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PYCON 07-17-2004 12:26

Hi men. Temporanealy it seems to be solved my problem with SL45i & Sensor Tool EElite BLOCK ID67. How? I've just flashed my phone with my original EEPROM.BIN file of 2 years ago... But I've a question. I saved that eeprom backup before the age of SL patches, therefore before the first patch. So... flashing eeprom I've corrupted some patches? Will I have problems? The phone starts with ALL the patches of APP Menu enabled... strange... :eek: Then I seems to be normal... but I'm afraid to have corrupted something of the patches ( at least 150 applied ).

rizapn 07-17-2004 13:16

Most of the patches has nothing to do with EEPROM.
As far as I remember, the patches which use EEPROM data are :
1. APP menu --> no problem, just modify them, and everything will be stored in the new EEPROM,
2. Password for SMS --> you may need to recreate the EEPROM block needed by this patch,
3. SMS Counter Info --> the displayed data will be changed based on the EEPROM value,
4. LOL (Loadable Op.Logo) --> just reload the screen style,
5. New menu item for Voice Command --> delete all, and then recreate


PYCON 07-17-2004 14:59

Thx a lot, great Riza... :) As in your post :

1) How do u mean with "modify" the APP Menu? :confused:
2) I've not applied SMS Password...
3) No problem, I'll just reset the values.
4) Just surf in the animations stored on the MMC, not a problem.
5) Ulp! :eek: I must delete all voice command... then recreate them?

Thank u friend. :rolleyes:

rizapn 07-17-2004 15:48

1) My "modify" was: go to the APP menu, and then select which function do you really need ... it was selected all because the value in EEPROM is 0xFFFF :)
5) If it is so important, just leave like that. You just need to delete them if you find some problem (if the value stored in the EEPROM is greater than the maximum ones used by your current firmware).


lalo.lerry 07-17-2004 15:49

Pycon, I've just answered you in our Italian forum ;)

PYCON 07-17-2004 20:07


Great, I've solved the problem. Thank u very much... I flashed with the original eeprom, I've just to set some settings again. No problems... Now Sensor Tool has returned working fine. ;)


Ya, I've read... Grazie assai amigo... :p

k1ngkong 11-29-2004 19:39


Lately, my SL45i (upgraded from SL45 using Chinese version 55 firmware) switched itself off automatically. I found RizaPN's advice here in the forum to write his eeProm. The auto-off problem upon receiving/sending calls and SMS has been rectified, but a problem of graver magnitude has emerged: when I copied phone numbers from SMS received, or keyed in phone numbers into phonebook on the MMC, the phone hanged, and the MMC has been destroyed! A 128 MB and 64 MB cannot be formatted or accessed using the phone! Using a card reader connected to the USB port of my notebook to format or access the card too has failed--the hour glass keeps appearing forever, and restarting my notebook cannot be restarted by control-alt-del, but must be reset!

1> Anyway I can get back data on the MMCs?

2> What is the cause of the above?

3> How to recetify this?

I gave up using NOKIA 3650 and returned to the beloved SL45i, but this is truely sad for me losing valuable phone numbers and notes written MicroReader stored on the MMCs. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

Hon [email protected]

trustkill 11-29-2004 21:22

@k1ngkong: Why do you post the same thing twice ?

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