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Originally Posted by Gobi
And he started 2 MINUTES LATER:

[glow=red]Maybe this Section should be renamed to ''Blackmail and Payback Zone" ???[/glow]

... and continued 27 Minutes later:

Now he is ''spitting'' arround in all the forum ...

... to be continued ??????????

TornadoPower !!!
So you all are trying to say that Raskal is a cheater which he is not, am i correct?

And also please solve private things via ICQ, MSN , PM or somewhere else, you don't only destroy and f*u*c*k your own reputations and respect for public view which is bad, very bad.

2 mods: Soon it gets like a playground close it , its getting off-topic for everypost they make, its only my opinion.

Best regards,
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