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HuBMOBILE 04-25-2005 14:00

Palm Appz & Games
I'll share what i've got for Palm...
All Applications & Games--->>>

Important Notice for New Users:

1. Firstly you need a desktop software (HotSync) Download (10mb) it from here.

2. Then after the installation of the above software, plug the Data cable into the usb and same as to the phone.

3. Then just double-click on the application you want to install and press the button in the data cable.

4. Enjoy...All Job Done...!

HuBMOBILE 04-25-2005 14:25

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SmartMovie v2.72


HuBMOBILE 04-25-2005 14:34

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Bejeweled 2 v1.2


The legend has returned...and is more wildly addictive than ever before! Bejeweled 2 takes the classic game of gem-swapping to euphoric new heights.

Players must match the colored jewels in lines of three horizontally or vertically to clear them from the board. Lines of four jewels are awarded with a Power Gem whilst lines of five award the much sought-after Hyper Cube. Both special jewels trigger their own unique jewel-clearing devices.

Bejeweled 2 features all new graphics, stunning background images, in game transitions and cutting-edge special effects. The game has four standard play modes; classic, action, endless and the all-new puzzle mode and five special bonus modes are unlocked as players progress through the various standard modes, adding extra challenges and even more gameplay.


fuzionGSM 04-25-2005 15:36

i've also got some palm softwares... but uploading 700kb parts will get frustrating... please visit my forum for them... more will be added soon

inder 05-01-2005 11:17

i try to open ur site but unable

fuzionGSM 05-01-2005 16:39

working fine more many other users
if you're unable to see attachments, thats because you must be logged in

HuBMOBILE 05-21-2005 12:09

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TreoGuard v1.6

TreoGuard is a utility for your Treo 600/650 that can play MP3 ringtones, save your battery by turning off the screen during calls, save your hearing by disabling alarms during calls, stop accidental key presses from answering or ignoring incoming calls, schedule your phone to turn on/off at a specified time each day, and much more!

