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<<<<all MotoRocker setup>>>>

Complete Motorola phones servicing device
Ultima Box Light news
Released MotoRocker V4.03 (click for download)

- Added full support (unlock, repair, read/write flash) for Motorola ODM models:
EM325, W175, W180, W181, W205, W208, W209, W218,
W230, W270, W370, W375, W377, W388, W396, W397, W397v
- Changed Reset Box Usage and Turbo Support protocol and server addresses
Released MotoRocker V3.00 (click for download)

- Added TP unlock support for LTE2 with ROM4 models using UBL Active Testpoint cable
- Added TP unlock support for K3, V3xx, V6 MAXX and V1100 models using UBL Active Testpoint cable
Released MotoRocker V2.20 (click for download)

-Added support Without TP for following models/bootloaders:
L7(R4513_G) - bootloader 0902
V360(R4513_G) - bootloader 0902
L7(R44419_G) - bootloader 0902
V360(R44419_G) - bootloader 0902
Released MotoRocker V2.19 (click for download)

-Added support Without TP for following models/bootloaders:
K1(R4527_G) - 0AB2, 0AC0, 0AC3
K1(R452H4_G) - 0AB2, 0AC0, 0AC3
K1(R452F_G) - 0AB2, 0AC0, 0AC3
L7e/L7i/L71 (R452D_G) - 0AB2, 0AC0, 0AC3
Z3(R452B_G) - 0AB2, 0AC0, 0AC3
Z3(R452F1_G) - 0AB2, 0AC0, 0AC3
Z3(R452H6_G) - 0AB2, 0AC0, 0AC3

It is also possible to change IMEI Without using TP on K1 and Z3.
BUT, only one time without TP (when phone is in ORIGINAL state).
Procedure is this:
1. Connect powered up phone and press Enter Blank
2. Wait software message "Set Blank Mode completed ok
3. Remove cable and battery
4. Insert cable and battery (LCD will be blank)
5. Wait software to detect phone then Write IMEI
You have to NOT use Leave Blank after new IMEI was written!!!
If you want to change IMEI second time on same phone,
(phone is with changed IMEI already) you will have to use TP.
Released MotoRocker V2.18 (click for download)

- Added Reset permanently blocked phones function for L6/L7 iMode
- Added Format user area function for L6/L7 iMode
- Added more detailed info how to enter codes on L6/L7 iMode
- Added File Langpack Info button under Turbo Support tab
- Added popup message with languages inside file when select file for flash
- Added DEMO Mode (can run software without UBL connected)

DEMO Mode operations (without UBL connected):
* Read P2K Phone Info
* Reset P2k Phone Security code to 000000
* Reset P2k Phone User code to 1234
* View testpoint picture and text details
* View language pack descriptions
* View Turbo Support as DEMO Support
Released MotoRocker V2.17 (click for download)

- Corrected change IMEI procedure for V3r(R3443U2_G), L7(R4517_G), V360(R4517_G), V3r(R4515_G)
- Improved phone connection details (now Model-BOOT is splited in Model-FLASH and Model-BLANK)
- Show phone connection status in all operations progress (even if waiting for user operation - like message boxes)
Released MotoRocker V2.16 (click for download)

- Added unlock and PDS repair for L7i/L7e/L71(R452D_G)
- Added unlock for L9/L72(R452J_G)
- Improved change IMEI function for K1 and Z3
(testpoint connection required now only at start of procedure)
- Removed bug when change IMEI on Z3 (error 20070406)
- Added change IMEI function for K1(R452F) and Z3(R452H6)
- Added repair PDS for Z3(R452H6)
- Added embedded testpoint details for L7i/L7e/L71, L9/L72 and W510
- Corrected Read phone info for K1, Z3, L7i/L7e/L71, L9/L72 and W510
- Corrected repair PDS on LTE TRIPLETS models (write correct bootloader after repair)
- New driver added for Motorola models (automatic instalation)
Released MotoRocker V2.15 (click for download)

- Added change IMEI function for K1(R4527), Z3(R452B), Z3(R452F1)
- Corrected Access Violation bug when unlocking some old LTE models (e.g. V3 with boot 07E0)
Released MotoRocker V2.14 (click for download)

- Added change IMEI function for
C38x(R364_G), C38x(R365_G), C390(R368_G), C65x(R364_G), C65x(R365_G),
V18x(R364_G), V22x(R364_G), V18x(R365_G), V22x(R365_G), V3(R374_G)
Released MotoRocker V2.13 (click for download)

