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Redeagle 09-12-2005 08:20

Sonics 1.201 is out, many new features added!
Hi, all sonics users:
Good news for you all! Sonics 1.201 is out, many new features added!
new feature:
--improved protection remarkably;
--cid37 supported;
--added k608i, k600i, w800i, and so on support;
--added cid changing functionality;
--enhanced recovering functionality;
--code enhanced and bug fixed.

Pay attention:
1) Select correct phone type first before doing what you want.
2) For cid37(k608i), don't try to change their cid to any from red37 or brown37, and after unlocking should set cid back to red37.
Simple steps for k608i:
a) Select phone type to k608i;
b) Press UNLOCK button;
c) After unlocking, clear all firmware edit fields, uncheck "Customize Fs", tick on "change certificate", select certificate to "RED CID37", and then press FLASH FILES button.
d) If flashing any firmware in it , don't forget set certificate change to "RED CID37" and with "change certificate" ticked.
best regards

Redeagle 09-12-2005 09:01

k608i brown37 EROM
1 Attachment(s)
k608i brown cid37 EROM attached, rename it from *.txt to *.snx pls.
best regards

Sethxp 09-12-2005 09:19

And as usual

visit my and grab it from download section


reveal[SW] 09-12-2005 10:44

Tnx Redeagle.



andrew14 09-12-2005 12:24

@ Boz Redeagle

Can You Provide Good And Workin Gdfs For Sharp, Lg3g And New Se.....

Pls And Thnx....

e2nak 09-12-2005 13:38



can we have w800i ral001 flash files please......

thanks in advance...

4R 09-12-2005 15:05

nice update bro.hope that no one have intrst to crck it again..


.:Kuku:. 09-12-2005 16:36

Good news for Sonic users
and right time good work again mr SethXp

Dark Lemming 09-13-2005 02:02

@readeagle - may i make a suggestion?

why don't you add a "read info" button or something like that so we can first read the status of phone and see what's the current cid. why only can see it after pressing unlock, but not after that. it was good if we could control a little bit more the action, like manually sending brown certificate, unlocking, setting it to red back.

another question, can we mess with certtificate numbers other than 37? i mean pass from cid36 to 29 or any other?

thanks and keep up the great work

Redeagle 09-13-2005 02:26

@Dark Lemming:
Good suggestion first.
you can change certificate from cid36 to cid29 or cid16, and vice versa, but now don't touch cid37.
Lg3g gdfs is in the LG/LG_GDFS folder of support, others i'll upload soon.
w800i_r1l001 firmwares not ready yet, i'll try to get them.
best regards

Redeagle 09-13-2005 02:51

5 Attachment(s)
Hi, all
some SE and sharp gdfs files attched, just rename them from *.txt to *.rar and upzip.
best regards

e2nak 09-13-2005 03:38



thanks for everthing now we all know that you are keeping your WORD.

Keep up and proceed doing good for all SONICS customers.

again thanks and regards....

andrew14 09-13-2005 03:47


Originally Posted by Redeagle
Hi, all
some SE and sharp gdfs files attched, just rename them from *.txt to *.rar and upzip.
best regards

thnx sir ill try to test this gdfs :D

ryumahon 09-13-2005 08:18

nice update mate!!! keep it up! support for sonics is still the best!

Tadiwa 09-13-2005 13:54

vcery good update especially for k608i i have 3 to be done

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