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FlashTool All mtk cpu read and writ Formet

FlashTool All mtk cpu read and writ Formet


Release Note

================== FlashTool v2.9.1001 (2006/05/25) ==================
Bug fixes:

New features:
1. [FlashTool/BROM_DLL] Support Multi-Load Autodetection Download.


================== FlashTool v2.8.1001 (2006/05/23) ==================
Bug fixes:
1. [DA] Fix a bug for wrong information about S71PL129N in Flash Device Table.
2. [DA] Fix a bug for Software Unlock Command Sequence wrong block address in Renesas driver. Within 64Mb, DQ7 in block address is fixed 0.
3. [FlashTool] Fix a bug to prevent Scroll back to Page1 when redrawing Test DA message.
4. [DA/BROM_DLL] Fix a bug for manually format failure on MT6228 NFB EVB.

New features:
1. [FlashTool/BROM_DLL/DA] Support 6229 Download, add m_emi_gen_c in DRAM setting
2. [DA] Support High-Address-Bus pins test for NOR Flash.
3. [DA] Supports new NOR flash device.
[INTEL] 28F3204C3TD70, [MemoCom] KS03204
4. [DA] Supports new NAND flash device.


================== FlashTool v2.7.1017 (2006/03/31) ==================
Bug fixes:
1. [DA] Fix download failure for a binary that is smaller than sector size (eg. 8KB).
2. [DA] Fix <<<RAM_BEGIN>>> and <<<RAM_END>>> pattern interfere with INTEL Sibley/Woodmere flash in DetectExtRAM().
3. [DA] Fix RENESAS superAND format validation failure problem.
4. [BROM_DLL] Set BootROM read timeout to 4ms to increase start command hit rate in auto-boot mode.
5. [BROM_DLL] Fix FAT range information doesn't store in DA_REPORT_T structure.
6. [BROM_DLL] Fix return code error. Detected a hardware failure, but returned the wrong failure return code "SOC check failure".
7. [FlashTool] Use known BBCHIP_TYPE and EXT_CLOCK to increase start command hit rate in "Reset to Factory Default" procedure.

New features:
1. [BROM_DLL] Highly increasing BootROM baudrate to 115200 by baseband chip UART auto-baud feature.
2. [DA] Supports SST family NOR flash device.
[SST] SST34HF16x1
[SST] SST34HF32x4


================== FlashTool v2.7.1016 (2006/03/08) ==================
Bug fixes:
1. [BROM_DLL] Stop sending DA_FINISH_CMD command when DA_ENABLE_WATCHDOG_CMD is issued.
2. [BROM_DLL] Using local DA_REPORT_T variable to avoid multithread unsafe problem.

New features:
1. [DA] Support RENESAS superAND flash read back and format operation.
2. [FlashTool&BROM_DLL] Auto-load bin files under scatter file's directory when scatter file is selected.
3. [BROM_DLL] Add DA_LoadByFilepathEx() and DA_LoadEx() to bypass DA validation.
4. [DA] Supports new NOR flash device.
[INTEL] PF48F50xxM0x1xx
[INTEL] PF48F40xxM0x0xx
[INTEL] PF48F40xxM0x1xx
5. [DA] Supports new NAND flash device.
[RENESAS] superAND 512Mb/8bits
[RENESAS] superAND 512Mb/16bits
[Infineon] HYF33DS51280
[Infineon] HYF33DS1G80
[Infineon] HYF33DS1G16

1. [BROM_DLL] Dump BootROM start cmd sequence in debug log.

================== FlashTool v2.7.1015 (2006/01/14) ==================
Bug fixes:
1. [FlashTool] Fix scatter file path doesn't update on UI.
2. [BROM_DLL&DA] Workaround reading DSP version failure issue in some production lines, rollback to the old method for reading DSP version.
3. [DA] Fix SHARP LH28F16 flash download fail problem.

New features:
1. [DA] Supports INTEL Sibley family flash.
2. [DA] Supports new NOR flash device.

1. [FlashTool] Record normal mode and test mode DA path separatedly.
2. [BROM_DLL&DA] Enhance DA_FINISH_CMD protocol by adding ACK and delay.
3. [BROM_DLL] Dump debug log in BootROM write cmd.
4. [BROM_DLL] Modify timeout mechanism for more reasonable in DA_cmd::WriteData() and DA_cmd::WriteData().
5. [BROM_DLL] Modify power key latch sequence and clear RTC alarm mask to enhance stability.
6. [DA] Remove unnecessary floating point code to reduce size in FlashTest_DA.bin.

================== FlashTool v2.7.1014 (2006/01/04) ==================
Bug fixes:
1. [FlashTool] Fix NFI CS1 device takes no effect problem while selecting "enable NFI-CS1" flag.
2. [BROM_DLL] Fix 2GB NAND flash size display errror.
3. [DA] Fix Spansion S71PLXXXN detection problem by reading CFI info.
4. [DA] Fix TOSHIBA NAND flash callback function set, because TOSHIBA NAND flash doesn't support CopyBack command.

New features:
1. [DA] Supports Spansion MirrorBit Buffer-Program method.
2. [DA] Supports new NOR flash device.

1. [DA] Halt program when external RAM is less than 128KB.

================== FlashTool v2.7.1013 (2005/12/29) ==================
Bug fixes:
1. [BROM_DLL] Fix BootROM start command failure while manually selecting MT6226 or MT6227 baseband chip.
2. [BROM_DLL] Access violation while loading a file smaller than 1MB.
3. [BROM_DLL] Fix timeout period inconsistent between baseband chip auto-detection and manual-detection methods.
4. [BROM_DLL] Fix SID bug, different baseband chips with the same SID should stop download.
5. [DA] Fix Single-Bank-Flash insufficient backup buffer problem.

