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Originally Posted by bdogg241980 View Post
ITS MADE IN CHINA CHEAP YOU HAVE MONEY OVER THERE YOU GET ANYTHING EVEN VALID CERTIFICATES. Am I the only one that notices how they keep screwing people over with these cards? One minute they blast out and advertise a new card when released here comes the next one that actually unlocks the newer ios they just done it with the mini 2 and air 2 now the best to buy is 9 infact there is even another card behind it just wait ios 8 here we come so no their certificate is crap They need to concentrate on helping people that is the ones that made them instead of screwing them everything now has a code the stupid cards cost how much when they come out and advertised as the best on the market for a week when released?
Originally Posted by bdogg241980 View Post
Forgot to add did anyone read the bottom description to the certificate?

I bet not!

it says this certificate is based on a ''single'' evaluation of the submitted samples of the mentioned product! it does not imply an assessment of the ''whole'' production and other relevant directives have to be observed.

So for the dummies and this being shenzhen the biggest production place to buy from cheap made stuff these cards are not what they seem to be. I buy alot of stuff from shenzhen it is the best place to buy things cheaper than anywhere in the world. My point is we dont care about this junk we care about you addressing the issues with the current cards you send out to be said to be the best and turns out its old when released and will not unlock the cards and charging people for all these codes. You need to restructure your business.

First of all none is saying that their cards work. That certifacate doesn't say that. It's saying that when you use their product you won't be harmed like you know electrocuted, poisoned, burned etc.

I don't know if they paid for that certificate but what i know and what you should try and understand is that they can't test an entire production to give a certificate. That's what it says on the end.

What is curious enought is how did they test r-sim 10,11,12,13 if they are not yet in production. Or where is the air,air 2, mini, mini 2 products or even the update dongle.
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