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PTT won't work for your provider until you map your mobile...
maps are provider dependent preferences you transmit via mapr65 or Acid mrp's map65.
the latest mappings for your softwareversion (the jounger the better ) can be found on
map65 you'll find on
So first of all
1. change phone model on your x65 with SWV <36
2. perform FFSInit for the desired phone model before you update (to avoid problems with your filesystem)
3. update with winswup update of the desired phone model (answer the "phone-model-change-dialog" with yes)
4. map your mobile with map65 by Acid[mrp] (write Standard map first and then write your provider's map to your phone)
5. if you want to change phone model in status-monitor do the following (*#06# > More: "Product")

Read your phone's flash with the following preferences (x65 flasher)
from 80000 size 20000 (128kb)
go to adress FD04 of your readed flashblock and reverse the folowing three bytes in order to get an firmwareaddress. For example you get 88 FD 09 (88 is address FD04). Reverse the bytes (always two digits): 09 FD 88 > this is the firmwareaddress where product is stored so we edit our read flashblock and rewrite it to the phone (cause 09 FD 88 is in our flashblock... otherwise you'll have to repeate read-process with new firmwareadresses and size)
so we go to 01 FD 88 of our Flashblock (09FD88 - 80000 = 01 FD 88) with our hexeditor.. some addresses before you'll find your Product (example CX65.1.0 or CX6V.4.0 or like that) so we change this to the desired phone model and flash the modified flashblock back to our phone (in our example from 80000 with size 20000... of course! If you are not sure, create a fullbackup before you write anything wrong to your phone!!)
Now *#06# > More > Product is changed, too
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