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sdimitri 08-03-2001 16:32

No network found after unlocking
Hello people<br />i have unlocked a siemens c25 v.49 (SP lock)<br />and after i power on the phone is ok but does<br />not find any network.<br />What could be the problem?<br />Thanks in advance,


landy 08-03-2001 16:58

You need find the flash with your lang. pack:


The only diference is the language pack used in every packet.

landy 08-03-2001 17:02

Any networkż?.... then try to update firmware with swup program to fw53.

You can downgrade first to fw05 just to test the phone.


Eerchant 08-03-2001 17:26

landy!!! <br />what you write here?? all is stupid and good for destroying his Phone....all you need is use Bartek 1.92 and function Repair - or just try to pust unlock button again....or use free andromeda not flash your phone or change language....

Regards Eerchant

P.S. For landy: change lng pack not solve anything and if you upgrade ANY version of C25 Power (fw version 43-53 - power versions (08-12 was not power versions)) to 53 (exept 53 but this is not upgrade) phone will be with see somewhere 05 firmware for C25....? and if yes it is not compatibile cause to version 12 C25 has other hardware inside.....if you realy do not know ... please do not talk.... <img src="mad.gif" border="0">

landy 08-03-2001 17:34

OK Eerchant, but in my first reply i was thinking that all he want is change language.

After reply again with the way to fix, he can downgrade c25 to 05, by the way he always can use c25 Total flasher and restore c25 perfectly.

Regards landy

Eerchant 08-03-2001 18:24

yes landy with C25 total flash - true...c25 POWER (version 43-53 are like CDRW <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> ) but c25 not power not work with total flasher.

<br />Best Regards Eerchant

asas 08-03-2001 19:20

your IMEI is blocked.

landy 08-03-2001 21:58

OK, thanks Eerchant.

sdimitri 08-06-2001 15:28

Hi guys!<br />The problem stil remains.<br />I used Bartek 192 repair function but<br />the phone can't find any network.<br />I want to flash the phone to a newer version<br />but i am not sure if that will really work.<br />I don't want to make any more damage to this phone. Please if you have any tested working solution advice me.



Tesco1 08-06-2001 16:20

I had this problem too, I have no step by step guide but I solved this problem when I used different software, for example Bartek 1.92 and if there was still problem than I try Andromeda, or I destruct firmware (Destroyed by C25 Unlocker) and than again try Bartek 1.92. Sometimes I try this 30 minutes, but all times I repair this bug!!!

sdimitri 08-06-2001 18:26

The problem is fixed now guys.<br />I flashed a firmware version of v49<br />and the phone finds the network now.<br />The problem is that i lost the language packet <br />with the greek language and i am looking now for a program to read from another phone the language packet and upload it to this one.

Thanks again to all of you.


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