- Added change IMEI function for
E1(R373_G), E79x(R373_G), L2(R3511_G), L2(R3517_G), L6(R3511_G), L6(R3517_G),
L6(R3443H1_G), U6(R478_G), V557(R4512_G), V19x(R3511_G), V19x(R3517_G)
Released MotoRocker V2.12 (click for download)

- Added change IMEI function for
L7(R4513_G), L7(R44419_G), L7iTunes(R4517_G), V235(R3512_G),
V360(R4513_G), V360i(R44419_G), V360iTunes(R4517_G),
V3i(R3443H3_G), V3i(R479_G), V3i(R4441D_G), V3iTunes(R47A_G),
V3r(R4515_G), V3r(R3443U2_G)
- Improved P2K USB communication (switching between MEM_CARD, P2K, Flash modes)
Released MotoRocker V2.11 (click for download)

- Added unlock and PDS repair support for A1200 R532_G
- Added unlock and PDS repair support for E2 R564_G
- Added unlock support for E6 R533_G
- Added embeded testpoint details for A1200, E2, E6 models
- Improved embedded Testpoint description procedure for each model
Released MotoRocker V2.10 (click for download)

- Added change IMEI function for C975, C980, V975, V980 with 32MB flash (Rxxx_xx_2x_xx)
- Added unlock and PDS repair for K1 KRZR R452H4 and R452F
- Added unlock support for W510 R452G
- Added PDS repair support for Z3 RIZR R452B
- Added unlock and PDS repair support for Z3 RIZR R452F1
- Completely rewritten unlock procedure for C975, C980, V975, V980, E1000, and V1050
(now should no mor be 0x1DE errors when unlocking this models)
- Improved COM ports list autodetect for ODM models
- Added "Rescan ports" button for ODM models interface
- Added support for AC101 UBL ODM cable based on PL2303 chip
(contact your reseller for this cable - no more problems for ODM C11x, C139, C140)
Released MotoRocker V1.27 (click for download)

- Added "IMEI repair" function for V3x, E770, E1070, V1075, V1150
(can set digits to any value, so is user responsability regarding laws)
- Removed COM port detection bug for L6/L7 iMode from version 1.26
- Internal prepared to add "IMEI repair" function for all other platforms
Released MotoRocker V1.26 (click for download)

- Added read phone info button for P2K based models
- Added flex and flash operations support for P2K ARGON based models
(V3xx, V6 MAXX, V1100, K3)
- Added User, Security and Subsidy codes reset for P2K ARGON based models
- Changed TCI interface routines to support P2K ARGON based models
- Added unlock support for W220 with firmware SCY-7-108A-000 and SCY-7-117A-000
- Improved flash support for W220 model
- Added flash files for W220 in turbo-support zone

For P2K ARGON based models is required new drivers.
Download link for NEW P2K drivers you can find it in support area.

Released MotoRocker V1.25 (click for download)

- Added W220 unlocking support (safe read codes)
- Added support for W220 repair unauthorized
- Added W220 flash read and write operations (Firmware, Language, Flex, Images, Melodies)
- Added UFS communication interface for ODM based models
(due to FTDI drivers small packets problems, try to not use this on C11x, C12x, C139, C140)
- Added Full Flash backup button (readed files can be written back to ODM phones)
- Corrected "buffer too small" ODM communication bug from v1.24
- Added autodetect system COM ports for ODM communications
- Completely changed ODM serial port communication routines
Released MotoRocker V1.24 (click for download)

- Added support for flashing original Motorola SBF files
- Added info about major bootloader supported in SHX, SBF, GTC files
- Added info about bootloader version in phone when flashing
- Added warning message when major bootloader from flash file is lower
than bootloader in connected phone for flashing
- Improvements in flashing communications and flash file handling
- Added P2K detection when phone is set to Mass Memory Storage connection
- Automaticaly switch P2K phones from mass Memory Storage to Modem connection
- Added automaticaly unlock method select based on bootloader version
(removed Without TP button)
- Completely changed without TP unlock method for POG 3G models
(now should work on new E1070 phones)
- Added function to set Subsidy code to 00000000 on unlocked phones
(usefull before flash 1FF file and not know if file have network locked flex)
- Added without TP unlock support for C390 with bootloader 08.26
- Added Repair PDS support for C390 (R368_G)
- Added without TP unlock support for V3i (R4441D_G) with bootloader up to 0A.30
- Added without TP unlock support for V195 (R3443U1_G)
- Added Repair PDS support for V195 (R3443U1_G)
- Added Repair Boot function (using cutted track) for ODM C11x, C12x models
- Added Testpoint details (cutting track) for ODM C11x, C12x models
Released MotoRocker V1.23 (click for download)

