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mus67 02-16-2008 21:55

Bad Dongle Bad Resseler in Algeria
Looking for Typhoon Card...
6 SmartCard Readers present in system
No card [Axalto e-gate 0]
No card [Axalto e-gate 1]
No card [Axalto e-gate 2]
No card [Axalto e-gate 3]
No card [Axalto e-gate 4]
Card found [FT SCR2000 0]
Card ID: 21281***x
Card HW Revision: TYPHOON1
Card Activation Slots: 56
Slot #1 Activated (HotSupport)
Slot #2 Activated (Nokia DCT4, WD2, DCT4Plus, ADSP & APE Flasher)
Slot #6 Activated (Nokia BB5)
Starting Card Update process...
Connecting to Typhoon Server...
Typhoon Server v9.1+SX4, (c) 2004-2008 KarwosGSM
Synchronizing Card Services with Server...
Services synchronized OK!
Slot #1 Activated (HotSupport)
Slot #2 Activated (Nokia DCT4, WD2, DCT4Plus, ADSP & APE Flasher)
Slot #6 Activated (Nokia BB5)
Updating card firmware...
Firmware updated OK
Trying to pair card with UFSx...
Found 1 FTDI Devices
Booting UFSx S/N 112***
UFxBoot V2.2 (c) SarasSoft 2003.
UFS_USB V2.6 (c) SarasSoft 2005.
Box is activated
Reading Secure EEPROM...
Secure EEPROM Read OK
Sending pair data request to server...
Signing card with RSA...
RSA Signature written OK
Disconnected from Typhoon Server
No card [FT SCR2000 0]

I have not use this dongle for one Telephone??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HONEY 02-17-2008 10:17

No need to post bla bla, you dont need to buy any credits for pairing nor our software says this error which you edited and posted above, also if you read forum rules you will see their is written "First before posting use the "search"-option in the board!" which you did not do even, i did the job for you and search result is here


huzsolt 02-17-2008 10:37

@mus67, youdon't need to use animore "Typhoon Key\Activation_Tool.exe" for requesting kac file to pair dongle to UFS. Pairing is done automaticly when running "updater" and you have an extra free log for it. But if you run activation tool, that free log is lost for kac generating, and you need to talk to your reseller or any supporter to generate one more free log for your dongle. next time search before post, it is always a good thing to to...


and don't start a thread with "bad supporter/reseller/programer/dongle/update etc" just becouse you encountered a problem, and didn't ask anybody to help you out, this way you won't solve your problem , only supporter get's pissed off....

karwos 02-17-2008 10:42

we adding credits to anyone who need it...
also pairing ufs with typhoon shold be done only ONE TIME
so next time if you update your card, just ignore this message as long as its paired already...

so next time dont hesistate to contact your reseller, or click on my nick and "send private message" :D credit will be added in seconds...


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