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rizapn 03-28-2003 00:24

SLIKv56: Flash Patching (3rd part) ...
The 1st and 2nd part of SLIKv56 Flash Patching already too long. Let's continue it here ...


1. There is a sticky posting about "Flash Patching". Post only (please...) a flash patching there. DO NOT post any comment, suggestion, or discussion in THAT STICKY TOPIC !!!. That sticky is created to help everyone who really want to search patch with more easy... Let's make it clear and shorter ...

2. Please do not create one unique topic for requesting patch. Use this topic to post your request, comment, suggestion, or discussion about flash patching.

3. Please read at least the sticky ones (and better if you read also the 1st and the 2nd part of "Flash Patching" topics), before posting any patch request.

- Inbox, Outbox, Illumination, and Archive programmable hotkey
- Additional "_nnn_nnn" string in the SMS Archive filename
- "Send via IrDA" for JAR file
- *,#,and 0 followed by [GREEN] shortcut
- Disable "Do you want to copy all SIM Card ..."
- Shortcut for "Card-Explorer" and "SIM-Location"
- 0 and # followed by Right-Soft-Key shortcut
- Band-Selection menu under Network-Setup
- Disable AeroCheck
- Activate NetMonitor
- Short press of # for unlock
- Switch between SIM-Location and Addressbook for SMS
- Assign Any Melody to Any Phone Number
- Animated Screen Saver and Operator Logo
- Use only long-press of # for unlock
- Unhide Calendar menu for During Calls mode
- Earphone Correction after ffmod Modification
- Hide SIM Application Menu
- Add Voice Command menu items
- Use 0-9,*,# followed by Left-Soft-Key as shortcuts
- Doing something else while playing MP3
- Use SIM-Location for SMS while playing MP3
- Modify MP3Player FF function to become SKIP or QUIT
- Unhide "Card-Explorer" menu for phone without SIM-Card
- Programmable Run Midlet shortcut
- Midlet shortcut using 0,9,#, and + followed by [RIGHT]
- Direct new entry for SIM-Location
- '\\' and '/' for Filename input
- Using midlet as a Screen Saver

Thank's for ALL,

masterross 03-28-2003 00:38

hi Riza,
i know that Shortcut for "Card-Explorer" and "SIM-Location" is already made
but cant use together Up arrow - "SIM-Location" and Right arrow - "Card-Explorer"
these pathes uses same byte
please help me for that

ValeraVi 03-28-2003 00:42

Thank's for all this usefull patches!
But, can you tell me it is hard to assign some key (is is better for me that it will be a long press of one key) for toggling between profiles "Norm.Environ." and "Quiet Environ."?
Best regards, ValeraVi.

rizapn 03-28-2003 00:57

Why don't you use LEFT Arrow for SIM-Location?
Don't you need your Voice Dial capability ?

Is it not same with long-press of * button?
It will turn all sound OFF or ON right?


masterross 03-28-2003 01:25

i didnt use left arrow couse i better to use down arrow - address book and up arrow - sim-location
bur never mind
for me it's much important to find way to wiev bitmap before upload to screen (like S/Me45)

miriddin 03-28-2003 06:38

Thanks RizaPN for your great work!
About the "midlet as screensaver" patch, i would like to know if i need to reset the preview "start animation screensaver" patch.

Rojer 03-28-2003 07:27

Hi, Riza! What about the patch showing both caller number and name? It will be very useful.

gosicnarf 03-28-2003 07:45

Hi RIZAPN the midlet for screensaver is very nice... i placed your rpnClock on it and it is wonderfull!:D

but one think i noticed is that you cannot access now the the PTT Button when keypad is locked....

is it possible to have this patch as well??? together with the screensaver???


ValeraVi 03-28-2003 09:20

Thank's for you answer.
If i long press * the sounds is turned OFF and ON - i know this, but then (when i turn OFF sound by long press * ) i dont feel a incoming calls.
If, when i turn sound OFF also vibra will be turned ON (and - if i turn sound ON, vibra also turned OFF) it will be beautifully. May be this method is more easy to implement for you, if you want?

pgiersz 03-28-2003 11:28

can you add a scroll at the right side when i'm in inbox and outbox menu???
sorry for my english :-)

gr_diver 03-28-2003 12:26

why don't you enable the silent alert in the profile, so that it will vibrate nomatter whether sound is ON or OFF by long *?

ValeraVi 03-28-2003 13:37

I do not have a problem with turn ON and OFF the sounds and the vibra!!! I have read the maunal and i know how i can turn all this stuff OFF and ON!!!!
My problem is:
Every day i go to the work at morning. And at evening i go to home :) At work i use profile "Quiet" - because i DO NOT want that my phone is ringing by the speaker - only by the vibra - because at work my mobile is in my pocket and i can easy feel the incoming call. At home - my mobile lies at the desk, and use "Normal" profile - vibra is OFF, sounds is ON. And if i go to the another room i can heart the ring from speaker (i cannot hear the vibra if i in another room :)).... And my general problem - that every day (minimum - twice in a day) i must switch between "Norm" and "Quiet" profiles. For do this i must press a lot amount of buttons :): *, RigthSoftKey, UpKey (or DownKey), RigthSoftKey, RedKey. I.e - 5 keys. And therefore i ask RizaPN to help me to decrease amount of key to ONE LONG PRESS of some sey (for examlpe key8).

ProjectZero 03-28-2003 15:06

i love your midlet-screensaver-patch! the only thing, you can improve is the remove of the keylock. in this patch it suffices to press the red button for a short time. i think it will be more perfect, if i have to press the #button longly.
i hope, it's possible...

vikado77 03-28-2003 15:52

i love your midlet-screensaver-patch too.
and i use your clock.
But now i can't see, if i get a message, if the midlet is on.
Is it possible, to keep the menu-text, where your name is shown at your clock.
So you can recognize, if you get a call or a message, like at the animated logo!!!
Is it possible??

by_men 03-28-2003 17:53


J like RizaPN patche`s but the screen saver patch is excellent
But J have problem ,J can`t see if get SMS or anybody call for my .
Maybe you can remake your patch ... ??

..Sorry for my english .. J still learn english ..

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