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Glassy80 06-25-2009 14:48

iPhone possibly barred - Can I un-bar it?
Hello all. I hope this is the correct place to post.

Basically I bought an iPhone from eBay that was locked to 02. I knew there was going to be jailbreak and unlock software for version 3.0 so I upgraded it to 3.0, jailbreaked it and used ultrasn0w to unlock it. Everything went through fine, but I was un-able to make/recieve or text with Voda, T-Mobile or Virgin sim cards. I have a feeling that this phone is barred.

Is there anyway around this? I imagine the IMEI number is the same as a MAC address on a piece of hardware, if you change the IMEI number will this solve my issue?

Thanks for your help in advance. I dont fancy having a 300 iTouch! :confused:

Cals 06-25-2009 18:26

How long ago did you purchase it from ebay, if you paid via paypal you have 90 days from date of purchase to make a claim on it... First though i would contact 02 customer helpline and explain about buying on ebay (reputable seller and all that), ask if the phones serial number has had a bar put on it, if it has, it's been reported stolen (although you and i know it's been sold). If 02 confirm this, report it to ebay and file a dispute with paypal. Even contact the police as it's a fraudulant activity (seller will claim for a new phone and has had to report it for a crime number)

Now the phone... if it's barred, sell it on ebay to anywhere other than the uk. (it's only barred in the uk)
If it's not barred, shift + restore in itunes to reset firmware again to 3.0, redsn0w, then ultrasn0w again....

Hope this is of some use....

Cals 06-25-2009 18:30

Meant to say.... O2 will not unbar the phone, they will do nothing to be honest.... they protect the person that originally bought the phone and there's no sympathy for a buyer... they'll say that you should have bought direct from them!!!

There's nothing physically you can do to get the bar lifted, you can't change the imei number on a 3g iphone, and it's highly illegal (5 years in prison if it's done and found out)

Glassy80 06-26-2009 09:31

Hi Cals,

Thanks for the info. Its acting like a barred phone. Once its unlocked and I get signal on T-Mobile UK I get the three beeps when I try to make a call on it which is supposedly what you get from a barred phone. I bought the phone on eBay about 6 weeks ago, but i've a funny feeling the seller has done this before and been caught as his eBay account has been suspended. I'll contact eBay/PayPal and see what they can do.

My parents live in the US so I can send it over there and get them to sell it if needs be.

Thanks for your help.


Burnt Cobba 06-26-2009 10:01

try to check with an emergency call. If you can hear the ringing tone at the other end then it means the hardware itself is ok. (of course there is no need to talk with the emergency operator). if you hear the tone then its barred.

Anyway if you bought it without a box and accessories its probably barred.

Glassy80 06-27-2009 13:39

I called 02 and they confirmed its actually barred. The person I bought it from either reported it lost to get a new one, then sold it or he's theiving scum and he's selling stoling phones.

Burnt Cobba 06-27-2009 16:18

heard about a similar situation in Canada or US where a guy sold 10 Dells, reported them stolen and got the insurance on them. However one of the dells had some damage in it and when the owner asked Dell to check up and that is when the **** hit the fan.

Be careful what you buy unless you know it before hand.

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