New features:
1. [FlashTool] Add download history feature.
2. [BROM_DLL] Support new baseband chip MT6226M.
3. [BROM_DLL] Add UsbComPortEnumerate() function for USB COM port enumeration.
4. [DA] Supports new NOR flash device.
5. [DA] Supports new NAND flash device.

1. [BROM_DLL] Modify debug log time format to millisecond accuracy.
2. [DA] Add pre-process callback function to unlock all the blocks to meet ST NAND flash requirement.

================== FlashTool v2.7.1012 (2005/11/24) ==================
Bug fixes:
1. [BROM_DLL][BUG FIX] Cannot recognize 05B ROM_INFO header.
2. [DA][BUG FIX] Incorrectly detects S71PL127JXX as S71PL254JXX because da_memcmp() cannot work probably.
3. [DA][BUG FIX] Add NUTL_VERIFY_AFTER_PROGRAM flash to perform read back verification after program operation.

New features:


================== FlashTool v2.7.1011 (2005/11/19) ==================
Bug fixes:
1. [BROM_DLL&DA][BUG FIX] Fix RTC date-time value could not be initialized problem.
2. [DA][BUF FIX] Refill BootLoader header for BootROM to identify NAND flash organization.

New features:
1. [BROM_DLL&DA][New] Add UID Secure Booting feature.
2. [DA][New] Supports new NOR flash device.
[INTEL] 38F1010C0ZBL0
[INTEL] 28F1602C3BD70
3. [DA][New] Supports new NAND flash device.


================== FlashTool v2.7.1010 (2005/10/25) ==================
Bug fixes:
1. [DA][BUG FIX] Fix wrong start block address of 2nd binary for new NFB architecture.

New features:

1. [BROM_DLL][Enhance] Always fix BootROM start command read timeout to 20ms to bypass start command failure problem.

================== FlashTool v2.7.1009 (2005/10/19) ==================
Bug fixes:

New features:
1. [BROM_DLL&DA][New] Support new NFB architecture from w05.42, incompatible with any NFB load earlier then w05.42.


================== FlashTool v2.7.1008 (2005/10/19) ==================
Bug fixes:

New features:
1. [BROM_DLL&DA][New] New H/W devices detection architecture including NOR, NAND, SRAM and DRAM detection.
2. [BROM_DLL&DA][New] DA partial download technic, that overcomes DA size exceeds MT6205B internal SRAM (32KB).
3. [BROM_DLL&DA][New] Format verification option, each byte should be 0xFF after erasure.
4. [BROM_DLL&DA][New] DA validation to ensure invalid binary could not be loaded.
5. [BROM_DLL&DA][New] Support NFB download.
6. [BROM_DLL&DA][New] Support NAND flash format with 3 method, NORMAL, FORCEDLY ERASE and MARK AS BAD BLOCK.
7. [BROM_DLL&DA][New] Support NAND flash read back with 4 methods, PAGE+ECC, PAGE ONLY, SPARE ONLY and PAGE+SPARE.



/************************************************** ********************************************
[English] Lesufluid Software Updata tool
Updata£º1.updata fluid to fluid228_sp, for PV+ platform:Spansion Mirrobit Flash£¬Please don't Select "Erase All".
Updata£º1.updata fluid V227 to V228 for PV+ platform£¬Please Select "Erase All".
Updata£º1.updata CalibrationDll.dll,for AeroII rf and further 4Band phone.
Updata£º1.For AreoII Rf version,Add CDAC data in Bakup an Restore procedure;
Updata£º1.Change to English version;
2.merge Fluid version2.24 and version 2.27,User can change it in the application¡£
User guide:

For mobile type:
fluid version 224(Erase All):
G880,V508,G910,G886,E611,V650,E600,E307,P708,E300( Platform:G880)

fluid version 227(Not Erase All):

fluid version 228(Erase All):
E700,i717(Platform:PV+ except I355¡¢I360)

(note:new mobile type will be added in further information)

Operation System:Windows2000,Window XP
Simple Operation guide:
1.Set the serial port number,default COM1£»
2.Set serial port baudrate,if using PC serial port,please set it to 115200,if using FT232BM USB to COM cable,set it to 812500 for fast speed.
3.Select fluid version,please refer to the "For mobile type" segment.Select "Erase All "in version 2.24 and unselect it in version 2.27.
4.Set mobile software location,Open the file you will download it to mobile.Generally,please put the file in the subdirectory "data".
5a.Generally,Please select all of "backup","download","restore","backup IMEI" and click "begin" button,program will backup data first,save the data in subdirectory "CaliData",name it by SN number,suffix it by ".cbd",¡£secondly,there will be a prompt "Prompt:Please Reset the target!" in the status bar.Now please reset the the mobile and application will begin to download the software to mobile.You can also click "Stop" button to terminate the download."Restore"Data will automatically load the data file you save at "backup" time and restroe it to mobile.
5b.You can also unselect the four selection according to your need.if you select "restore" and unselect "backup",application will prompt you to select what ".cbd" data file to select and restore to mobile.
6.There is a progress bar to every operation.Blue color indicate the operation is executing,Green color indicate the operation is passed,and Red color indicate that the operation is failed.
/************************************************** ********************************************

Link :
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Link is error sir.. or its need a premium accont to download the file?
Can u give another link please..
thank before..
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New Link.............
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