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waleedy 02-04-2008 15:56

plz guy's i need nckia 5700 pinouts
hi, i want the pinouts of this phones:tx,rx,GND and this phone is 18 pins connector

InfinityHelp 02-04-2008 16:13


look for marked test points on PCB near bottom of phone
(no need to remove battery)

waleedy 02-05-2008 12:58

hi, man i found them but they are many:
GND,RX A,RXB,power,power,TX A,TX B,VBAT
so which TX and RX to take?

ezzis 02-05-2008 13:49

for Nckia 5700 10-Rx,12-Tx (in most cases),if not correct try 7-Rx,9-Tx.Use 1 or 18 as ground

waleedy 02-05-2008 17:09

but man from the back i found the pinouts on PCB and they are in this order:
GND-RX _A-TX_B-POWER A-POWER B-TX_A-RX_B-VBAT and i'll upload th pic,so which one to take or just go to pin 10 &pin 12 and the GND?
this is the pic:

ezzis 02-05-2008 17:38

Rx_A, Tx_A corresponds to CPU1,Rx_B and Tx_B to CPU2,phones Rx attach to box Tx(pin3),phones Tx attach to box Rx(pin2),Gnd to box pins 7,8.
But if You have good working cable (18A) -better use cable and do not demage the phone with soldering iron .I have tested 4 different hardware versions of this phone and each version has pinout directly in the connector. Gnd You can use even SIM cards metallic cover or TF card metallic cover.

try and test!

InfinityHelp 02-06-2008 02:41

hello ezzis!

thank you for you help :)

waleedy 02-06-2008 12:55

i found them,but now how to find rge tx,rx, on the serial cable

InfinityHelp 02-06-2008 19:43


you must take needed signals from box Rj45 connector.
box pinout you can find printed on box or in our FAQ section.

i wrote little tutorial how to build own cable step-by-step

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