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Raskal 06-07-2006 11:05

FREE JAF Phlips released
JAF-Philips is ready

If you do not like this software, PLEASE DO NOT USE IT if you like it, enjoy and have fun.

Maybe some of you need it, maybe some of you do not need it, however, it is FREE available but it works only with Pkey. It can not cost you money, it can bring you only money, so we hope to make a nice present for our customers.

JAF-Philips is made by another coder and we asked him to support it. If he will do in future we will see, but soft is free so please do not ask for updates. If we will deliver updates is okay if not is also okay. JAF and ME we are first of all focused on our JAF box support for Nokia, but we promise we try like always our best also for this as far it is possible for us.

Flash files upload is in progress, but we still have some small problems with our server, i hope it to be done in next 48 hours. The software is based on old wray software so the one have wray, they can use the files with this software. You need RS232 cable sets and pkey. JAF box is not necessary to run this software.

We have upload a beta version unter : It is a beta, please test it and report bugs.

Best Regards,
Odeon Team

p.s. please update your PKEY in order to be able to use this software

Raskal 06-07-2006 11:30

I forgot to post the supported phones

-Philips 160
-Philips 362
-Philips 659
-Philips Xenium [email protected]
-Philips Xenium [email protected]
-Philips Xenium [email protected]
-Philips Xenium [email protected]
-Philips 162
-Alcatel OT155
-Alcatel OT156
-Alcatel OT355
-Philips 759
-Philips 760
-Philips 859
-Siemens SF65
-Philips 650
-Philips 655
-Philips 755
-Philips 855
-Philips 350
-Philips 355
-Philips 639
-Philips 636
-Philips 630
-Philips 535
-Philips 530
-Philips 330
-Philips Xenium [email protected]++
-Philips Fisio 825
-Philips Fisio 822
-Philips Fisio 820
-Philips Fisio 620
-Philips Fisio 625
-Philips Fisio 316
-Philips Fisio 311
-Philips Fisio 121
-Philips Fisio 120
-Philips Azalis 238
-Philips Azalis 288
-Philips Ozeo
-Philips Xenium ALL
-Philips Genie2000

More to be added in the next 14 days.


The Repair Shop 06-07-2006 11:46

Thanks but this is not working for me, the software starts but it does not see my P-KEY so i can not use it

Raskal 06-07-2006 11:49

Have u updated your pkey online before ? I think you did not .

Update your pkey and try again.



The Repair Shop 06-07-2006 11:55

Yep you where right Raskel, i should off checked before i post lol

Thanks for the great FREE add-on.

pgtl 06-07-2006 12:01

what cable can use ?

szff 06-07-2006 12:03

no china Languages file

desgrassia69 06-07-2006 12:06

personally I do not have any use at the moment for this, but thank you anyway. As you said, it is FREE. So even if I do not use it, I would like to thank you for providing another update to us, JAF users.

This is something that makes me happy being a JAF customer: support :)

sorry for the "useless" post, but sometimes I feel I have to give a "feedback" about good feelings I have ;)

AndreS 06-07-2006 12:07


Originally Posted by pgtl
what cable can use ?

read first post from this thread.
You need RS232 cable sets and pkey


simply amazing 06-07-2006 12:08

please post here the cable pinout........ty

The_Gorr 06-07-2006 12:29

nice gift Jaf team


<= The_Gorr =>

Invader 06-07-2006 12:36

Good move!

Fisrt test :-)

Power ON Phone

Version: 171006
Type: CT1208

Unsuported version

Raskal 06-07-2006 14:43


Originally Posted by Invader
Good move!

Fisrt test :-)

Power ON Phone

Version: 171006
Type: CT1208

Unsuported version

in this case, you have read button and send button. After read flash you press send button, and the flash file is submitted to our server for the update.


Itanium 06-07-2006 15:19


Originally Posted by simply amazing
please post here the cable pinout........ty

Philips 5-in-1 serial cable kit

Raskal 06-07-2006 16:05

I am happy all ppl say thanks to me, but i am just a small part of team. Behind me is a lot of ppl supporting me, i also want to say big big thanks to all this ppl made this gift possible for our JAF users. But now we still have a lot of work, we need fix the support area as soon as possible.


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