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Features List of EFT Dongle By Easy Team

EFT Dongle Features List:


- Automatic Translate all Android devices to all languages
- Translate system.img directly in PC
- Translate multi languages in the device & PC
- Supports apktool apk & jar (installing resources, decompiling, compiling, signing and zipalign)
- Translate custom string.xml
- Push apk files to custom path in device (to be System app)
- Create dictionary from android device or from system.img
- Install GAPPS packages
- Flash ZIP ROM in ADB
- Edit (Model Number, Build Number and CSC Version) in device
- Supports choose custom apktool.jar
- Install Morelocal
- Fix reboot errors if Root exists
- Supports Root Explorer
- Read / Write full userdata backup
- Reset FRP on ADB
- Reset ScreenLock on sideload
- Install custom APK
- Disable Ads in APKs
- Dump partitions to PC
- Open system.img file in windows
- Read Gesture.key file
- Convert contacts2.db to VCF


- Extract TAR ROMs
- Extract .img files
- Dump ROM using ADB
- Fix Wi-Fi errors
- Add Mobile Data toggle
- Remove Secure Storage
- Add Arabic & Farsi languages to samsung keyboard
- Fix contacts errors for general and Docomo series
- Remove T-Mobile bootlogo
- Enable hidden languages
- Fix TouchWizHome errors
- Enable LTE connection
- Fix read SIM errors
- Repair S-Health on tripped knox
- Set SIM count to dual | single
- Repair USSD codes
- Dump bootlogo and flash it
- Dump keyboard languages and write them
- Active some useful CSC features
- Disable notifications (security updates, SIM card not from and security reports)
- Flash factory firmwares
- Flash single .img
- Read PIT
- Reset KNOX
- Repair DRK
- Remove ScreenLock if FRP ON / OEM ON without data loss
- Remove ScreenLock if Data is Encrypted without data loss
- Remove FRP for UFS based devices
- Remove FPR for EMMC based devices
- Remove FRP on ADB
- Remove MDM (Knox Configuration Setup Wizard)
- Remove Please Call Me
- Repair IMEI for SPD based devices
- Repair IMEI for Some Qualcomm based devices (not all supported )
- Read CERT for SPD based devices
- Write CERT for (Exynos, Qualcomm, SPD) based devices (not all supported )
- Write (nv_data)
- Unlock network for (SPD, China, Exynos, Qualcomm, Sprint) based devices
- Patch IMEI Certification for SPD based devices
- Enable UART connection
- Reset MSL for (Exynos, Qualcomm) devices (not all supported )
- Restore original IMEI
- Read / Write EFS
- Read / Write Security
- Reset EFS
- Reset Security
- Read SPC code
- Backup / Restore DRK
- Fix EFS errors mount in recovery
- Repair dm-verity
- Make EFT-SU rooted kernel
- Root with prevent RMM from enabling
- Make Kernel to remove ScreenLock
- Make Kernel to enable ADB
- Make Kernel to bypass dm-verity
- Make kernel to Backup data to Ext. SdCard
- Make Rooted ADB Recovery
- Make Recovery to remove ScreenLock on Encrypted data
- Unlock bootloader on ADB
- Enable DIAG mode
- Unbrick Qualcomm based devices (not all)
- Extract LZ4 compressed files
- Reboot to download mode
- Factory Reset


- Enable hidden languages
- Enable hidden keyboard languages
- Read Info
- Get identifier token
- Unlock / Relock bootloader
- Reboot RUU mode
- Flash unlock code.bin
- Flash boot.img
- Flash recovery.img
- Flash sideload ZIP


- Read info
- Flash
- Reset FRP Online
- Reset FRP Offline using MTP ِADB
- Factory Reset
- Remove ScreenLock on locked bootloader


- Read info
- Format cache
- Format userdata
- Run Memory test
- Format custom partition
- Reset FRP
- Read / Write Flash
- Read data & contacts
- Repair IMEI
- Supports select custom DA file
- Reset ScreenLock (Supports Encrypted data)
- Make Rooted Kernel
- Read / Write NVRAM
- Flash Scatter
- Make Kernel to remove ScreenLock


- Extract (KDZ, DZ) ROMs
- Read / Write Flash
- Supports Root explorer
- Supports ScreenLock reset
- Reset FRP
- Factory Reset
- Supports send custom Command to download mode


- Flash XML ROMs
- Reset FRP
- Fix Comm Server error


- Flash RAW ROMs


- Flash ROMs in EDL mode
- Flash ROMs in fastboot mode (TGZ)
- Erase Mi Account (Supports custom FireHouse file)
- Remove (Pattern, Password, PIN) in Recovery mode
- Flash sideload ZIP
- Reboot fastboot to EDL
- Unlock bootloader
- Remove Mi Account with format userdata
- Reset MiCloud
- Reset Mi Account with FRP


- Flash XML ROMs
- Supports use FireHouse
- Read info
- Read partitions
- Reset ScreenLock (Supports Encrypted data)
- Read data and contacts
- Factory Reset
- Reset FRP
- Reset config
- Make Rooted Kernel
- Make Kernel to remove ScreenLock

[Direct FASTBOOT]:

- Reset FRP (Supports Lenovo brand)
- Factory Reset (Supports Lenovo brand)
- Repair IMEI
- Unlock VIVO bootloader
- Unlock LYF bootloader

[Direct ADB]:

- Factory Reset
- Reset ScreenLock (Root)
- Reboot to (bootloader, fastboot, download, recovery and EDL)
- Open Developer Options directly when system boot

Feature list will be updated after every update..

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