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shoaibansari. 02-24-2017 17:31

samsung g532g dead boot repair done
samsung sm-g532g dead recovered by easy jtag

Shohel_sst 03-04-2017 16:52


Originally Posted by shoaibansari. (Post 12361908)
samsung sm-g532g dead recovered by easy jtag

I have g532g dead set how to repair pls guide me step by step.

shabirahmad22 03-06-2017 16:42

PLE share emmc pinout............?

Cute_Shibu 03-07-2017 06:44

he is my brother ...keep it up..

mardin 03-07-2017 07:14

hi plz share emmc pinout

Shohel_sst 03-09-2017 07:18

if you have emmc pinout pls share

misal 03-12-2017 13:46

G532f And G532g....same pin-out...........

Liton_Bkash 03-14-2017 11:42

available on support area ...!! (G532F) same

shabirahmad22 03-14-2017 18:02

g532 all emmc piout...........

.:Towhid:. 05-02-2017 11:51

Dear Friend i found 3.3V in Z3x Easy ISP JTAG, is it Same 2.8V & 3.3V?

Please Clear me

Reliable Shop 05-03-2017 13:24

G532G boot repair pinout ok but cmd timeout error
HiPower mode is OFF
CMD Pullup Level: 1804 mV
CMD Active Level: 2279 mV
Can't init device. Reason: CMD Timeout Error:confused:

pintu_das 05-03-2017 17:58

Sm-G532G/DS flash after deat
How to repair it
g532g/ds dead set how to repair pls guide me step by step.


pintu_das 05-08-2017 11:01

repair done with easy jtag
samsung G532G repair done with easy jtag box



:confused: 05-08-2017 18:16

1 Attachment(s)
successfully done

Attachment 357500

ALI_MAFIA 05-09-2017 15:21

G532G repair emmc with save IMEI.
Samsung G532G dead while flash..
done by "MUKTI TELECOM". it also save imei.

