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GraveSlayer 11-13-2008 03:48

Iphone 3G Technical Discussion and SP Unlocking theory
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i was thinking if could have a discussion or a theiry base unlocking for iphone 3g and i think devteam is still asleep and doesnt have the urge to make the software (for free) . .

anyway, as you go on over net NOR was already dump (by ta_mobile)
and.. and we dont have any really usefull info for unlocking method.

others say, we neet to dump the bootrom 0x40000 maybe from there we can find
some usefull info for soft unlocking method . .

any idea guys?


'0589651 11-13-2008 04:37

Rumour going around about Dev-Team is that the unlock is Done, but they are building up field test data top make sure it wont brick handsets. 2 weeks eta ;)

Check iPhone dev blog in regards to pineapple masks. ;)

GraveSlayer 11-14-2008 02:29

so this means.. that we have to wait for them .. until forever
as far as i know theyr with the apple company and cannot release the sw for unlocking


'0589651 11-14-2008 03:45

Not until forever, Shortly. Apple cant force them to not release it as they dont charge for the software. All apple can do is make new ipsw to get around the unlocking.

iphone Dev team are number 1 for iPhones. Be Positive! Sunday is FUNDAY! for iphone unlocking. ;)

SLIPLOCK 11-14-2008 04:14

dev-team is good for S5L8900 processor yes! but for the the S-gold2 if you remember well ; Geohot found way ; and he read a lot about siemens unlocking.By the way i remember a post on Martech forum (maybe Martech help him, but i not sure(no proof) ).
So for BL46 another time, Geohot have found a way. So i don't want to be pessimist ; but:
iphone3G based on new X-gold 608.
the bootloader is signed, the baseband is signed.
We know for now that they can run an unsigned baseband; but according to Ta_mobile theory, lock are not located in the baseband....
So if i understand well, dev-team have to found a hole in bootrom level, for run unsigned bootloader and baseband...
write an application who can make "a kind of spoofing" directly in RAM.
I hope i don't write mistake but if yes, feel free to correct me ;)
So i think unofficial unlock is not done for now (it is my feeling, maybe im wrong)
For people who can unlock iphone3G for now, i think they have found a way for use official unlock... but another time it is just feeling; no proof!
we will see in future

gsmcodeman 11-14-2008 08:43

people must see that Apple won the unlocking game.there is no software unlocking product on this forum for iphone,big shame on product managers and supporters.they left the users in the Apple and unlockcard sellers hands.its really big shame that there is no work of any team on iphone.

paullovinicius 11-15-2008 02:09

iphone dev team never sleeps ;)

check this Willmaster post from 08-15-08:


PS:we have our own Unlock Solution,Solder out the Baseband and Bootloader Chip and rewrite it in External Programmer
Reball and Solder again in,et voíla : Unlocked iPhone 3G
More infos, here

SLIPLOCK 11-15-2008 04:38

yes i have read this post long time ago.Willmaster said i can share BL, i still wait ;).Maybe he is busy to unlock iphone3G

shedeed 11-15-2008 06:04

And May Be WillMaster Will Post The Iphone 3G Unlock Solution SooN And We Wait for It

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