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The_Gorr 07-17-2008 14:31

★★★ Sucessfull unlocked/repaired phones using PolarBox ★★★
Hi To all,
we created this thread to post all Sucessfull unlocked / repaired phones using polar box2...
so please post here Only sucessfull operations, ( with screen capture if possible or with phones infos),
u can also post ur test to unlock not listed phones :)
this can help u, polar team and new users to have good idea about what this box can do ;)

out topic posts will be deleted

Thanks in advance ;)

<= The_Gorr =>

The_Gorr 07-17-2008 14:42

Sucessfull unlock Sagem my202v.CHARGE NO LOGS

Here is log.

Flash ID.: 01001A01 , Spansion 4 Mb.
Phone S/W : EBI_IO_141107_1557
IMEI : 351568-02-174987-5

Phone Connected OK....

Reading Simlock Zone....
Simlock Backup Saved...
Writing Simlock Zone....

Phone is Unlocked Ok...

Successfull unlock Sargem VS5

ROM Version. : 0411
Hash Key. : 60F566B52F9E5B74
Sending Certificate......OK
Sending First Boot......OK
Sending Second Boot......OK
Wait Response from Phone......OK
Reading Data...Can take 30/120 Secs...Wait......OK
Connecting Server...

- Credits....: 9
- Your codes: 3924705619 and 2846769427
- Credits Now : 8
- Log Savved...

Phone Readed OK..

successfull unlock Lg G7100

Please Wait..Sending Boot ...

Flash ID.: 98840002 , Toshiba 16 Mb.
IMEI : 351715-00-114367-0
Phone S/W : G7100_P32FL_V104
Operator : 214-07 , Movistar, Spain

Phone Connected OK....

Please Wait..Unlocking ...

Some phones SouthAmerican after unlock
phone still locked.
You must flash phone using any Firmware
in polar support.
After this, repeat unlock process and
phone will be unlocked

Phone Unlocked OK....
Enter 2945#*# without a sim inside
and select 'Fact. Reset'.

Thanks to rotelcam for this report

Successfully unlocked phones SE J-110i O2

Sending Loader..Wait ...

Flash ID.: 49628900 , Intel 4 Mb.
Phone ID : 02360700C746F1
Phone Firmware Vers... KIM-5-039C-000
Phone L/P.... KIM-0-039C-002

Phone Connected OK...

Make SpLock Backup...
Reading SpLock Wait...
Unlocking Phone...Wait...
Erasing SpLock Wait....
Writing SpLock Wait....

Phone Unlocked OK....

Thanks to jamal2010 for this report


<= The_Gorr =>

mamepap 07-18-2008 13:37

Samsung B300 Unlocked Successfuly
1 Attachment(s)
Searching Phone Please Wait ...

Phone S/W Version: B300XXHE2
Phone Imei: ***************

Unlocking Please Wait...

Phone Is Unlocked Ok...

rotelcam 07-18-2008 15:08

unlock Alcatel E207. sp lock and those that ask fone cose without sim inside.
Hi mates., u know the E207 conector point is little further deu to the dept of it housing., os, is imposible to use the mormal E*** cable to unlock. all u have to do is to make pinout using any Rj45 cable or u have to buy an extra E*** cable and use it for the pinout for easy undertand of it configuration. then u can dowload pinout diagram from support area and apply.for unlock Sp lock. u do normal proceedure. while for those that ask fone code without sim is software error and u have to do full flash. just download full too and full flash the handset.

here is log for Sp lock.

Connecting Phone..Wait..

Flash ID.: 017E2400 , AMD 4 Mb.
Phone Type : E207X
Firmware Vers. : 300_100
Phone S/W Version : E207X-2ARGFR
Operator / Country: ORANGE / FRANCE
Languages : EN FR DE IT ES
Phone ID. : 12HZCA5MQ1754E26
Reading Backup SpLock Zone...
Backup SpLock File Saved..

Phone Conected Ok..
Calculating Security Zone...
Reading Data... Wait...
Writing Data... Wait...