HuBMOBILE 05-21-2005 12:18

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ZLauncher v5.1



ZLauncher is a powerful system management program that integrates the system supervisor, application/database manager and expansion card manager. It is more than a standard app launcher:
Color Support: Full color support from monochrome to 16-bit color depth (65,536 colors). You can set any color depth supported by the handheld in ZLauncher freely.
High-Resolution / High-Density Support:
Full support for Sony HiRes(320 X 320) / HiRes+ (320 X 480) / Landscape(480 X 320). And ability to display High-Density icon on PRE-PalmOS5 Sony HiRes handhelds.
Full support for PalmOS5 High-Density(320 X 320) display, including Palm Tungsten|T3, TapWave Zodiac(320 X 480/480 X 320).
ZLauncher can display Low / High Density icons and fonts.
Totally Customizable User Interface:
Supports THEME & Icon Set. Changing the theme can give you a fresh look of your handheld. Icon Set provides the capability of replacing the any apps' icons, including the apps which are stored in /Palm/Launcher/ of the expansion card.
ZLauncher can convert a BMP/PGP/JPG file into a background image DB directly. You can change the background image according to your favor. You also can PREVIEW the supported pictures before converting them.
Each category has its own settings. You can set different icon settings, colors, background images for different tabs.
Theme Manager provides the most convenience for managing themes, icon sets, and background images.
You can change various color of the interface, such as icon text color, tab title text color, tab background color, and etc..
You can change various font of the interface, such as icon text, tab caption text, and etc..
You can change the different icons for different tabs. The caption of tab can be hidden to save more room to display more tab titles. Tab captions can be hidden manually or automatically.
Offers up to 15 combinations of user interface and 3 item view modes(Icon view, List view, Detail view). You also can set the UI tansparent to make more background visible and make the screen more "clean".
Flexible Management: ZLauncher provides the most flexibility for different users. You can organize apps/DBs/files of the handheld in tab mode, or in the classical mode without tabs. You can easily and quickly rearrange or hide the tabs according to your favor.
Each tab matches a system category. You can manage categories quickly and easily. You also can overwrite the category information of system with ZLauncher's, or load the category information from the system to initialize the categories of ZLauncher.
Each expansion card on the handheld is corresponding to a single tab. Most operations on the files/directories can be done by dragging & dropping.
Supports Specific Category. You can easily to create a specific tab to group DBs by choosing one of the multiple presets settings or specifying CreatorID and/or TypeID of the DB .
Supports Trash Bin which is similar to the Recycle Bin in MSWindows. You can archive useless apps or DBs into trash bin, or recover the apps/DBs from the trash bin if necessary. Various deletion options enable you to delete an app easily, quickly, safely and completely.
Supports creating ShortCut for apps which are stored on expansion card manually or automatically. You can categorize the ShortCut to any app Category. ZLauncher ShortCuts allows the conduits continue to work normally even the corresponding apps are not in the internal memory. You also can assign the ShortCuts to hard buttons.
Storing apps and their related DBs will free up lots of precious RAM of your handheld, which is much more than the RAM used by ZLauncher itself. You can easily launch app with related DBs via shortcuts.
Full featured File Manager, enables you to manage all items on your handhelds(internal memory as well as external memory) easily and quickly. You can operate dozens items with a single operation.
Convenient Manipulation:
Supports Drag & Drop. Most manipulations on apps, DBs and files (such as categorizing, viewing information, beaming, deleting, and etc.) can be done by dragging & dropping.
Supports Tap & Hold. Tapping on an icon for a second will pop up the operating menu. You also can pop up the menu with JogDial or 5-Way Navigator.
You can customize Beaming and Deleting operations. If the operated item is an app, you can only operate on the app or operate on it and its related DBs together.
You also can beam all apps/DBs/files in a tab at one time.
Supports jog wheels such as Sony JogDial and Handhspring Treo RockerSwitch, and 5-Way Navigator. You can perform most operations with single hand.
Supports sending apps/DBs/files via Bluetooth/SMS/EMail.
Special support for lefty users. You can specify the scroll bars listed on the left hand side.
Full/True Expansion Card Support:
You can directly perform operations such as moving, copying, viewing information, beaming, deleting, and etc. on expansion card files. You even can operate the whole directory tree. This operation is as simple as operating in MSWindows.
You can export apps and DBs from memory(ROM or RAM) to expansion card, or import the files from expansion card to RAM. The imported files must be in the form of standard PalmOS DB(PRC, PDB or PQA).
You can launch an app from anywhere of the expansion card.
Supports multiple expansion cards. You can copy or move files/directories between different expansion cards of a handheld.
Path-Tree enables you to browse the whole expansion card.
Easy Launching:
Quick Launch+ list records the favorites/common/latest launched apps. With the help of Quick Launch+ list, you can launch the most used apps quickly and easily.
Quick Launch Anywhere allows you launch your favorite apps from anywhere, even outside ZLauncher.
Fast Find enables you finding out a certain app/DB/file quickly. Type character within the preset interval can highlight the item which matches the inputted string best. During the period of highlight, inputting a linefeed character will launch/open the highlighted item.
You can launch a app by tapping its related DB.
Advanced Information Management:
View the system information in detail. You can know the status of your handheld clearly at anytime.
You also can view the information of app/DB/file or modify its attributes.
Easy Function Extension: Supports file association. By associating DBs/files with a specified app, you can directly open a specified DB/file which isn't an app ( E.g., after installation of ZReaderLite for ZLauncher which is bundled with ZLauncher, you can tap to read the PalmOS format document directly.).
You can specify your favorite Doc reader to open standard PalmOS DOC's. The specified app must respond the sysAppLaunchCmdOpenDB launch code to open Docs.
You can specify AcidImage / AcidImage Pro / Rescro Viewer / Splash Photo / GrxView / GrxView Pro as the default viewer to open the pictures.
Integrates the Compress/Decompress function of FlyZip.
Supports directly Playing MP3/WMA via PocketTunes.
Supports directly opening HanDBase DBs via HanDBase.
Supports directly opening ISilo documentations via ISilo.
Supports directly opening WordSmith documentations via WordSmith.
Supports directly opening launchable DBs via the responding apps.

HuBMOBILE 05-21-2005 12:28

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Pocket Tunes v3.06



Pocket Tunes turns your Palm OS 5.2 device into a portable audio player! Play compressed audio files (MP3 or Ogg Vorbis) or uncompressed WAV files from a flash memory card or stream music live over your wireless Internet connection.

HuBMOBILE 05-21-2005 12:40

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gile Messenger is the most feature rich and versatile Instant Messenger for mobile phones on the market today. Agile Messenger is used daily by over 400,000 users and has been perfected based on feature requests and feedback from tens of thousands of users. No other mobile Instant Messenger is as mature and reliable as Agile Messenger.

