img -> cache
Writing oem_1.img -> oem
Writing oem_2.img -> oem
Writing mdtp.img -> mdtp
Writing cmnlib.mbn -> cmnlib
Writing cmnlib.mbn -> cmnlibbak
Writing cmnlib64.mbn -> cmnlib64
Writing cmnlib64.mbn -> cmnlib64bak
Writing keymaster.mbn -> keymaster
Writing keymaster.mbn -> keymasterbak
Writing survival.img -> survival
Writing dp_ap_signed.mbn -> apdp
Writing dp_msa_signed.mbn -> msadp
Writing apps_1.img -> apps
Writing apps_2.img -> apps
Writing apps_3.img -> apps
Writing apps_4.img -> apps
Writing apps_5.img -> apps
Writing apps_6.img -> apps
Writing apps_7.img -> apps
Writing apps_8.img -> apps
Writing apps_9.img -> apps
Writing userdata_1.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_2.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_3.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_4.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_5.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_6.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_7.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_8.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_9.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_10.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_11.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_12.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_13.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_14.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_15.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_16.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_17.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_18.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_19.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_20.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_21.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_22.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_23.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_24.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_25.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_26.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_27.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_28.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_29.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_30.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_31.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_32.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_33.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_34.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_35.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_36.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_37.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_38.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_39.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_40.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_41.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_42.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_43.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_44.img -> userdata
Writing userdata_45.img -> userdata
Writing gpt_main0.bin -> primarygpt
Writing gpt_backup0.bin -> backupgpt
Writing system_1.img -> system
Writing system_2.img -> system
Writing system_3.img -> system
Writing system_4.img -> system
Writing system_5.img -> system
Writing system_6.img -> system
Writing system_7.img -> system
Writing system_8.img -> system
Writing system_9.img -> system
Writing system_10.img -> system
Writing system_11.img -> system
Writing system_12.img -> system
Writing system_13.img -> system
Writing system_14.img -> system
Writing system_15.img -> system
Writing system_16.img -> system
Writing system_17.img -> system
Writing system_18.img -> system
Writing system_19.img -> system
Writing system_20.img -> system
Writing system_21.img -> system
Writing system_22.img -> system
Writing system_23.img -> system
Writing system_24.img -> system
Link here
vivoX9/X9i/X9L_6.0.1_PD1616_D_1.27.1 - ROM?? - URL88 ROM??

vivoX9/X9i/X9L_6.0.1_PD1616_D_1.27.1 - ROM?? - URL88 ROM??

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