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gsaara 12-23-2013 10:50

vodafone 340 unlock problem
sim blocked
unlock method: smart fast

COM4 [VCP0] selected
module v4.39
Device: Vodafone-340
Checking data, wait...
Operation: SP-unlock
unlock method: smart fast
interface: META_DLL_v6.1108.00
Phone should be Switched OFF !
Press and HOLD Power button now !
error: can not connect to device: 004D:BootROM security check fail
error: last error: 004D:BootROM security check fail
error: operation failed
Finished, time used: 6 sec
Remove/Install battery now !

unlock method: standard

COM4 [VCP0] selected
module v4.39
Device: Vodafone-340
Checking data, wait...
advanced flash detection enabled
Action: "sp-unlock"
unlock method: standard
ffs/eeprom backup enabled, it may takes several minutes !
====> Boot ...
Press and HOLD Power button now !
19200 fixed
Connecting, wait...
Initializing [6225:8A05:8A00]...
CPU: MT6225
high speed boot On
chip: 0001:A303:A007
status: 01
boot packet size: 0400
Release Power button now !
Boot Done
====> Initialize ...
detecting chip #00 in region #00...
flash: EC257E25082501:2AEA0000000000
flash: Samsung AMD/Fujitsu std [D 0008x002000 00FEx010000 0008x002000] 16Mb
otp offset: 00000000
number of flash chip/regions detected: 01/01
Initialize Done
====> Set baud ...
Set baud Done
====> Initialize bootcode ...
Initialize bootcode Done
====> Check firmware integrity ...
usb bootloader detect...
usb bootloader detect (phase #2)...
usb bootloader (chip) is absent
searching rom info...
search rom info finished
rom info structure: [standard] type (05)
TCL-ID is absent
rom info detection finished
rom info ver: 05
sw version: FOXLINK25_08B_PCB01_GPRS_MT6225_S00.BM35A1_V2_23_M 00_02_35.BIN
project-id: BM35A1.V2.23.M00.02.35, 00000000
code offset: 00000000
ffs offset/size [01]: 00B80000/00480000
rom info structure: [standard] type (05)
TCL-ID is absent
ffs/eeprom address assigned: 00B80000
sec info (detailed) detection...
searching sec info#1...
search sec info#1 finished
sim-lock status: enabled
product id: BM35V2MP_MA7V28JR9BT71SDRPK7GS
area1 is valid
area2 is valid
area3 is valid
area4 is valid
searching sec info#2...
search sec info#2 finished
Check firmware integrity Done
====> Check firmware content ...
Check firmware content Done
====> Backup required data ...
reading: Vodafone-340_FOXLINK25_08B_PCB01_GPRS_MT6225_S00.BM35A1_V2_ 23_M00_02_35__ffs...
file saved: C:\InfinityBox\MModule\Vodafone-340_FOXLINK25_08B_PCB01_GPRS_MT6225_S00.BM35A1_V2_ 23_M00_02_35__ffs_20131223-164649.B0E.bin
flash: EC257E25082501:2AEA0000000000
Backup required data Done
====> Patch required data ...
detection procedure, wait...
detection procedure completed
detection procedure, wait...
error: phone is not locked or unknown eeprom
Patch required data Done
====> Special operation ...
Special operation Done
====> Write ...
flash: EC257E25082501:2AEA0000000000
Write: ffs
Write Done
====> Finalization ...
Finalization Done
file saved: c:\InfinityBox\MModule\backup_security\Vodafone-340_FOXLINK25_08B_PCB01_GPRS_MT6225_S00.BM35A1_V2_ 23_M00_02_35__system_log__00000000_20131223-164718.B0X.bin
Finished, time used: 4 min 5 sec
Remove/Install battery now !
need help

yasermalik 01-04-2014 06:07

flash with this firmware and unlock

Vodafone-340_FOXLINK25_08B_PCB01_GPRS_MT6225_S00.BM35A1_V2_ 04_M00_02_44_2010-09-03_En_Ru_Gr_Ro_Shqip.B0M.bin

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