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Originally Posted by Roefastford View Post
I thought imei repair requires s-off unlock ? It was required on all previous Htc phones that I have had in the past which last was the verizon Htc 10.

The sprint model of U11 is indeed sim locked and its not like previous sim locked Htc phones as previous sim locked Htc phones when you pop in a sim from another carrier the phone would request the unlock code where the sprint U11 will not request an unlock code it will just list that its carrier sim locked and will not accept the other carriers sim card. If it asked for a code one could be bought on ebay for a couple dollars but they removed the option to enter a sim unlock code.

My main thing I would like to do is be able to run an RUU for the unlocked U11 and convert my Sprint U11 to an Unlocked version, then be able to repair imei and make the phone 100% working on verizon.

To flash firmware other than stock with Htc you always needed to be s-off unlocked and the same for imei repair.

So is the imei repair option for the U11 using temporary s-off ?

I"am really wondering how easy it might be to brick these phones if using temp s-off. I have never hard bricked a Htc phone knock on wood and hope I never do.
You can get the phone working on GSM,but with limited data speeds. Technically it will work,but the bottom line is it will never be as good as an actual GSM phone,and I doubt you'll get it fully working on Verizon. If you need Verizon you'd be ahead to sell it and just get a Verizon phone,imo.

As for bricking a phone with temp S off,thats a very valid concern. I personally won't do it. It's difficult to predict how any changes that you make will be relieved when the phone becomes S on again and starts doing all of its checks. Without permanent S off,im pretty inclined to leave things well enough alone

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