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Game Consoles & Mp3/4 , HD players Repairing and servicing Mp4, Mp3 devices, HD players.. you may also find here any threads related to Game Consoles devices like Wii, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo .. etc

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<<<<<F.A.Q Of Mp3/Mp4 Players>>>>>

F.A.Q About Mp3 & Mp4 Players...
All information you want to learn about Mp3 / Mp4 players

1. Using your player

Q1: Is there a firmware update for my player
First: If your player works, keep it that way : don't update!!
"Updates" don't exist for the players, there are just a lot of different versions of the same firmware. But not all versions work with all boards. Each firmware is made especially for one board type, so if you update your player with a wrong version, it dies!

Q2: The player has less memory than normal, and restarts displaying "format error", "I/O error" or "disk error" when I upload more than 128/256/512/etc MB, OR it always reestart after playing song X.
What you can do is to format the player using the tool that came on the the latest version of the "MP3 Player Utilities", available in MP3 Player Utilities. Do a complete format and don't set any encripted drive.

f this does not help, try the "disk management", reached at "Control Panel -> Administrative tools -> computer management". Right click the mp3 player partition, choose "format". Use "FAT" or "FAT16" (NOT FAT32!)

If it does not work, you can try a low-level format using this tool :HP formatting tool

This is a known problem. It is some bug in the firmware

If formatting does not help, you should check if the memory chip inside you player has the capacity that the players claims.

Q3: My device is at "ADFU server" mode and I can't acess it using windows...
This means that your player is at the the recovery mode. You should now pick a firmware for your player and flash it. For more help, see our dead device recovery guide: Find the apropriate firmware for your mp3 player.

Q4: Can the s1mp3 can recharge the battery while it is connected to pc?
If you player has an internal recharcheable battery, it will include a special internal circuit to do that.
If your player does not have this circuit, you best recharge your batteries on proper chargers to avoid acidents. However, there is a article that explains how to make a simple circuit to drive power to the battteries.

Q5: I can't get my telbook function to work!
Read the Creating and viewing the phone book.

Q6: How can i get my lyrics function to work?
See How To set up lyrics.

There is also a nice freeware program out there that can help you with it. It also has a Tutorial

Q7: The LED colors keep changing every time I press a button! How can I stop it?
On "System" menu, change the "backlight mode" option

Q8: I can't play all the songs I put on my player(only the first 99), what can I do?
The player's firmware is limited to 99 files per folder.

Q10: how can i change the order that the s1mp3 plays the songs?
See how to set the playing order at Using the S1MP3 as an MP3 player.

Q11: I can't open text files? why?
See Creating and viewing the text files.

Q12: What is the difference between actions s1mp3 players (with atj2085 or atj 2075), and the sigmatel STMP35xx?
Not very much, in the way that they both play music. Sigmatel claims that the atj2075 and 2085 are copies of their SMTP25xx series, and has even filed a lawsuit against them! Apart from the different looks, they have totally incompatible firmwares, and (some of) the sigmatel players have a slot for an extra Secure Digital flashcard.

Q13: When playing songs (sometimes/always) there is a low "buzzing" sound in the background of the song.
This has only one explanation: interference. The s1mp3 player is quite cheap hardware, so it is not shielded from interference very well. In fact, it even creates it's own interference. In some hardware versions, severeral of the memory data lines run along the audio lines, so everytime the memory is read or written, there will be interference from the memory with the audio.

This also explains the absence of interference during radio playback (as reported sometimes): the memory isn't really used then, so there is no interference.

There is, althought, a way to fix that problem , it appears to be due to a decoupling tantalum capacitor not being big enough. The capacitor is on the battery side of the board and is between the hold switch and the -ve volume button. I found that soldering another surface mount 68uF tantalum across it fixed the burbling noise on memory playback. try holding a largeish (220uF) electrolytic against this capacitor's leads to see if it cures the problem , itmay cause reboots due to static/whatever, but when it doesnt cause a reboot it may/should reduce the noise, if it does then try soldering in a permanent fix.
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Q14: My player has always a bit less memory available then it claims. Why?
This is normal and happens with all the S1MP3 players. The firmware reserves a "small" (up to 20MB) portion of the flash memory to system usage.

Q15: My player can't find any FM station.
The player uses the earphones cord as an antenna. Try to hold it stretched as much as you can for better reception. Sometimes, the radio signal is just not strong enough. There can also be a strong signal from a local radio station "blocking" any other stations in the area, even if normal radios receptors are working normally.

Q16: Can I change the recording date?
Yes. There is an opntion on system menu that let you change the system time. Note that eveytime the player is disconnected from a power source (you change the batteries) the time will reset.

Q17: How can I have a full screen 200x200 video for my 1.5'' mp4 player?
Use the latest encoding tool, and inform it to use the 200x200 resolution. If you s1mp3 still clips the video while playing it, your current firmware does not support full screen mode.

Q19: Can I replace the internal rechargeable battery?
Of course! But make sure to check the voltage, use the same voltage your older battery has!