Phone Unlocked OK...


The_Gorr 07-18-2008 15:32

Skyzen EZ700 100000% tested!!!!
thx to @tatoapf


<= The_Gorr =>

The_Gorr 07-18-2008 15:39

Sagem my220x Unlocked Successfuly


<= The_Gorr =>

Product Support 07-18-2008 19:15

kg208 tested and 100% working
already posted solution :)
Selected Lg KG-928
Use LG 7050 Datacable

100% working

rotelcam 07-19-2008 12:09

Success unlock Alc E265 by code.
The customer never wanted to mise any of his settings nor personal info.
So, PB2 did it all to satify him by just reading the NCK for me to enter manualy without altering any inch of the handset configuration.

here is log.
Connecting Phone..Wait..

Flash ID.: 017E0A01 , AMD 4 Mb.
Phone Type : E265
Phone S/W Version : E265X-2ARGFR1
Operator / Country: ORANGE / FRANCE
Languages : EN FR DE IT ES
Phone IMEI : 359666-00-138198-2

Phone Conected Ok..

Reading Phone Codes...
Phone Readed OK...
Calculating Codes...

NCK : 1126140353
NSCK : 0000000000
SPCK : 0000000000
CCK : 0000000000
PCK : 0000000000

Reset : 5383145324

Thanks to Polar Team.:)

mamepap 07-21-2008 20:01

Vodafone 226 Unlocked Ok
1 Attachment(s)
Unlocked Without Any Problems.

qvadis 07-22-2008 08:49

Please Wait..Sending Boot ...

Flash ID.: 897E0404 , Intel 64 Mb.
Sec. Flash ID.: 897E0404 , Intel 64 Mb.
IMEI : 354963-01-*****-*
Phone S/W : KE970_P40_V10e

Phone Connected OK....

Please Wait..Unlocking ...

Sending Sec. Loader... Please Wait....
Sec. Loader Ok....
Reading Simlock Zone....
Writing Simlock Zone....

Phone Unlocked OK...

jamal2010 07-22-2008 22:08

Unlock Sucessfull motorola C121
Connecting Phone Please Wait ...

Flash ID.: 89C20101 , Intel 2 Mb.
Phone IMEI : 353290-01-545682-5
Phone S/W : 1.0.75.E.
Lang. Version : LPE_C115_EMEA_T1_169
Flex Version : FFE_C115_5F_369

Phone Connected OK....

Please Wait..Reading Codes ...

Nck Code : 94132753
Pck Code : 34113568

Codes Readed OK....

mamepap 07-24-2008 11:56

unlocked ok vodafone 228
1 Attachment(s)
vodafone 228 with french language backup and full flash all sent in [email protected]

rotelcam 07-25-2008 16:01

success unlock Sam D900
Use rj45 D800cable. fone working 100% ok.
no emei change. have full network.

here is log.

Please Wait Connecting Phone ...

Unlocking Please Wait...

Phone Is Unlocked Ok...

Long live PB2. but waiting for update that will include
Lg ku250,ku380,ku385
Sam J600,U700,L760,Z170
i know u will do it soon..:p

mamepap 07-26-2008 18:50

Samung Z230 Unlocked Ok
1 Attachment(s)
Phone Connected...

Phone Imei... 3***********
Phone F/W... R9XAB85296
Reading SpLock Zone......OK
Calculating Msl Password......OK
Sending Msl Command......OK
Sending Unlock Command......OK
Sending PhoneLock Command......OK

Phone is Unlocked OK...

rotelcam 07-28-2008 14:02

Sucessfull unlock Sam E900
Use D800 rj45cable. fone powered on without sim and press direct onlock.
Handset working 100%. No emei change

Searching Phone Please Wait ...

Phone S/W Version: E900ACFE2
Phone Imei: 35****-**-******-*

Unlocking Please Wait...

Phone Is Unlocked Ok...
Thnks to PB2.

Nb. Anxiously awaiting new updates.

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