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>I really missed your post here, you forgot to say that you, narry, gobi are >very close friends, you are not just a user which say his opinion.
Btw. did I ever told you we all sleep in one bed and use the same toothbrush?
But pls. pls. tell noone

>After you posted my picture on the net, my ex-wife's home adress and >thomas and mine company adress, may i ask you also to post the real >details, such as compay names, because our company has a name, you saw >it my buiness card which show you friend from germany yesterday.
>Some how you had no cock make it yourself so you ask the trustable gobi >to do it
I didn`t post your picture, nor your german home adress nor I gave it to gobi ever nor did I post the adress of yours and thomas super legal company. Yesterday was sunday, and actually I was in a quite different country than any person affected. I asked nobody for nothing, that`s what I meant actually with your paranoia, you create non existing facts, actually all you wrote is b u l l s h i t and you know that as well.

>I see you are extremely interested in my products ( blazer, twister) and in >my private life. What is the reason for that?
Am I? How and why I should be intrested in "YOUR" proudcts? And actually it seems that you care for my private live much more than I for yours, you know and posted details out of my sexual life I did not know even myself

Get a life !

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