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The blind barking porky Raskapula is barking to the right .......... (Bark),
then barking to the left ............(Bark), just hoping he will get something except air ...

Or at least he's hoping if he throw enaugh of his dirt maybe, maybe, maybe (oh big G.o.d. of Raskapula, please, please, please) one day will stick on me at least one small, small, small piece of dust.

What to say more?
All has been sayed, i can only repeat it again:

No, no, no, where you run now ???

Uuups, the dogy has seen he was barking in the air - there was actually no problem with the customer - i had replaced the dead dongle even before asking the customer to send the old one back. How many reseller do that?

Now he try to catch somehow some other problem from the air ???

No my barker, people still will be able to see you as the agessive and idiot animal that you are!!!

Originally Posted by Raskal
Gobi have you maybe forgot to post also the company name? Our company have a name as well

Any way most of the customers know our adress, many of them was here, but i am wondering why you not put your hong kong office adress, i asked me every time about it, no reaction. Do you have an office in hong kong or is this just a scam?

Evry time i try to critic you, you not like it and start insulting me. I can not exect more from you, so i keep cool.

Since the english language is not our native language, some mistakes here and there are understandable, but from an ''educated'' person like you, talking from ''up there'' with us simple mortals, i really expect more.

- ''every'' not ''evry'' ,
- ''...criticise'' not ''critic''
- ''you don't like it'' and not ''you not like it'',
- ''expect'' and not ''exect'',
- Hong Kong is a city name and should also be written as this (use ''Caps Lock'' key sometimes).
And i am sure there are here people able to find some more mistakes..

For somebody that accuse people of analphabetism it seems your ''Lufthansa cleaning planes school of art'' was not a good educational decision from your parents.

- My locations for this bussines are HongKong and Romania, if you like it or not. So keep asking for office adress ...

- It is not ''everytime you try to critic'' me - it is everytime you run out of drugs you atack me.
And everytime we launch some new box or product same barking.
This time it was right after launching the TornadoPower Box.
Yes, 145 cables and 3 box in one - and at super price.

Well, i know it hurts, because it's competition - but get a life and try to concentrate on your own phucking s.h.i.t..

You have never buyed anything from me.
I would never buy anything from you.
So, don't try all time to look like a concerned TotalMoto customer or Tornado customer , or whatever.
We have absolutely no bussiness together, you just atack because of subiectiv personal and bussiness strategy reasons.

And every (sorry, for you it is evry) time you launch a new atack - also everytime my shoe will kick your a.s.s. .

TornadoPower !!!
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