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LMing 12-05-2004 21:57

Twister power surge on hub port
Hi, I just got twister yesterday, I install twister 1.26, everytime I press connect, I see my serial number, licence ok etc message, then my windows xp pop an usb icon beside clock. saying Power surge on hub port, saying that general hub excess the usb power limit, I tried with 2 computers, both have the same problems. Is my twister fautly or my software is faulty ? thank you for your time.

HAITEKGSM 12-05-2004 22:31

i think software problem
you must install service pack2
and check usb 2.0 drivers

muppet 12-05-2004 22:52


Originally Posted by ElaBa
i think software problem
you must install service pack2
and check usb 2.0 drivers

On what exactly do you base this information??
How will Service Pack 2 affect the voltage being drawn on a USB line? What have USB2 drivers got to do with it?


Do you have any other devices plugged into your USBs ports at all, or just Twister? If you have tried it on a different PC, was that PC a totally different sort (ie different motherboard) or the same?
It's possible you have too many devices plugged in already, which will cause the problem you've got, your USB ports aren't able to generate enough voltage or there might be a problem with your Twister box.

If you're able to get your hands on a powered USB hub (they're usually pretty cheap) then try plugging your Twister into that, it might help. Otherwise if you keep getting the problem I would return the unit to your reseller.

LMing 12-06-2004 00:17

Thank you for your reply, to muppet, first I thought I had too many usb devices on my computer, then I tried on 2 laptop, 1 desktop, it all happen the samething. therefore I am very confused about it since twister suite did dectect my twister. thank you for your time

muppet 12-06-2004 01:22

Well, I don't know the hardware of the Twister Box very well, but in all my use of it I've never encountered this problem. I suspect that you might have a faulty Twister Box. Contact your reseller and tell them about the problems you've had, they should be happy to replace it (or at least test it for you)

LMing 12-06-2004 04:12

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thank you very much, i will try.

shakeelajmal 12-06-2004 07:47

The problem LMing is mentioning is when you use twister and also the port available in twister !!! or if you use USB hub without external power !! no software or twister problem !! thats all, i have same problem only and only because of these two reasons and solved by using only twister and all other devices pluged out !!

LMing 12-06-2004 13:36

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Hi thanks for the reply, I treid on different computer, same thing still, it seems it's a device inside the twister since twister is also an USB hub by itself, here is the pic

The Repair Shop 12-06-2004 14:08

i get this problem all the time with my box to, it only started to happen after i cut the tracks on the twister pcb so as i did have to use the little yellow gender changer

Odia The Ultimate 12-06-2004 16:47


Do you only get this issue when you plug a cable into the box or all the time?

From looking at your USB output it looks like a Twister internal hub failure.


Ionel 12-06-2004 16:50

Mab'y ur' box is hawing a shortcircuit . U can try to check the voltage from usb .
Br Ionel.

LMing 12-06-2004 18:56

It's happening all the time even without pluging the cable, I will contact my dealer and see check out the problem, thank you guys so much !

edwinnc 12-07-2004 06:51

I also experienced this thing before on some boxes that i sold, maybe twister should look on this, I notice the problem comes when the box is using smd type cpu's and not the ordinary dip ic's, but this is only my observation, maybe you should look which ic you have and if its the smd type then perhaps im right.



cmk 12-08-2004 18:50

change another good usb 2.0 cable, the bad cable will pick up much noise when use Twister

LMing 12-08-2004 20:44

Tried already, doesn't work either :confused:

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