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Thumbs down @Razvan

Have watched this quite a while now and have to give my five cents to all this stupid stuff also...

I see here only one person that is running around like Robin Hood and insults, cries, screams, bites, pukes and spit on anything that is not fitting in his way of view.

And that in a schizophrenic and paranoid way that look for its own level...
You should step out of your black&white contrast and look also in your own pockets, because I can`t believe sometimes that you really believe in the BS you post sometimes yourself. You will never find a perfect solution for everyone, that`s why sometimes some step backs are needed, if you can not handle this - pls. leave other people in peace instead of wasting their time (seems you have too much of it, even if you pretend yourself so busy)

Just learn whoever you are, nobody must report to you all the time what he is doing or what he is allowed to do or if maybe king raskal is comfortable with that - or not. You are a simple guy like you say from yourself, so behave like one.

And back to topic, this thread is about if Gobi is trustable or not, and yes when it`s about business he is 100% correct, so your personal issues nobody cares about.


Aka Mosi
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