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Nokia Synchronisation Problem

I bought a 6600 as a work phone so I can synch my contacts and calendar. Before I got started I took an extract from my calendar and synchronised it to my phone on a different PC to the one I plan to use regularly. This was because I did not have the bluetooth software on the PC I plan to use.

Once I was happy that it did what I wanted it to do, I got busy and installed Bluetooth on my laptop. I deleted my calendar entries from the phone and synchronised again, this time from the source PC. My calendar changes frequently so I want to be able to synch at least daily.

Now I find that no entries other than new entries have been passed to the phone. I am only synchronising in one direction as the laptop is the master calendar and all changes go to that.

If I reinstall PC Suite I will lose all the previous records of what has been synch'd already but there must be something in the phone preventig a full synch from happening.

Can I

1. Initialise the calendar in the phone and if so how?
2. Force a synch of calendar and if so, how?

I have full instructions on how to format the phone - would this remove everything and allow me to start again?
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