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Samsung J500F flashing
Samsung SM-J500F (J5 LTE) at USB (COM478) [LOKE FLASH] {Write Flash}
PLATF: LOKE 00020000
PIT Read Done: 00:00
PIT Backup Saved as: SM-J500F_Read.pit
No Partition Info for Image: j5lte_eur_open.pit, in CSC_TPH_J500FTPH1BPF6_CL8409884_QB10072014_REV00_u ser_low_ship_MULTI_CERT.tar.md5
Warning, Pit Image: j5lte_eur_open.pit Skipped, Use [Re-Part.] Option with Pit Image
File: BL_J500FXXU1BPH1_CL8985726_QB10627264_REV00_user_l ow_ship_MULTI_CERT.tar.md5
Partition: ABOOT, Image: aboot.mbn, Size: 0x001423A8 (1.26 MB)
Partition: SBL1, Image: sbl1.mbn, Size: 0x00045AF4 (278.74 KB)
Partition: RPM, Image: rpm.mbn, Size: 0x0002E044 (184.07 KB)
Partition: QSEE, Image: tz.mbn, Size: 0x0007C23C (496.56 KB)
Partition: QHEE, Image: hyp.mbn, Size: 0x00016100 (88.25 KB)
Partition: APNHLOS, Image: non-hlos.bin, Size: 0x00C4C700 (12.3 MB)
Partition: sec, Image: sec.dat, Size: 0x000002AC (684 Byte)
File: AP_J500FXXU1BPH1_CL8985726_QB10627264_REV00_user_l ow_ship_MULTI_CERT.tar.md5
Partition: BOOT, Image: boot.img, Size: 0x00B29110 (11.16 MB)
Partition: RECOVERY, Image: recovery.img, Size: 0x00C7D110 (12.49 MB)
Partition: SYSTEM, Image: system.img.ext4, Size: 0x74F87980 (1.83 GB)
Partition: PERSIST, Image: persist.img.ext4, Size: 0x0042607C (4.15 MB)
Partition: USERDATA, Image: userdata.img.ext4, Size: 0x4418FC88 (1.06 GB)
File: CP_J500FXXU1BPF2_CL8437558_QB10026865_REV00_user_l ow_ship_MULTI_CERT.tar.md5
Partition: MODEM, Image: modem.bin, Size: 0x02C8C700 (44.55 MB)
File: CSC_TPH_J500FTPH1BPF6_CL8409884_QB10072014_REV00_u ser_low_ship_MULTI_CERT.tar.md5
Partition: CACHE, Image: cache.img.ext4, Size: 0x010B80DC (16.72 MB)
Partition: HIDDEN, Image: hidden.img.ext4, Size: 0x007DF0B8 (7.87 MB)
Flash Write Done: 05:18.930
Restart Done
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