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Pufi164 03-14-2010 15:26

Help! Vertu S00718 flash wanted
Accidentally erase flash.
No backup.
So far, 30 kinds of tried it.
Only have one switch, but with no display:
TOP25_06B_PCB01_GPRS_MT6225_S00.206_OV_T_B_F_U_250 6B_M8_V_1_7__fullflash_20091207-225909.B0M.bin

I have no idea what could be the original.
If someone is such a phone, please save it.

InfinityHelp 03-14-2010 17:17


what did you use for flash erasing?
if infinity software- then you can find original software version in LOG file

Pufi164 03-14-2010 23:04

Not deliberately erasing.
But software write:

And I, of course, when I called.
I was not paying, just pressed the button . OK...OK.
10 seconds later, I noticed, but it was too late.


Indeed, the logfile.
30 minutes I was looking for a long time.
Only this can be:

New firmware detected (v.3.10, database date: 02.03.2010):

This firmware is missing in support area. If this phone is good and working:

- download latest software from support area and try again, probably this firmware already supported in latest software
- make "Read full flash" operation
- send flash backup files to support: [email protected] or upload files to RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting or - free file sharing and storage
- include in your e-mail full text from phone back label (phone name etc.)
rom info ver: 04
sw version: X8138_PCB01_GPRS_MT6225_S00.V8_SUN_ENGLISH_V15.BIN
project-id: V8_SUN_ENGLISH_V15, 00000000
code offset: 00000000
ffs offset/size [01]: 00E00000/00200000
rom info structure: 2nd [standard] generation
TCL-ID is absent
sec info (detailed) detection...
searching sec info#1...
search sec info#1 finished
Check firmware integrity Done
====> Check firmware content ...
Check firmware content Done
====> Backup required data ...
Backup required data Done
====> Patch required data ...
Patch required data Done
====> Special operation ...
Special operation Done
====> Write ...
sec info (fast) detection...
searching sec info#1...
search sec info#1 finished
usb bootloader (file) is absent
startup code area #1 check...
startup code area #1 fixed
detecting startup code area #2...
startup code area #2 is absent
Area: Firmware
flash: EC257E25082501:18E59F00000000
Write: Firmware
error: wrong answer: 3B
error: flash write error: 000B8000:00002000
error: write operation failed
Write Fail
Finished, time used: 1 min 23 sec
Remove/Install battery now !

It took off the cable.
Only this can be.

Pufi164 03-14-2010 23:59


this file from support area:

flashfiles/ChineseMiracle/_MT6225/X8138_PCB01_GPRS_MT6225_S00.V8_SUN_ENGLISH_NEWLCD_ V20__Vertu-Signature-v10_16m_En_Ru_Fr_Es_It_De_Id_Vn_Tr_Farsi_Pt_Ar.B0M .bin

Phone not start ,but ffs format safe mode and write original imei, and phone LIVE!!!!


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