Q20: Help! My S1mp3 can't show the music inside my subfolders!
The S1mp3 does not support subfolders. Read the Using the S1MP3 as an MP3 player

Q21: My player works with batteries but not when connected to the USB port, why?
First, check the cables, eliminate then, if possible. Then, test the USB port with other USB devices, maybe the problem is at the motherboard side.
If cabes and mobo are ok, probably there is something wrong with the USB conector on the S1mp3. Open it and check for dust, clean it, check the solders on the USB connectors.
If all these tips does not work at all, probably your ATJ2085 chip is phisycally damaged.

Q22: I get a "Hard Error" when trying to enter the FM application.
If you get a "hard error", that's because your S1mp3 does not have the FM chip, or the connection between the the FM chip is broken, or you have a radio chip that is not supported by your firmware. Have your S1mp3 changed or fixed.

Q23: The "scan" function of my FM radio does not work or is disabled.
There are some FM chips that does not support the scan mode. There doesn't seen like there is much that can be done to overcome this issue.
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2. Fixing you player
Q1: My player is dead! please help!
Calm down, deep breath.Read the Dead recovery guide with attention. Then, try to execute it. It's a default procedure and it was worked for almost everybody.

Q2: How can I find a firmware for my XXXXX player?
If you really need a firmware for recovering your dead player, refer to the Find the apropriate firmware for your mp3 player

Q3: What does "Unknown flash type" or "flash not responding"means?
In a practical way, it means that your update program does not support your mp3 player, or the mp3 player may be running on a wrong firmware routine. To solve it, you can either change your update program or put the player in recovery mode. See the Dead recovery guide for further info.

Q4: I can't get the PC to recognize it, no matter what!
Please, try the procedure described in Install drivers and make windows detect the player.

Q5: My player only works connected to the USB port.
This shall be a hardware fault. Open the player and seek for bad solders.

Q6: I formatted my player, and now it doesn't work anymore, what do I do?
You probably formatted your player with the "FAT32" filesystem. the S1mp3 player uses the "FAT16" filesystem, and MOST players don't understand FAT32. (some can) You can fix your player by simply reformatting it, but this time select "FAT16" in the filesystem box. Note: "FAT16" is also known as "FAT"

Q7: Where can I find the adfuud.sys file?
See Install drivers and make windows detect the player

Q8: I get a "device write protected, please remove write protection" when I start the FW upgrade program.
Flip the hold swith! It is also possible that, because of a wrong firmware update, the button mapping has gone crazy, and your hold switch has traded places with other buttons. To overcome this, simply push ALL the buttons while you plug in the player, that way you are always "flipping" the "hold switch" (where-ever it has hidden itself) If still doesn't work, follow the Dead recovery guide

Q9: Where can I find a spare glass?(the one who protects the LCD screen)
You can try to order a real glass in a jewelry store ...

Q10: The mp3 player shuts down by itself all the time (shows "starting"). What to do?
Read this : How To fix the restarting issue

Q11: When I copy mp3 format music files the player says there is a format problem in the file so unable to playing it.
Re-encode the problematic music files using LAME. If the device also restarts, it could be the memory issue.

Q13: The player X looks like the player Y, can I use Y's firmware dump on X ?
Only if you know that the Board ID for both players is the same. The external (brand, looklike, firmware version) say nothing about the player internal hardware.
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3. Modding your firmware
Q1: Is there a way to change the text/images included on the firmware?
Yes, there is. Wire's s1fwx can dump your firmware and you can use s1res to change the text/graphics, even with MP4 players.

Q2: My player only has one color backlight, can I upgrade my firmware to get more colors?
No, you can't. The multi-color players have three different backlight LED. These are colored Red, Green and Blue. The different colors are made by combining the LED's in different ways (EG: Red+Blue gives Pink/Purple).
The one-color players only have one backlight LED, so they cannot combine colors.
The LED's are inside the The LCD board. If you don't have the LEDs (the multi-color devices have tree of them, while the single-color players only have one) on your hardware, there is no way to add them!

Q3: How do I change the battery type from 1,5V to 1,2V - rechargeable?
A program called "Fw modifyer", can do the job, available on Fw modifer. Dump your firmware using s1fwx(Fw modifer)(don't forget the upper "F"), modify it and reburn on the player. If the player refuses to accept the changes, you might have to "kill" the player with an unknown firmware and then finally flash the firmware. And this might be a hard work, that might not reward you. The only thing that changes is over the battery indicator level.

Q4: What are all those .7z files?
.z7 is the extension for 7-zip.

7-zip is one of the most powerfull compressing programs you'll find, and, best of all: It's open source.

you can find the official 7-zip program at:

If you want to use something else:
winrar also extracts 7-zip.

Q5: How can I change my mp4's interfrace with cool backgrounds?
For that, you'll have to extract your player's firmware with s1fwx. then you can unleash the awesome power of s1res on your extracted firmware.
S1res allows you to change ANY part of a firmware, including menu pictures.
Where all the pictures are hidden changes from firmware to firmware, so you'll have to look for yourself (but UI30.res is always a good place to start)
WARNING: ALWAYS keep an UNMODIFIED, UNCHANGED backup of your extracted firmware, just in case something goes wrong.

Q6: How can I change the button configuration?
See How to fix button configuration

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