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laxxe 08-28-2003 22:33

Cracked DIV8.1 and new T610 - will it kill the phone?

I bought the first DIV, and cannot use 8.1 - but I can use 8.0 (cracked).

It can read codes from old T610, right?

If I try to read codes from T610 (R1L or later) - what will happen? Will it just not read the codes, or will it break the phone (4 locks or something else).

Thanks for your reply...

Migeni 08-28-2003 23:07


best regards,

laxxe 08-28-2003 23:32

Ohh, so with 8.0 I should ONLY try to unlock T610 with older versions that R1L?

Which version is the one just before R1L - and can 8.0 unlock this?

(I wrote 8.1 - but meant 8.0!)

I can run 8.0 but NOT 8.1 (it's not cracked).

makona 08-29-2003 06:52

4locks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
is that true ???

if its true so plz telll me how to know version in T610 ?

anhtam 08-29-2003 07:14

Type : >*<<*<* OK

laxxe 08-29-2003 11:14

Is it only version R1L that will have 4 locks?

Which version is just before R1L - and does this work fine with DIV8.0 cracked?

Saso_C 08-29-2003 14:58

I've tried reading codes on new T610 with DIV 8.0 cracked. I only got strange characters, no 4 locks. Maybe I was lucky.

anhtam 08-29-2003 15:08

With original T610 R1L will show strange characters. For reading codes, no 4locks. Test by me!

Mickey09 08-29-2003 15:30


Originally posted by Migeni

best regards,

That's wrong.

I read codes with cracked DIV 8.0 from my original R1L T610. It was not able to read the right code (only strange characters were shown) but no locks were closed.

4 locks will be closed if you try to downgrade a R1L phone to R1A.


oldsindbad 08-29-2003 16:10

tested by me 2
It get 4locks closed if U try to sp-unock 2
read the goods is no problem at all.......
never try to unlock , only read codes
if U get the codes then do the following
put in a sim card and start the phone
when it shows a wrong card (or something like that..)
now do <**< (left * * left)
now u will see a menu with locks
click on the closed lock
u will be asked for the code sometimes it is the NCk or the NSCKso be carefull
use the code generated by the DIV8.0

and cheers
it is done

have fun

crusher 08-29-2003 16:28

unlock even ****s your phone if you use it on a T68 for instance ;)

oldsindbad 08-29-2003 16:33

totally true
as I said never try to sp-unlock
just read the codes it works...
not for R1L model but it is coming
@crusher I send a mail please look at it
it is from the old traveller
thanx in advance

laxxe 08-29-2003 21:02

I always read codes, not doing "direct unlock"

Reading codes with 8.0 CAN'T break T610 (R1L), am I right? It's only if you're trying to do "direct unlock"?

kingmobilephone 08-29-2003 23:47

100% right

mobileland 09-01-2003 03:04

This soft works 100%!Thanks to Laser of course.

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