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ibrajinja 05-25-2010 15:55

unlocking alcatel becoming aproblem
since i updated my infinity'
am not able to unlock alcatel ot203
it gives arror in changing imei as well

module v3.39
Device: Alcatel-203X, 203A, 203E
Checking data, wait...
advanced flash detection enabled
Action: rebuild security area
====> Boot ...
Press and HOLD Power button now !
19200 fixed
Connecting, wait...
Initializing [6223:8A05:8A00]...
CPU: MT6223
chip: 0011:6F32:A00C
status: 01
high speed boot Off
boot packet size: 0400
Release Power button now !
Boot Done
====> Initialize ...
detecting chip #00 in region #00...
flash: 01227E221A2201:2BEA0000000000
flash: Amd AMD/Fujitsu std [T 0008x002000 003Fx010000] 4Mb
otp offset: 003F0000
number of flash chip/regions detected: 01/01
Initialize Done
====> Set baud ...
Set baud Done
====> Initialize bootcode ...
Initialize bootcode Done
====> Check firmware integrity ...
usb bootloader detect...
usb bootloader detect (phase #2)...
usb bootloader (chip) is absent
searching rom info...
search rom info finished
rom info structure: 2nd [standard] generation
TCL-ID is present
rom info detection finished
TCL-ID detection...
TCL-ID detection done
rom info ver: 05
sw version: JRD23_NEP_08A_PCB01_GSM_MT6223_S00.MAUI_08A_W08_36 _SP1_V28_F1.BIN
project-id: MAUI.08A.W08.36.SP1.V28.F1, 00000000
code offset: 00000000
ffs offset/size [01]: 003A0000/00058000
TCL-ID identification
version: 37L
provider: 203X-2BRGTE5
customization: CM37CC30
customization: XM37CC30
TCL-ID identification done
rom info structure: 2nd [standard] generation
TCL-ID is present
ffs/eeprom address assigned: 003A0000
sec info (detailed) detection...
searching sec info#1...
search sec info#1 finished
sim-lock status: enabled
area1 is valid
area2 is valid
area3 is valid
area4 is valid
searching sec info#2...
search sec info#2 finished
security area (sec info, cust) calculation...
identification header detected
customization: XM37CC30
customization name adjusted
flash: 01227E221A2201:2BEA0000000000
flash: 01227E221A2201:2BEA0000000000
Write: security area (sec info, cust)
error: no any expected answer
error: flash write error: 003FA000:00002000
error: error# 000000FF
error: flash write error: 003FA000:00002000
error: can't write required area
security area (sec info, cust) calculation failed
security area (sec info, hash) calculation...
.error: no any expected answer
error: security area (sec info, hash) calculation aborted due to communication fault at step A
error: can't calculate security area (sec info, hash)
operation aborted
file saved: C:\Program Files\InfinityBox\MModule\backup_security\Alcatel-203X,203A,203E__system_log__00000000_20100525-164115.B0X.bin
Finished, time used: 2 min 44 sec
Remove/Install battery now !

GFTELECOM 05-25-2010 19:54

as i can see it a problem of communicatio try to chage your cable or to clean connector of the phone

GFTELECOM 05-25-2010 19:55

or first time write imei and do unlock

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