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quasim0438 02-25-2015 14:29

hp elitebook/probook bios password reset
this process can be done by making a special bootable usb .
it is someone other`s hard work.i m only sharing with forum members.
first download this file and then follow guide.

quasim0438 02-25-2015 14:30

detailed guide here
It contains a folder with utility to back up and re-image a usb thumb drive.
It contains an image (HPBR.IMG) of my usb thumb drive.

My image was made from a 64MB drive, but it compressed super awesome, so now the rar package is ~500KB. Your thumb drive needs to be 64MB or larger! After it is imaged, it will become 64MB in capacity (IE: a 1GB Drive will become 64MB), and may require Linux DD to restore true capacity, but that's outside the scope of this tool, I say it more for informational purposes. I have support for these 22 models. A supported model does not guarantee compatibility however. If you receive a 'Model not supported' error, please PM me with the error code number.

Elitebook 4310s Elitebook 2530p, Elitebook 4510s, Elitebook 6930p, Elitebook 8530w, Elitebook 8460p, Probook, 6550b, Probook 6535b, Probook 6730b, Probook 6735b, Probook 6460b, Probook 8730w, Probook 2230s, Probook 2560p, Probook 6455b, Probook 8560p, Probook 2730p Probook 8440p, Probook 8530p, Probook 8540w, Probook 2740p, Probook 8560w

Once your thumbdrive has been imaged with HPBR.IMG, boot your HP Probook/Elitebook with the USB Thumbdrive. You will be presented with a menu:

(c)2014 Mazzif


Selection number:

The options are mostly self explanatory.

1] If first time using the tool, use this. Some models require a second run, and it will tell you if you need to run again. If so, then choose '2'

2] If program instructs you to reboot and run again

3] If you receive a white screen during POST about missing or invalid system board information, use this option to reprogram your board. It may ask for Serial Number, Part Number (SKU), Asset Tag number, or ConfigurationID (If asked for Config ID, use 25 0's (Twenty-Five Zeros)

4] About my work

Runs all keys. Good for testing models not on the list.

Quit clean

Option 1 brings up a second menu where you then select your model:

1 Probook 6550b 12 Elitebook 4310s
2 Elitebook 2530p 13 Elitebook 4510s
3 Elitebook 6930p 14 Probook 6535b
4 Elitebook 8530w 15 Probook 6730b
5 Elitebook 8460p 16 Probook 6735b
6 Probook 6460b 17 Probook 8730w
7 Probook 2230s 18 Probook 2560p
8 Probook 6455b 19 Probook 8560p
9 Probook 2730p 20 Probook 8440p
10 Probook 8530p 21 Probook 8540w
11 Probook 2740p 22 Probook 8560w

Selection number:

Select the number that corresponds to your model and press Enter. The system will do the rest.

If prompted to run a 2nd time, boot to thumbdrive again, this time choosing option 2, and press enter. Again, you will have a model selection choice. Select the number that corresponds to your model again, and press Enter.

I don't know what else to say here. This is my first C program I've ever written, so there may be some unforeseen bugs. My final line count was 1162 lines of C. I used Open Watcom C v2 Compiler. So far I have been the only person to test, and I don't have all 22 models on hand, but 11 of the 22 I did, so I did physically test those, and they all worked awesome. If you hit a bug or snag, sorry, let me know and ill fix it.

I hope you find my work useful.

JasonR 03-24-2015 16:56

Tomorrow i will give you results for Elitebook 2530p , i have one with locked bios.

JasonR 03-27-2015 10:37

Indeed works great on 2530p. All you have to do next time is to accept the "Change to TPM" with F1. Thank you for the great work.
I'll update with others that i'l test.

hillarylexus 07-15-2015 08:40

Hello Mr Quasim! Am new here and i've got a question to ask sir. With all due respect sir how do I boot the file as dos?

Mazzif 12-04-2015 11:40

Greetings. I'm Mazzif and the owner of this piece of software. I can easily prove this many ways, as I have the only source code to my project as well as my online presence. Or we can just dispense with all the silliness, and just know I am who I am. Now as this project has matured into a more streamlined and professional package, it has become a 'paid' system. Additionally, you have given no credit other than some ambiguous "it is someone other`s hard work". I'm glad you recognize my hard-work. In recognizing my hard-work, I ask that you remove the download link to my hard-work as I do not give my consent for this to be shared in this manner. I have successfully levied many DCMA take downs, and one more is no bigger, but I always stop in and ask nice first. And really it is just easier for everyone. Let me know and if you need to get a hold of me, you may do so via Email mazziflol [at] gmail [dot] com. I know this is kind of a necro post, but this file is still turning in hits and thus has captured my attention. Cheers and thanks again. -Mazzif

daves2ng 03-01-2016 02:57

Thank you guys here for your help. As a new member, i got solution to unlock my hp elitebook 8440p bios password and I was able to reprogramme the bios again.

Thank you

riandi 05-17-2016 09:40

Any support for Elitebook 840p G1?

G6 Tech 06-07-2016 14:50

Good evening,

Thank you very much for making this tool and it work perfectly for our Elitebook 8460p! But now, we are receiving Elitebook 8470p and I keep getting message that is was not supported. Can you somehow make it possible to make it work for these model.

Thank you very much.

haval1976 06-07-2016 21:32

I don't like hp, a lot of bugs and noise.

G6 Tech 06-08-2016 13:22

I get error 179b when I run shotgun on EliteBook 8470p. I also tried making key for all but same issue.

Please help!

jodge 06-27-2016 20:23

oldie but goldie :D

jodge 06-27-2016 21:13

i have full HP (any modell) solution, adminpass removing and any kind of bios modification. But before you ask it was a very hard work, so:
- Not for share
- "Just a little help" --> nope
- Turnaround service? If you live in the EU.

netseby 07-05-2016 14:02

Can you remove the bios password for HP Elitebook 840 G2 / 840 G3?

jodge 07-08-2016 20:24

probably yes. I never seen this type before. Until this time i unlocked all kind of hp bcose the secu is same

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