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AssComm 12-20-2009 13:37

3GS black screen, only DFU mode available
My battery was about 40%, the next morning I woke up the Iphone didn't turn on.
It's only responding in DFU mode with Itunes.
Bootloader: iBoot-359.3
Firmware: 3.1.2
Had the problem before with a previous Iphone, with that phone it was solved with disconnecting the battery but that didn't solved it on this phone.....
A Blackra1n jb was used.

When restoring I always get a 1601 error with original fw and 1600 with a custom firmware.
Already tried a reinstall of all Apple sw and also tried it on different pc's

Holding the home and power button for 60 seconds also didn't work.

I don't have a dump of the iBEC and iBSS

Anyone have an idea or clue how to solve it?

Thanks in advance

cmjohn 12-20-2009 13:52

keep charger plugged in for some time, not with computer usb. allow to charge. then restore and jailbrake then all will be fine

AssComm 12-20-2009 13:58

Already plugged in the charger for about 14 hours...
Will try it for a longer time will also order a new battery, just in case

lalitjsraks 12-20-2009 14:00

did u try here

read it carefully its for u only

AssComm 12-20-2009 14:04

I don't get the recovery mode, my screen stays black.
Blackra1n doesn't see my phone because It's always in DFU mode :confused:

lalitjsraks 12-20-2009 14:11

try to restore again and use blackra1n again .
and remember to connect iphone directly to computer's usb.

AssComm 12-20-2009 14:32

Still getting a 1600 or 1601 error
Tested with original and custom firmware on a pc and a Macbook

Isn't there a way to flash new firmware without itunes?

lalitjsraks 12-20-2009 14:42

no bro u can only restore it by itunes but try it with an another pc.

btw does ur iphone shows"imei :unknown iccid ; unknown"

bagus-bagus 12-20-2009 14:45

did u try here

lalitjsraks 12-20-2009 14:48


Originally Posted by bagus-bagus (Post 5162620)

so btw, where is the thread?????????????????????

AssComm 12-20-2009 14:49

Can't see a thing if I only have a blackscreen and in DFU mode Itunes can't read such things.
Already tried it on several pc's...
Will try it tomorrow on some other pc's that I didn't used yet.

tito millo 12-20-2009 14:53

Are u on Win or Mac Os?? if u r running in Win i suggest to find a friend with a Mac and ask him to help u to restore the phone using the Mac sometimes iPhones cant be restored on Win so try in a Mac and post the result, if it not works and is under waranty take it to ur official carrier service center and ask them to repair it or bring it to a an Apple Store

Tito Millo

lalitjsraks 12-20-2009 14:53

i solve many iphone problems by changing pc.

lalitjsraks 12-20-2009 14:55


Originally Posted by AssComm (Post 5162573)
Still getting a 1600 or 1601 error
Tested with original and custom firmware on a pc and a Macbook

Isn't there a way to flash new firmware without itunes?

@tito millo

he's using mac only

AssComm 12-20-2009 14:56

I have both OS's OSX and Win, on both systems it won't work.
The only difference is that I get a 1600 error on the Mac with a custom firmware.
I don't have any warranty because the phone already has been openend.

Will try to swap the battery that will be my last resort I think....

Originally Posted by bagus-bagus (Post 5162620)

You probably ment
That's about a 2G and all the things I already tried without any succes...

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