here al work log.
Z3X EasyJtag Software ver.
Loading eMMC Addon Firmware... IO: 2800 mV
Box S/N: 0B00100EE1608FB2, ,FW Ver.: 01.58
CMD Pullup Level:1753 mV
CMD Active Level:2289 mV
Box IO Level:2800 mV
CLK Rate:21000 khz
HiPower mode is off!
---------- eMMC Device Information ----------
EMMC CID : 90014A483847347592011D80D8C0243E
EMMC CSD : D02701320F5903FFFFFFFFE78A40002A
EMMC Manufacturer ID: 0090 , OEM ID: 014A
EMMC Date: 02/2017 Rev.0x1
EMMC NAME: H8G4u , S/N: 494983360
EMMC NAME (HEX): 48384734752000
EMMC ROM1 (Main User Data) Capacity: 7456 MB
EMMC ROM2 (Boot Partition 1) Capacity: 4096 kB
EMMC ROM3 (Boot Partition 2) Capacity: 4096 kB
EMMC RPMB (Replay Protected Memory Block) Capacity: 4096 kB
EMMC Permanent Write Protection: No
EMMC Temporary Write Protection: No
EMMC Password Locked: No
Extended CSD rev 1.7 (MMC 5.0)
Boot configuration [PARTITION_CONFIG: 0x48] Boot from:ROM2 (Boot Partition 1)
Boot bus config [177]: 0x00 , width 1bit , Partition config [179]: 0x48.
H/W reset function [RST_N_FUNCTION]: 0x01
High-capacity W protect group size [HC_WP_GRP_SIZE: 0x00000000]
Partitioning Support [PARTITIONING_SUPPORT]: 0x07
Device support partitioning feature
Device can have enhanced tech.
Partitioning Setting [PARTITION_SETTING_COMPLETED]: 0x00
Backup saved: H8G4u _ 494983360_20170509_1808.extcsd
Caution: invalid backup GPT header, but valid main header!
Caution! After loading partitions, the CRC doesn't check out!
Warning! Main and backup partition tables differ!n
Warning! One or more CRCs don't match. You should repair the disk!
Partition table scan:
GPT: damaged
Caution: Found protective or hybrid MBR and corrupt GPT.
Real (Hardware) Disk/Image size: E90000 sectors 7.3 GiB
Soft (Partitioned) Disk/Image size: E8FFBC sectors 7.3 GiB
Logical sector size: 0x200 bytes
Disk identifier (GUID): 52444E41-494F-2044-4D4D-43204449534B
First usable sector: 34
Last usable sector: 15269854
Partition info successfully found
P0 (BOTA0) [0x400000 0x400000] Size: 4.0MB
P1 (NVRAM) [0x800000 0x800000] Size: 8.0MB
P2 (LK) [0x1000000 0x200000] Size: 2.0MB
P3 (BOTA1) [0x1200000 0x200000] Size: 2.0MB
P4 (SECRO) [0x1400000 0x700000] Size: 7.0MB
P5 (SECCFG) [0x1b00000 0x80000] Size: 512.0KB
P6 (EFUSE) [0x1b80000 0x80000] Size: 512.0KB
P7 (TEE1) [0x1c00000 0x600000] Size: 6.0MB
P8 (BOTA2) [0x2200000 0x600000] Size: 6.0MB
P9 (EFS) [0x2800000 0x800000] Size: 8.0MB
P10 (NVDATA) [0x3000000 0x2000000] Size: 32.0MB
P11 (PARAM) [0x5000000 0x800000] Size: 8.0MB
P12 (RECOVERY) [0x5800000 0x1000000] Size: 16.0MB
P13 (BOOT) [0x6800000 0x1000000] Size: 16.0MB
P14 (MD1IMG) [0x7800000 0x2000000] Size: 32.0MB
P15 (MD1DSP) [0x9800000 0x400000] Size: 4.0MB
P16 (KEYSTORE) [0x9c00000 0x800000] Size: 8.0MB
P17 (OMEKEYSTORE) [0xa400000 0x380000] Size: 3.500MB
P18 (PROINFO) [0xa780000 0x280000] Size: 2.500MB
P19 (PARA) [0xaa00000 0x80000] Size: 512.0KB
P20 (PERSISTENT) [0xaa80000 0x80000] Size: 512.0KB
P21 (STEADY) [0xab00000 0x100000] Size: 1.0MB
P22 (PROTECT1) [0xac00000 0x800000] Size: 8.0MB
P23 (PROTECT2) [0xb400000 0x800000] Size: 8.0MB
P24 (RESERVE2) [0xbc00000 0x400000] Size: 4.0MB
P25 (SYSTEM) [0xc000000 0xc0800000] Size: 3.7GB
P26 (CACHE) [0xcc800000 0x19000000] Size: 400.0MB
P27 (HIDDEN) [0xe5800000 0x3c00000] Size: 60.0MB
P28 (USERDATA) [0xe9400000 0xe8800000] Size: 3.632GB
P32 (⨪J⨪J⨪J⨪J⨪J⨪J⨪J⨪J⨪J⨪J⨪J⨪J⨪J⨪J⨪J⨪J⨪J⨪J⨪J⨪J⠨H꒤ᄂﯻ￿￿﷽ �￿￿﻾￾￿￿﻾￾﻾￾﻾￾﻾￾﻾￾﻾￾﻾￾﻾￾￿￿﷽�粒￿￿﫺￿￿￿￿궭ᆳ⨪J⨪J⨪J⨪J⨪J⨪ Jള䯖櫃ࠫ䚰ܹ鐰ܸ) [0x505051fe50505000 0x404040004040600] Size: 263172.0TB
