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vizionar 09-05-2004 00:10

java and CDR?
One big problem with java. It works ok, but after a while, it can't load files from mmc. It still loads midlets all right buit when I try to load a file (like in logReader, or MiniPad) it can't do it? Turnign the phone off and on clears the problem. And after a few hours it appears again.
I tried to track down the cause and I noticed that problem always appears after sending or receiving sms messages. After that I try to read log file with midlet and it won't work. Maybe it would be same with calls, but I get/receive more sms so I notice that first. It may not be to CDR but that's the occurrence...
If someone has a suggestion, idea, please help.
Thanks a lot!

adancau 09-05-2004 00:50

Not sure it's SMS related. I don't write/get many sms's, but the problem occurs too. I notice it on ReadManiac, it says Opening File, but sometimes it doesn't get around to loading it.

rizapn 09-05-2004 01:43

A temporary buffer which is used by CDR patch is "belong to" java-midlet. That is the main reason why CDR patch is not compatible with java midlet (when it is running). I try to remake all MMC file access releted patch(es) to minimize all problem caused by those patch(es). Hope I can publish it soon ...


vizionar 09-13-2004 13:48

Very, very interesting!
I've uninstalled "Allow Java midlets to access root folders" and in last two days I' didn't experienced problem of java not working correctly (not being able to load files from MMC), not even once! (Been using LogReader 0.23 for last two days since LogNavigator needs this patch to able to load logs from mmc).
I haven't received/sent many sms/calls in last two days but did receive enough to see if there's problem or not (since that java problem ocurred after every few hours before).
Can someone else try uinstalling Allow Java midlets to access root folders patch and see if it's same in his phone? If you also see that there's no problem with java, than all we have to do is change a bit LogNavigator so it uses A:\misc directory by default, without need for this Allow Java midlets to access root folders patch, and voila! :)
Post your experiences with this.

vizionar 09-14-2004 11:25

I got happy too early :) Same problem appeared again, even without that patch, although it took longer for it to show. Maybe this means something to riza and others, maybe it doens't. Anyway, we're still in stuck state :confused:

Maciek_K 09-20-2004 14:18

Hi. I have the same problem. Sometimes when I’m trying to open MicroReader I get this message:

Cannot open.
Tip: File must be

I discovered, that there is no need to reboot phone, but simply take out MMC card, then try access Java – you’ll get “Inserd card” message, so insert card, and all works fine again… until next failure :-/

In my opinion it’s caused by CDR patch. As Riza said, it uses that buffer for java midlets, but doesn’t that patch clear that temporary buffer?
I’ve noticed that the problem occurs more often, when I record some call. So when the call ends Dictaphone saves file on MMC and CDR patch does the same(?) correct me if I’m wrong. Sometimes it occurs also after receiving SMS but rarely then after call.

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