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What's new? GckeyPro1.0.0.0009 -> GSMTool Version Released

  • Added Samsung IMEI protection check fail or pass on readinfo..World first.
    • You can check if ur phone use imeicert or not and its fail or pass

  • Added Samsung IMEI protection SIGNKEY read on readinfo..World first
    • You can check if ur any other device imeicert possible to use or not

  • Added QCOM devices NV READ
    • Samsung 2g,3g,4g, no network at all can be will not fix imeicert fail..

  • Added QCOM devices NV WRITE
    • Samsung 2g,3g,4g, no network at all can be will not fix imeicert fail..

  • Added FactoryRestoreTar while using reset efs
    • use this will if you wanted to restore to original locked or with imei condition.

  • Added gcenc script base external imei support.
    • You can use now premade imei+imeicert combo for your handset like super imei.

  • Improved "Auto Vendor id" update for android.
    • now work fine on other os then xp too.

  • Improved efs reset fix null will work proper now on newest QCOM devices.
    • Exclusive Still with GCProKey Only.

  • Improved Samsung cdma device 4.3,4.4.2 MEID read,write,repair support.
    • added more models...Exclusive Still with GCProKey Only.

  • Improved samsung readinfo
    • will give full details readinfo now including basic details.

  • Improved Rootchecker.

gcenc file holding special imei data for that imei + model & imeicert only.
avaliable for..
I9500 work on both NEW & OLD MCU

This is just starting.any one who willing to help on T211,T231,G3812 etc model with MARVELL cpu please add me in any messengers.

we care what you need. gcpro all engineer needs we cover.

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