P33 (﻾￾﻾￾﻾￾﻾￾￿￿﷽�粒￿￿﫺￿￿￿￿궭ᆳ⨪J⨪J⨪J⨪J⨪J⨪Jള䯖櫃ࠫ䚰ܹ鐰ܸ ) [0xfffffffffdfdfc00 0] Size: 0.0B
------ Android information ------
Detected LINUX(Android) SYSTEM : 0x000C000000 (3.7GB)
Build ID: MMB29T
Display Build ID: MMB29T.G532GDXU1APJ7
Release ID: 6.0.1
Device Model: SM-G532G
Device Name: grandppltedx
Architecture ABI: armeabi-v7a
Device manufacturer: samsung
Device Platform: mt6737t
Product ID: grandpplte
Build Description: grandppltedx-user 6.0.1 MMB29T G532GDXU1APJ7 release-keys
Samsung CPU: MT6737T
HiPower mode is OFF
CMD Pullup Level: 1753 mV
CMD Active Level: 2289 mV
EMMC Device Information :
EMMC CID: 90014A483847347592011D80D8C0243E
EMMC CSD: D02701320F5903FFFFFFFFE78A40002A
EMMC Manufacture Name: SKHYNIX
EMMC NAME: H8G4u , S/N: 1D80D8C0 , rev. 01
EMMC NAME (HEX): 483847347592
EMMC ROM 1 (Main User Data) Capacity: 7456 MB (0001D2000000)
EMMC ROM 2/3 (Boot Partition 1/2) Capacity: 4096 KB (000000400000)
EMMC RPMB (Replay Protected Memory Block) Capacity: 4096 KB (000000400000)
Backup saved: H8G4u_1D80D8C0_20170509_183832.extcsd
EMMC Init completed.
GPT header is found and is valid
Partition: BOTA0, [000000400000 - 000000800000], size: 000000400000
Partition: nvram, [000000800000 - 000001000000], size: 000000800000
Partition: lk, [000001000000 - 000001200000], size: 000000200000
Partition: BOTA1, [000001200000 - 000001400000], size: 000000200000
Partition: secro, [000001400000 - 000001B00000], size: 000000700000
Partition: seccfg, [000001B00000 - 000001B80000], size: 000000080000
Partition: efuse, [000001B80000 - 000001C00000], size: 000000080000
Partition: tee1, [000001C00000 - 000002200000], size: 000000600000
Partition: BOTA2, [000002200000 - 000002800000], size: 000000600000
Partition: EFS, [000002800000 - 000003000000], size: 000000800000
Partition: nvdata, [000003000000 - 000005000000], size: 000002000000
Partition: PARAM, [000005000000 - 000005800000], size: 000000800000
Partition: recovery, [000005800000 - 000006800000], size: 000001000000
Partition: boot, [000006800000 - 000007800000], size: 000001000000
Partition: md1img, [000007800000 - 000009800000], size: 000002000000
Partition: md1dsp, [000009800000 - 000009C00000], size: 000000400000
Partition: keystore, [000009C00000 - 00000A400000], size: 000000800000
Partition: omekeystore, [00000A400000 - 00000A780000], size: 000000380000
Partition: proinfo, [00000A780000 - 00000AA00000], size: 000000280000
Partition: para, [00000AA00000 - 00000AA80000], size: 000000080000
Partition: PERSISTENT, [00000AA80000 - 00000AB00000], size: 000000080000
Partition: STEADY, [00000AB00000 - 00000AC00000], size: 000000100000
Partition: protect1, [00000AC00000 - 00000B400000], size: 000000800000
Partition: protect2, [00000B400000 - 00000BC00000], size: 000000800000
Partition: RESERVE2, [00000BC00000 - 00000C000000], size: 000000400000
Partition: system, [00000C000000 - 0000CC800000], size: 0000C0800000
Partition: cache, [0000CC800000 - 0000E5800000], size: 000019000000
Partition: hidden, [0000E5800000 - 0000E9400000], size: 000003C00000
Partition: userdata, [0000E9400000 - 0001D1C00000], size: 0000E8800000
GPT header successfully parsed
Brand = samsung
Model = SM-G532G
Phone platform = mt6737t
Mediatek platform = MT6737T
Android release = 6.0.1
Firmware version = MMB29T.G532GDXU1APJ7
Firmware date = Wed Oct 26 23:36:39 KST 2016

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