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Black is white, *** is evil and gobi is cheater...

How can you insult other people as analphabets when you make the most typing errors here? You say blablabla is no coder blablabla is no blablabla, actually what are you?
You have eletronic hardware skills? - NO
You have programming skills? - NO
You can not even count few digits together:

"i have not too many enemies, you created 50% of my enemies, 30% created by alexgsm with lies and intrigues, 20% created by b-phreaks, and 10% by myeself. So not care so much about my enemies i can handle them very well becaue in one or other way all of them are connected with you."

The only thing you are and do is making noise to keep at the top, otherwise you would disappear like a fart in the wind.
Of course there are few big tongued *** lickers that know only the one side of your face, but there are too many know what is going on and every day they get more.

But the worst of all is still your phucking paranoia, that all of the people are in conspiration against you.
That I posted your picture - bull****, even you know that.
That I gave the adress of your ex wife to Gobi, no need for doing so, even if I have it.
That I need to send Gobi to post for me, come on, Paranoia Alarm. He is doing whatever he want so do I.

When we meet in Shenzhen that night I told you that in fact we have no serious issues with each other and there is no use of this private war.
And you started bull****ting me with stuff like:
"Phil, Phil, the prices we must keep the prices up" - Yes you say so and do in another way, look at the price you sell the code reader to SEG market...
"Phil, Phil, I would never post this picture online I`m not an *******..." - Hehe who cares, so what...
"Phil, Phil, you must get rid of this bad bad Naresh and this bad bad Gobi, this Goooooobi....." - We are friends for a long time already now, thanks to you and your paranoia in fact...
"Phil, Phil, we need to make business together" - I told you we can have a NORMAL relationship to each other, w/o any commercial relationship...

I did you even the favour and bought this bloody V3 phone in HK for the Smartclip project and shipped it to them.

And than after some quiet time without touching each other you start back phucking on me because of your paranoia.

You are NO cheater and also Gobi is NO cheater, but you are a LIER !
(You tell untruth stuff, and in fact I don`t care and nobody else cares how deep you believe in it, it keeps untruth)

So I ask you last time "WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?"


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