Agile Messenger Features:

Sending and receiving instant messages
Push to Talk
Unicode and BIG5 support for international characters
split screen messaging interface
separate tabs for each conversation
conversation history
smiley support
automatic download and updating of the contact list
contact status information and presence management
adding, removing, renaming contacts
data usage counter
auto update downloader and installer
picture messaging with camera support
"Today" plug-in (PocketPC)

Instant Messaging services supported:

Wireless Village™

HuBMOBILE 05-22-2005 20:55

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Phone Technician v1.52


Phone Technician keeps your phone under control.
Funky Ringer - Ringtones from Mp3, Ogg, Wav, Midi - also gives you much more control...
Alarms Off during calls - Alarms are loud when they're in your ear!
Save Battery - Turn off the screen during phone calls.
Radio control - set radio on & off times, turn radio on after reset.

Use MP3s, Wav, Ogg, Midi or polyphonic tones as your ringtone.
Uses Pocket Tunes to Play MP3s, Wav, Ogg
Choose repeat time, vibrate, LED, and more.
Set volume to increase with each ring
Set first x rings to be silent (e.g. vibrate only)

HuBMOBILE 05-22-2005 21:01

1 Attachment(s)
Pocket Tunes v3.08 (Updated)

HuBMOBILE 05-24-2005 21:15

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Busker Mp3 Player v1.1


A fresh new MP3 player for Palm or Treo, with Quick Mixes, Album Art and more...
Busker MP3 Player : Play MP3 tunes from your SD card, and turn your Palm or Treo into a top music machine! Busker MP3 gives you: A bold, bright and easy-to-use interface QuickMix - one tap to play a mix of songs Busker Favorites.

HuBMOBILE 05-24-2005 21:24

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Butler v2.55

Photo 1 2

The Essential Tool for the Treo 600 & 650. Alarms, Attention Grabber, Navigation, Launching, LED, Keyguard and Much More.

Alarms and Alerts

Alarms - let you...
Play MP3s, Wav, Ogg, Midi or polyphonic tones
Now Supports:
Pocket tunes
Real Player
NB: At least one of these is needed to allow MP3, etc play
Set the alarms to repeat on the days you select.
Choose snoozes, snooze delay, vibrate, LED, and more.
Alarms will ring even if the keyguard is active, an SMS is showing - and will survive a soft reset
NEW - 6 Alarms for even more flexibility

Attention Grabber

Makes sure you know about calls, sms, voicemail, appointments and other alerts by reminding you as often as you ask it to.
You can set the attention grabber to play a tone, vibrate, play an MP3 or set the LED (or any combination).
E.g. After an SMS is recieved, vibrate, play a tone and flash the LED every 10 seconds for a minute or until you notice!
You can specify even specify times for the attention grabber to turn itself on and off each day.

Flexible Alarm Sounds

Useful Volume Keys

Navigation - Fly around your Treo

KeyLauncher - Access your favourites from anywhere
Launch anything from anywhere!
Press and hold a key at any time to launch the application that is assigned to it.

Just press and hold a key to launch the favourite that you have assigned to that letter. You can use this to launch an application, phone call, web page or SMS.

Fully compatible with Keycaps 600.

Volume Buttons - Make them work!
Use the volume buttons to scroll through list, text, applications, buttons, etc...
NEW!! - Use the side button on the 650 as a select key
If you prefer - use the buttons to switch back through your last applications - then forward to where you started!

And More...

Super Special Bonus Extra Features!

Phone Keyguard - (extra strong!)
Stop the space, delete and return keys from answering and dropping calls.
Great if your phone case is a little too tight...

and More...
Set the normal state for the LED (great to turn it off at night!)
NEW!! - Press and hold the phone key to beam your business card (just like the old days!)
Reactivate a locked screen during a phone call by pressing 's'
Access the command bar
Replace the keyguard with one that doesn't stop alarms from working.
Automatically hide the SMS arrival popup...

HuBMOBILE 05-24-2005 21:35

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Voive Dialer v1.0


Voice Dialer 1.0 is the first voice dialing application for
the Treo 600. This simple-to-use application allows you to
voice dial your existing contacts with ease. Within minutes
you will train your contacts and start dialing.
PLEASE NOTE: You must update the Firmware on your Treo 600 first
before using Voice Dialer 1.0.

Benefits :

* Allows you to dial with just your voice

* Saves monthly fees for telephony voice dialing services

* Helps prevent accidents

* Keeps you focused on who you're dialing not how you're

Features :

* Simple voice and graphical interface

* Integration with existing contacts

* Matching Sensitivity settings

* Voice Prompts

* Playback of recorded contact names

* Displays recorded contact name wave data

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