- Improved serial communication for ODM based models - Added RTS and DTR initial lines setup for ODM serial communication
Released MotoRocker V1.20 (click for download)

- Added support for ACER based models:
C113, C113a, C114, C115, C116, C117, C118, C121, C122, C139, C140
- Completely redesigned ODM based models tab
- Added more functions for ODM based models:
Read Firmware, Read Language Pack, Read Flex, Read FFS, Read EEPROM
Released MotoRocker V1.16 (click for download)

- Added support for Motorola COMPAL based models:
C257, C261, V175, V176, V177
- Prepared to add support for Motorola ACER based models (will be added in next updates)
Released MotoRocker V1.15 (click for download)

- Added Box Usage info and Reset Box Usage button
The box usage counter is just for security reasons, not any other payments required now and in future!
Reset Box Usage function require Internet connection.
- Changed PDS repair and Easy Skip TP unlock for E1 ROKR models with bootloader 0A02 and 0A04
Released MotoRocker V1.14

- Changed PDS Repair method for all LTE based supported models
- Changed PDS Repair method for all LTE2 based supported models
- Added Repair PDS support for:
U6(R478_G), V557(R4512_G), E1(R373_G), E79x(R373_G),
V600i(TRIPLETS_G), V620(TRIPLETS_G), E550(R376_G),
V535(R376_G), V54x(R376_G), V550(R376_G), V600i(R376_G),
V620(R376_G), V54x(R47_G), V551(R47_G), V330(R472_G),
V54x(R472_G), V551(R472_G), V555(R472_G), E39x(R372_G),
E39x(R372_G), E375(R3721_G), E378i(R3722_G), V635(R474_G), V80(R37_G)
- Corrected PDS repair and Without TP unlock for V19x, E1 ROKR models
- Corrected unlock for C975 with bootloader lower than 0631
(now upgrade to 0631 bootloader after unlock procedure)
- Improved USB comunication for LTE and LTE2 based models
- Removed bug when try to backup Bootcore, PDS, Fullflash
- Corrected bug with reading 'fake' bootloader version (e.g. E000)
- Changed TP image details for V3r and V3i (new TP images without need to remove any metal plate)
- Changed some messages when make Without TP unlock on LTE and LTE2 models
Released MotoRocker V1.13

- Added unlock Without TP for V3 with bootloader 08.29
- Improved unlocking for C9xx, V9xx with bootloaders 05.F1-06.31
- Added new button "Switch connected phone modes" (help to easy insatll all drivers)
Released MotoRocker V1.12

-Solved bug (phones not unlocked) when unlocking Without TP following models/bootloaders:
V3x - 0671, 0681, 0682, 0683, 0684
E770 - 0671, 0681, 0682, 0683, 0684
E1070 - 0671, 0681, 0682, 0683, 0684
V1075 - 0671, 0681, 0682, 0683, 0684
V1150 - 0671, 0681, 0682, 0683, 0684
- Added Reset User Code button (set User Code to 1234)
- Added Reset Sec Code buton (set Security Code to 000000)
- Added Lock to network button (enter 5 digits MCC,MNC number before lock)
- Added new tab with Full messages displayed (please post log from here when you have problems).
- Enabled Without TP button for E1 ROKR models (was forgeted to be enabled in previous version).
Released MotoRocker V1.11

-Added support Without TP for following models/bootloaders:
V3x - 0671, 0681, 0682, 0683, 0684
E770 - 0671, 0681, 0682, 0683, 0684
E1070 - 0671, 0681, 0682, 0683, 0684
V1075 - 0671, 0681, 0682, 0683, 0684
V1150 - 0671, 0681, 0682, 0683, 0684
E1 ROKR - 0A02, 0A04, 0A05
Released MotoRocker V1.10

- Added new tab with Read Codes for L6/L7 iMode (Mitsubishi based platform)
- Work on all versions (V12, V13)
- Autodetect phone and autoselect COM port
(no need to bother your head with COM selection, Control Panel, ...)
- Prepared for Direct Unlock and IMEI Repair for Mitsubishi platform based phones
(will be released in near future version)
Released MotoRocker V1.09

- Added new tab to access Support area
(all operationas like browse/download are embedded inside UBL software)
Released MotoRocker V1.07

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please help me out i still need my box
MotoRocker setup i dont maid of the version
my PC crashed please help me with setup for this box

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Originally Posted by ibrajinja View Post
please help me out i still need my box
MotoRocker setup i dont maid of the version
my PC crashed please help me with setup for this box

You can download from
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