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Originally Posted by FrunzyGSM View Post
Using 1.27
Checking GCPro Card Details...
Reader := Alcor Micro USB Smart Card Reader 0
session fail Card Locked..
Fail cardos Card Locked..
Fail to get card os read details...
Checking server connection...
GCPro SN GCF993660B
Card OsVer 0003
Fail getactivation Card Locked..
Card Lock Reason := FcLBDQAgCAPAlUoigk+Qdv+RjLnTxUCWHQpOdMX4XpvkSRwnIY kf1eVanvJbGDM8
CARD UUID:= 0987479533D56DE918EC48D4829FA6A4C03F7E18
Card crypto verify ok..
Server Reply Error := ERR_CARD_Already_Updated.
Job finish
Do not lost delete old logs they may help some time to fix your issue fast..Show log to support team in case of error...11-02-2019-13-07-12 Using 1.27
done with gcpro_support on skype! thanks!
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