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GSM Programming & Reverse Engineering Here you can post all Kind of GSM Programming and Reverse Engineering tools and Secrets.

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Old 12-30-2019, 07:27   #1 (permalink)
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reading cert

so i have been trying to read certs from qualcomm phones for a while now on and off when ever i have free time and yesterday i tried to read a phones cert and i stumble on cert index from 0-2 and they have keys what is a cert index if you dont mind me asking and how can i decode it?
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Old 12-31-2019, 09:28   #2 (permalink)
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Old 12-31-2019, 09:41   #3 (permalink)
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anybody know anything lol
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Old 12-31-2019, 10:04   #4 (permalink)
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QP~SeAä:–^';kEXK“ U0*mvˆ‘v%LO*&€D5bIZ%gE˜]u/L—Fk_•œ’zm•YR-ƒX!tI)iŽDuj‰xyŽ™k>X'qO*ˆf }:cJ‚1—`3QbESwd„k*”+pXhHE”‡lR {#srKWf*U(/µ†š{ӥ70‡(#j\‚Š+ϧ’yNieվ b4Š4S.*U2Šu 9ƒ@`^ŸqQn>Š!–=ݮ>MF‘Tq]o`P$˜—‰[email protected]žٰBˆ‹‰8[yȡG
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Old 01-14-2020, 08:16   #5 (permalink)
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<cert index="0" key="30820247308201b0a003020102020451068735300d060 92a864886f70d01010505003068310b3009060355040613024 b52310e300c060355040813055375776f6e310e300c0603550 40713055375776f6e31143012060355040a130b53616d73756 e6741707073310d300b060355040b13045445414d311430120 603550403130b53616d73756e6741707073301e170d3133303 132383134313230355a170d3433303132313134313230355a3 068310b3009060355040613024b52310e300c0603550408130 55375776f6e310e300c060355040713055375776f6e3114301 2060355040a130b53616d73756e6741707073310d300b06035 5040b13045445414d311430120603550403130b53616d73756 e674170707330819f300d06092a864886f70d0101010500038 18d003081890281810087968cead7b144a9d31a2209c8c4e9b 481bbad5f89160c661d4b9bd4fca61ac131994dea46c2142f0 fb294147dd2980091bf2dd15d367e7d15175db67d8d3531f0f b49baf7a1bff7fdb35e15fe64939b6d7daa3e0e0c2ea6d6321 190328c2461e74a1767d927705b80abe1061864c3bba510f1b d555554a72b75c2eec5810daf0203010001300d06092a86488 6f70d010105050003818100115191e525981813f758b9921c0 ab0ae28ed71b95aacb5692bf551dc6196dfae1583fa55eeba9 0f242dec3674404056a960d92442a851a9101be437bb67bd56 1c5db6274fd7dabb103f460ea53f23c6d00cbafce5954ae9e5 ae067a81e77843bdf53ed65634c35678030c0c77b1a02ab332 3ddc190b50f886715280b0f50a5d7" />
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Convert to bin file data and rename file to DER extension.
Certificate is in DER format. Dbl click on der file and will see properties.

Next tab Details will give details.

Can extract public key from it ...
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File Type: png p1.png (64.6 KB, 11 views)
File Type: png p2.png (69.5 KB, 10 views)
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Are you reading via ram dump or via efs directly?
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